Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 32 (Leg 6, Day 2) – "Ano ba naman! We are so boplax!"

Roch & Eji are excited to fly. AJ & Jody hop on the same bus as them heading towards Manila International Airport. Jet & Yna take an ordinary (non-air conditioned) bus for the first time ever, but it’s okay since it’s raining.

Jody suggests they go to a travel agency, but once they get off the bus and into taxis, they separate. The travel agency gets AJ & Jody a 6:20pm flight to Cebu. But heading directly to Terminal 3, Roch & Eji manage to catch a 4:20pm flight. Jet & Yna get on a 2nd flight, meaning AJ & Jody’s flight is the 3rd out of Manila.

Kelvin & JP are on the 4th flight. Matt & Phoebe and Vince & Ed arrive at Terminal 3, but somehow teleport to Terminal 2 to catch the 5th flight. RR & Jeck are last on the 6th flight.

Once in Cebu, teams must taxi it over to Parian Monument to search for their next clue which they must figure out is on a sign board. When they tell the guards their next destination, they’ll get the next clue.

Roch & Eji start searching, but have no idea what they’re looking for. “Para kaming tanga.” That is, until they notice one of the signs that says “Bawal umakyat sa itaas!!! Pumunta sa Canso X, bawal magtapon ng basura!”

They go around to ask what “Cansox” means before asking the two guards at the entrance to the monument. When they correctly tell him “Canso X,” they get the next clue directing them to Canso X Adventure Park. But first, teams must stop at the Must Vote board. Roch & Eji vote for Matt & Phoebe then sign-up on a “Time-in” board.

Jet & Yna arrive at the monument and say they’ve been looking for almost 2 hours since before 8pm until AJ & Jody arrive. They work together and start thinking about the direction Lapu Lapu is pointing at and every possible clue there could be. Kelvin & JP arrive.

Jody notices the one sign with the “Canso X” and they go to the guards standing nearby and tell them. The guard hands them the next clue.

AJ & Jody get to the Vote Board in 2nd. They vote for Matt & Phoebe.

AJ & Jody then also place their name on a board which includes the time they’ve found the clue. Roch & Eji have a 7:01pm “Time-in” while AJ & Jody have just found the clue at 9:36pm.

Yna tells Jet that she’s been telling him the whole time it’s got something to do with Canso X. They give “Canso X” a try and they receive the next clue at 9:41pm. They decide to vote Matt & Phoebe because they were still in first last Leg. (???)

Kelvin & JP overhear Jet & Yna telling the guard and they find the “Canso X” sign to confirm. They get the clue at 9:42pm and vote for AJ & Jody because they actually were first in the last Leg.

The next flight arrives and it is Vince & Ed versus Matt & Phoebe with RR & Jeck trailing far behind.

Vince & Ed find the clue next and vote for Matt & Phoebe because they are the “safe choice.” They check-in at 10:11pm. Matt & Phoebe vote for AJ & Jody and check-in at 10:15pm.

RR & Jeck vote for Matt & Phoebe as well and they sign-up at 11:02pm.

Teams must make their way to Canso X Adventure Park and wait for it to open next morning.

Roch & Eji enter first and the clue contains the Road Block.

For this Road Block, teams will ride a professional mountain bike through a marked Rexona international competition cross country trail.

Roch decides to the Road Block. But she falls over several times. Jody starts down the course next with Yna close behind.

Yna is worried because she doesn’t feel that she is strong enough on her own without her Kuya Jet. She immediately falls over and Jet runs over, but can only encourage her.

JP starts the Road Block next. He’s got a fixed-gear bike at home, but he is not used to a bike with a brake.

Roch falls into a ditch and decides to carry the bike the rest of the way. She reunites with Eji and they open the next clue.

Jody is next and says this is the most tiring challenge so far this Race for him.

Yna picks herself up from the bushes as Vince starts out on the course. He is careful not to fall into the ditches fearing he will die.

JP manages to catch up to and pass Yna along the way. He feels sorry for her, but teams are not allowed to help each other. (YAYAYAYYY!!!)

Matt sets off on the course and promises to finish the course in 10 minutes.

JP finishes and he and Kelvin are in 3rd place.

Jet continues encouraging Yna as she carries her bike to the finish line. Jet says one of the main reasons for them joining the Race was to allow Yna to experience life. She’s been all about school and now all about work, so this is her chance.

