Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 36 (Leg 6, Day 6) – "Binigay niyo na lang."

It’s time for teams to head to the Pit Stop, the Ibiza Beach Club at Movenpick Hotel on Mactan Island.

It’s rush hour in Cebu. AJ & Jody hope to be able to get first, especially after this Superleg. Kelvin & JP are running in 2nd at the moment, but their taxi driver is very fast.

Matt & Phoebe have a little trouble finding a taxi when they turn back and see Jet & Yna have just gotten the thumbs up from the Queen. Jet & Yna have already stayed at Movenpick before, so they know how to get there.

But AJ & Jody maintain their lead. AJ tells their taxi driver to make sure and watch The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 on Channel 5 and he and Jody run through the lobby and out to the beach club.

The rain starts falling as they step on the Mat. Derek feels guilty about having an umbrella while they don’t, so he closes his.

Derek asks Jody why he keeps yelling at his dad and asks AJ if he had any bathroom breaks today. He says their efforts have brought about this bad weather, “this isn’t good.” But what is good is that AJ & Jody are officially Team #1 and they’ve won P200,000 from Shell V Power Nitro+.

AJ & Jody know it won’t be easy, but they’d love to maintain Top 3 until the end.

Kelvin & JP happily come running to the Mat. Derek officially checks them in as Team #2.

Roch & Eji leave the festival and they hop back into their slow taxi. Jet & Yna try asking their driver to go a little faster as well, fearing elimination since this is the first time they’re not in the Top 3.

Vince thinks he knows where the hotel is. RR & Jeck hustle and change taxis when their first driver doesn’t know/want to take them to Mactan Island.

Jet & Yna arrive at the Mat next. Derek tells them the challenges are only going to get harder. Sorry.

Derek asks them to make room as Matt & Phoebe arrive. He asks if there’s bad blood between these teams, they say no.

Derek checks Jet & Yna in as Team #3 and Matt & Phoebe are Team #4.

Roch & Eji arrive next. Derek sees they look tired, but Roch & Eji say “Never give up.” #PUSO! Derek officially checks them in as Team #5. Roch gets her Leg 6 hug.

It’s down to Vince & Ed and RR & Jeck. They are caught up in traffic. Vince & Ed are afraid this is the end. But they get to the Pit Stop and Derek reminds them that everything’s gone downhill since winning the first Leg. But now, they’re Team #6.

RR & Jeck come running in and Derek gets right to the point. They are last and eliminated from the Race.

Derek has some words for them. There are a lot of people who want to be a part of the Race. So RR & Jeck are blessed to have been chosen. Derek feels they disrespected the teams who were tearfully eliminated from the show because they gave up.

“No?! We didn’t give up,” RR replies. Derek says they should fight until the end. Taking smoothie breaks, “no disrespect to you guys, I’m just saying na the other teams were very disappointed na binigay nyo na lang. At the end of the day, competition ito.”

Derek says he knows they could’ve given more. RR says they are humbled by this experience. But they tried their best and were always in the bottom, so they prepared themselves to be eliminated and it’d be okay.

Derek tells them not to cry. But for him, their opportunity was wasted because they were so close to the other teams. If they had a little more fighting spirit…

RR cuts in, If only they didn’t hand over challenges to other teams, maybe they’d still be in the Race.

Exactly, Derek says. He tells them to smile and asks them to leave the Mat.

Jeck says they’re hurt by Derek’s words. They think “disappoint” is the better word. This is hard and they’ve never done stuff this hard before in their lives. Jeck prays people don’t judge them. They have no regrets and they say sorry if they’ve disrespected or disappointed people.

Episode Thoughts

Woah. Wow. That was definitely shocking and unexpected, yeah?

Those drone shots at the Pit Stop! That sweeping shot of the area as Vince & Ed were running to the Mat? Definitely shocking and unexpected!

Just kidding. Great drone shots of course, but the big surprise was definitely Derek’s “sermon.”

I am SHOCKED Derek and the TARPH2 crew actually noticed and would care to call out RR & Jeck like that. That moment alone might just push season 2 over season 1 and probably over a lot of the recent TARUS seasons. lol

It’s sad for RR & Jeck since those words would definitely hurt, but I can’t say they’re not deserved. Many fans and viewers have noticed their attitudes over the course of the Race pretty much decline from being fun and mischievous to being down and out. And that’s just from watching the edited episodes. Imagine what else the crew must have witnessed to prompt Derek to really, truly call them out and in that manner.

Harsh, but they brought it upon themselves. Just a little more effort and they could still be Racing into Leg 7.

Episode Quotes

Derek: “Yung efforts niyo has brought the bad weather.”
AJ: “Oh, I love this. This is great, you know.”
Derek: “This isn’t good. But what is good is you’ve just won P200,000.”

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