Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 34 (Leg 6, Day 4) – "Pagkatapos mo ako pahirapan, pasalamat ka mabait ako."

Teams must first stop at the Yield Board in front of Fort San Pedro before heading to the Mandaue Municipal Hall.

AJ & Jody arrive at the cluebox and find the Detour
In Martial Art, teams must make their way to Boardwalk Complex in Mandaue to learn a 14-step Eskrima Martial Art routine. Once they learn the routine, they must defeat an Eskrima Grand Master to get their next clue.
In Art of Cooking, teams will head to Mandaue Public Market to learn how to make Poso rice pockets. Once the owner of the stall is satisfied, they’ll get the next clue.

Jody does not want to have deal with choreography again (see: Resorts World and Dagupan), so they decide to do cooking.

AJ & Jody arrive at the market and choose a stall. They watch the demonstration, but they seem lost. Kelvin & JP and Jet & Yna also choose cooking.

Yna says she did not tell Kuya Jet that the cooking would be easy. She only said she had an idea what the thing would look like.

Roch & Eji leave Fort San Pedro and Matt & Phoebe step on the Yield Mat to wait out their 30 minutes. They take this 3rd delay as a compliment.

Roch is annoyed by their slow taxi driver who ends up dropping them off at the Boardwalk Complex instead of the Municipal Hall. Roch asks the Eskrima instructors waiting if “Meron clue ba kayo para sa amin?” But Roch & Eji quickly realize this is not Manaoag the Municipal Hall.

They head back to their waiting taxi who finally gets them to the correct Route Marker. They choose cooking.

AJ & Jody are working hard to try and master the technique needed to finish the pockets. Meanwhile, Kelvin & JP are being treated to a rice and grilled fish lunch by the locals who feed them. Literally!

As Roch & Eji find the posos are not easy to make, Matt & Phoebe’s Yield is complete. And that’s even before RR & Jeck even arrive at Fort San Pedro, apparently.

Yna’s already finished 10 posos, but they all get rejected. Jet insists they switch Detours and they do. Kelvin & JP also decide to switch when their posos are not approved.

Matt & Phoebe arrive at the Municipal Hall and choose Martial Art. With no taxis around, they hire a private jeep to take them to Boardwalk Complex.

Back at the market, Jody has already finished his share of posos and he’s waiting on AJ who finally gets all of his approved. They receive the next clue.

Jet & Yna arrive at the Eskrima Detour and start learning the routine. They find it easy to follow. Matt & Phoebe arrive and are surprised to see Jet & Yna still there even after their 30 minute Yield.

Kelvin & JP are the third to arrive and also start learning.

After 10 minutes, Matt & Phoebe face off against the Grand Master and he is happy with their routine. They are now in 2nd place.

Across town, Vince & Ed choose cooking since Vince is in no condition to kick. RR & Jeck also choose cooking “para maiba.”

Jet & Yna perform their routine against the Grand Master and they get the thumbs down. Kelvin & JP give it a try and they also fail.

Both teams get the clue on their 2nd attempts.

When Vince & Ed arrive at the market, Roch & Eji realize they’ve been here a long time. But there’s no point in switching Detours anymore so they continue with the posos.

Roch & Eji finish and leave in 5th place.

RR & Jeck catch up to Vince & Ed at the market. When they get started, RR is frustrated and has no patience doing things like this when cooking. She suggests they switch Detours, but Jeck has quickly gotten the hang of how to make the posos. After some food and soft drinks, RR decides to suck it up and push through.

Jeck finishes her share of posos before even Vince & Ed. RR tells her to go annoy them and slow them down.

“Paki ready na yung clue!!!”

“Pag natangal kayo, magpapatanggal rin kami.”

Jeck continues trying to get on Vince & Ed’s nerves, but they finish before RR.

RR & Jeck are still in last but they say they’re still in a close fight with Vince & Ed.

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a solid Detour and a good episode.

It was definitely a nice change to see teams actually choose different Detours AND actually switch Detours too. That always adds some good and exciting drama. Especially one side of the Detour is one of those “looks easy on paper” tasks.

Kudos to Matt & Phoebe for being able to catch up so fast. And lol at Jeck’s poking of Vince & Ed. Seriously, if RR & Jeck were just as competitive and palaban as they are mataray and funny, they’d be such an amazing team. *sigh*

Episode Quotes

AJ: “Shit. Meron pa.”

AJ: “What the hell do you do it?!”

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