Jet and Yna share an emotional reunion.

While RR sets off on the course, Matt catches up to Vince who glances back and then falls down the hill after seeing him. Matt helps him up and then tells Vince to go on ahead of him.

Vince tells Matt not to be stupid, this is a Race.

Matt cross the finish line in 5th. Vince pushes through the course while RR thinks the person who created this course is “abnormal.”

RR & Jeck are still in last.

Episode Thoughts

Now this episode showed one of the things that makes The Amazing Race so amazing. Going on an adventure to challenge yourself and overcome your fears has always provided some of the best moments on the Race. Seeing teams push themselves to the limit in competition is a big part of what makes the Race so exciting.

So seeing this Road Block was definitely great. It appeared to actually, truly “is that true?” challenge the teams. They had to carry their bikes, get thrown into ditches and trees and bushes and Nope, no one can help them. (Though Matt was definitely too nice lol.)

This kind of challenge was definitely missing in the first few Legs of the Race. I really, really hope moving forward that there are more challenges like this. More physical and less luck.

The task at the monument was good. But did I miss any airport drama at the beginning of the episode?!?!?! Did Roch & Eji get on a first flight? Who was on the next one and the last? =( I wish I could’ve seen it, but our nice uploader missed the first segment again. ='(

Now that I’ve seen the whole episode, I think the task at the monument was great! It’s the kind of ambiguous Route Marker that TARUS has done too rarely, but awesomely in recent years. And YAY at the teams actually figuring it out themselves and working it out together instead of just handing over the answer like they’ve been known to do. (Hehe.)

The airport/flight stuff was okay. I do love that teams were all on different flights. And it wasn’t because those were the tickets the Race gave to them, but because those were really the only flights available. It’s a good thing there’s so many flights to Cebu.

I just can’t get enough of the drone shots, like seriously. Just stunning and beautiful and awesome.

Overall, a great episode.

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Episode

Yay! Lots of personal team development this episode!

Much kudos to Yna for getting through the Road Block. Jet & Yna have talked about Yna just not cutting it on the Race, especially when compared to the other teams. (Cue Leg 1 Double Battle *shudder*) I refused to believe it because I knew and wanted to see Yna push herself and change her and Jet’s sort-of downer attitude of her abilities. So her actually pushing herself and getting through what was obviously a physically demanding task was awesome.

Same goes for Roch. She was definitely able to get through the Road Block and not even complain, despite falling off several times. I doubt that didn’t hurt. (lol) I wish I could’ve gotten to see how Roch & Eji were able to get on that early flight. Or not, I wouldn’t know. I look forward though to see if they can maintain their lead throughout the Leg.

It’s great to finally see Kelvin & JP in the top half for a change. I also look forward to seeing them try and maintain their position now that they’ve gotten themselves out of the bottom. I’m definitely rooting for AJ & Jody to still win this Leg through. They were screwed out of a prize, no doubt.

ZOMG. Vince & Ed not last in my ranking!? Vince still whined throughout the episode, but that one line from him is HUGE. “Don’t be stupid! … This is a Race!” THANK YOU! That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time!!! It’s good that they especially remembered that fact since they’ve been one of the biggest proponents of #TheBrainTrust, which thankfully appears to be dead.

Or not. What was with the teams still voting for Matt & Phoebe with the reason that they were still in the lead? lol That was funny and strange. Filipinos are sometimes too nice. Which is one reason a forced voting U-Turn is necessary I guess. Now while they dominated three Legs, it should be interesting to see if they can get themselves out of the hole they’ve fallen into. It would be great to see them pick themselves up and get back to the front if they can.

RR & Jeck just have to be the next ones eliminated. They, especially RR, are not in the game at all. They don’t care. And that’s absolutely horrible. Any funny moments or one-liners from them can’t make up for being basically quitters who have taken a spot from more competitive and deserving teams who would love to give it 100% and not phone it in every challenge. You can tell they’re not giving 100% to the Race and that is not at all enjoyable to watch.

Episode Quotes

Phoebe: “Nadaanan namin yung Nerds na parang wala pa silang nagagawa sa buhay nila”

Yna: “Ano ba naman! We are so boplax.”

Matt: “Ang galing mo mag-tumbling!”

Vince: “Don’t be stupid! … This is a Race!”

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