REAL Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 33 (Leg 6, Day 3) – "This is abnormal."

Teams are at Fort San Pedro where they will be engaging in another “duel duel” Double Battle. There are three large “coins” that are split in half. The first team to flip the halves over to make up their corresponding image (Lapu-Lapu or Ferdinand Magellan) on all three coins will win each round. The team that wins best of 3 will get the next clue.

This uploaded episode begins with AJ & Jody facing off against Roch & Eji. They are now on the third run and it’s Jody vs Roch. Roch asks Jody to hand this one to them, but Jody doesn’t budge and he and AJ jump into first place.

Roch & Eji hope a weak team is next. But it’s Kelvin & JP. JP beats Eji and Kelvin beats Roch after he accidentally knocks her over.

Kelvin & JP quickly move on.

Jet & Yna arrive next and Roch & Eji haven’t even had time to rest. Eji’s feeling a pain in his legs.

First run is Roch vs Jet. Jet wins. Next run is Eji vs Yna. Eji wins. Now it’s time for Eji vs Jet. And Jet wins.

Roch & Eji have now dropped to 4th as Vince & Ed pass Matt & Phoebe on the way to Fort San Pedro.

First up is Vince vs Eji. Vince forgets the rules and Eji easily wins. Roch and Ed go next and Roch’s strategy is to tire Ed out, but still lose so Eji can easily beat him in the last round.

And he does. Roch & Eji finally win and they leave.

Matt & Phoebe arrive. Vince & Ed know they won’t be able to beat them. Vince comes up with a strategy to get Matt & Phoebe disqualified by putting the pieces off to the side. But it fails. Not a good strategy. And Ed lets Vince know that.

Phoebe and Ed are next. Phoebe carefully puts each half nicely together. When Phoebe starts falling behind, Vince tells Ed to just let them win and conserve his energy.

RR & Jeck finally arrive. Vince faces off against RR first. Vince is confident since he’s “obviously” the faster runner.

But he slips and strains his thigh which begins to hurt. RR feels sorry for him and is “sick and tired.”

“This is abnormal.”

RR decides to give up and let Vince & Ed win this challenge and beat them on the next one.

Vince & Ed leave in 6th.

Because RR & Jeck are last in the Double Battle, they are given a photo of a ship and must search for it inside to receive the next clue.

Episode Thoughts

Yay for (almost) full episode uploads =D

But Meh at another Double Battle. At least the task was fun and interesting and unlike the first leg, wasn’t just running.

It was physical, but you could certainly figure out a good strategy to overcome any strength you might lack. Roch’s simple idea worked well and she could’ve probably tried it earlier. Vince’s, obviously, did not. But it’s worth a try.

Still, I don’t think Double Battles should be physical. The go-kart duel duel is still the best one since it wasn’t. But this task at least threw in some Battle of Mactan, Lapu-Lapu/Magellan fun and the flipping of blocks was creative and very Survivor-ish.

(And I keep saying “duel duel” because that’s how Derek described it in-show. lol)

Phoebe was cute actually neatly putting the halves together. She was going to lose that way, but it was very kind of her. =D

The preview made it seem like RR just quit because she was over it all, but her confessional had her saying she knew they could beat Vince & Ed at the next challenge. I certainly hope that’s true and not some put on. Because we’ve certainly seen their defeatist attitude before. If RR paired her taray-ness with a truly competitive attitude, she’d be a star. But instead of being the 2nd coming of Saida & Jervi, she’s just… I don’t even know.

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