Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 35 (Leg 6, Day 5) – "Can you pose? Pose for me, come on!"

Teams must now make their way to Espeleta Street where they’ll get to enjoy a Sinulog Festival street parade. There, teams must take pictures of 3 performers who are not like the others. If they have the right performers, the Reyna ng Sinulog will hand over the next clue. Only 3 teams are allowed at a time.

AJ & Jody are still in first, but AJ is already tired after this Superleg. Matt & Phoebe in 2nd have trouble finding a taxi. The first one they flag down doesn’t want to take them.

“Babe, f*ck him!”

AJ & Jody arrive at Espeleta Street and take a camera. Jody takes the three photos and they show the Queen. She approves the first two; a missing necklace and an extra necklace. But their last is not correct.

They go back to the dancers, but it’s not easy since they’re all moving around too much.


AJ excitedly calls Jody over. He thinks he’s got the correct performer.

“Bakla yan!” / “He’s gay!”

No! Jody explains. The difference is in the costumes! He continues looking and thinks he’s got it. They return to the Queen. Jody is excited. But it’s wrong.


While Matt & Phoebe arrive, AJ again frantically calls Jody over to show him one dancer whose back zipper is open. NO! Jody explains. That’s not it. They all have zippers open.

Jody gives AJ the camera and he takes a photo of it. He runs over to the Queen, but like Jody said, that’s definitely not it. Jody is annoyed by AJ pointing out all the little things he sees that are not correct.

Finally, they see one ribbon on the arm of a dancer is a different color from the others. They go to the Queen and she finally gives them the next clue.

They can finally head to the Pit Stop: Ibiza Beach Club at the Movenpick Hotel, Mactan Island.

Kelvin & JP arrive next before Jet & Yna. Matt & Phoebe go to the Queen, but they only get one right.

The performers have a short rest and the three teams wait until the performance starts again before they can go back to observe. Kelvin & JP go to the Queen and she shakes her head. Matt & Phoebe give it another try, no go.

Finally, Kelvin & JP get their three pictures and the Reyna gives them the next clue. Matt asks them for a clue, JP just says it’s in the details.

Waiting for the next performance, Jet & Yna and Matt & Phoebe start discussing what they have. Both only have one correct. It’s an awkward tension, but they end up having the same thing anyway.

The next performance starts and Matt & Phoebe get the correct three. Jet & Yna are close behind.

Roch & Eji arrive and get started as Vince & Ed and RR & Jeck leave the market. Vince & Ed are confident because they think they have better facial recognition than RR & Jeck.

Meanwhile, Roch & Eji finally find the correct three and the Queen hands them the next clue.

RR & Jeck catch up to Vince & Ed at the performance. (I think.)

Vince & Ed finish first followed by RR & Jeck still in last.

Episode Thoughts

This was another great episode! And the fun came from maybe unexpected places.

First of all, AJ & Jody are back in full force. And I mean their hilarious arguments. I think AJ though represents all these teams, and probably all teams who ever experienced a Superleg/Double Leg/TBC Leg/Keep on Racing Leg ever on The Amazing Race. The frustration and the fatigue definitely sets in. But for these TARPH teams, they actually would’ve basically Raced, non-stop for FOUR Legs! They would’ve had as many tasks and Route Markers as four normal TAR Legs. That’s amazing. Kudos to the teams! But they definitely needed these physically and mentally exhausting Legs because the first few were relatively easy. (Hello answer sharing! lol)

Anyway, AJ & Jody getting very testy with each other was hilarious. Most hilarious had to be AJ’s “Bakla yan!” and Jody’s WTF?! reaction. Also, several f-bombs during this episode from them. But the most unexpected one probably came from Matt. “Babe, f*ck him!” lol.

Roch has been very… talkative these last few episodes. In a good way! That’s the kind of fun personality I want to see on the Race. I probably would’ve been very rude to Kuya Taxi Driver though. Taxi drivers who don’t know places in their hometown?! So annoying! lol

Matt & Phoebe and Jet & Yna’s tense little moment there was so awkward, yet hilarious to watch. I wanted to see them really go at it though. When Phoebe tells Matt “Don’t be like that!” I was all “NOOO! Be like that! More being like that!”

Which is why I loved Kelvin & JP not giving them any helpful hints at all. You actually had to do this one on your own. And now they’re in 2nd place!

I think it was pretty obvious RR & Jeck actually did not catch up to Vince & Ed though. Sad since that basically insinuates the result?

Overall, it was a great, fun episode. I actually just remembered this may have been a TARA task before. Season 2, Marc & Rovilson’s season I think? Anyway, I think TARUS could definitely do this task in the future. It’s a great feature on Cebu. And it’s one of those simple tasks where the sights and sounds add to the frustration and difficulty. Very fun. To watch. I assume it wasn’t too fun for the Racers. =)

Episode Quotes

Jody: “Can you pose? Pose for me, come on!”

Roch: “Kami yung ‘Go!’, hindi ikaw!”

Roch: “Go go go go! Nai-ihi na ako.”

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