Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 31 (Leg 6, Day 1) – "Wala naman laban yung utak namin dyan."

The next Leg begins immediately and teams must drive to Farinas Transit Terminal to sign up for one of two chartered buses. The first bus leaves at 11pm and will carry 3 teams while the second bus leaves at 1am and will carry 4 teams. Teams will get P68 for this Leg.

AJ & Jody are disappointed and let down that this was a “virtual” Pit Stop and that their First Place finish meant nothing. But Vince & Ed are even more disappointed and upset that only three teams get on the first bus since they’re currently 4th. Plus all this driving to far locations. Ed says he feels Vince’s negativity and being down.

Because RR & Jeck did not complete the ATV task at the Sand Dunes, they must wait out their 2 hour penalty in front of Paoay Church before they can open the next clue. They decide to take a nap.

AJ & Jody arrive at the bus terminal, place their names on the sign-up board and open the next clue directing teams to RCD Royale Homes in Silang, Cavite.

Jet & Yna and Roch & Eji secure their spots on the first bus. AJ & Jody are frustrated.

The first bus leaves and the rest of the teams, including RR & Jeck leave on the second bus.

At RCD Royale Homes, teams will need to assemble a kitchen cabinet that will be approved by Engr. Jun Todio. The RCD crew will then help the teams mount the cabinet to the wall to receive their next clue from Roland C. Delantar, Chairman of the RCD Group of Companies.

RCD Homes, building happy homes.

AJ & Jody try figuring out the instructions. AJ says Jet will have an easy time with this since he thinks Jet’s an engineer by profession. Jet & Yna forego using the manual.

All three teams find their cabinets are off, skewed, not level, so they need to take apart what they’ve done and start over. Their frustration grows when the 2nd bus arrives and they aren’t even finished yet.

Vince & Ed are worried since they don’t have experience in construction. Phoebe’s not worried because Matt does have experience in construction. Kelvin says he’s got JP’s back in this task while RR & Jeck have trouble reading the manual.

AJ & Jody finish their cabinet and it is approved. The RCD crew helps them mount it to the wall and they start painting it. Roch & Eji are approved next followed by Jet & Yna.

But it is Roch & Eji who get their finished cabinet approved first and they open the next clue telling them to fly to Cebu! AJ & Jody and Jet & Yna are close behind.

Matt & Phoebe need to take their cabinet apart when it isn’t all pantay-pantay. Vince & Ed, meanwhile, have trouble attaching the doors. Ed tries to work around the problem, but Vince tells him to just observe. Their frustration is causing them to make mistakes.

Kelvin & JP are approved next and are now excited to be in 4th.

It’s time for Matt & Phoebe to paint, but they start to panic when they’re hearing less and less hammering from next door. They quickly become frustrated.

While the RCD crew mount their cabinet, Vince & Ed decide to go visit RR & Jeck. RR & Jeck know the Nerds may be having trouble with the physical stuff, so RR & Jeck hope they can use their brawn to overcome their lack of brains.

Matt & Phoebe are approved and leave in 5th. Vince & Ed are next with RR & Jeck in last.

Episode Thoughts

Now wouldn’t it have been AMAZING if that clue after finishing the cabinets told teams to fly to [insert visa-free Asian country] instead of Cebu? I think a lot of fans (myself included) expected half of the Race to take place out of the country. But it’s okay. While it’s been great traveling up the eastern coastline of Luzon, courtesy of Kia Motors, it’s also great for teams to finally hop on an airplane.

As for this task, I can’t take issue with any sponsor/product placement tasks. And that goes for any Amazing Race, including the American mothership. Especially currently, any and all companies who would love to sponsor TAR and get their name featured prominently ON the show is a huge help to keep the Race going. So fans should definitely not dislike any product placement because it’s those in-show mentions that pay the bills.

So thank you RCD Royale Homes and RCD Group of Companies!

The task itself was fine. Would’ve been even better if it was a prelude to leaving the country, but again, it’ll be great to finally have teams flying.

As for the “virtual” Pit Stop/Superleg/TBC Leg/Double-Leg, I definitely understand AJ & Jody’s frustration. For recent seasons, TARUS has still given out prizes to the team that arrives first at a “virtual” Pit Stop. So I guess it is unfair that they didn’t get a prize for winning the Leg. I definitely hope they do get a chance to win another Leg, for real, and enjoy P200,000 too.

Episode Quotes

Jeck: “Madali mag-pukpok. Pero yung babasahin mo yung ginagawa ng mga engineer, ang hirap.”

Jody: “Hindi naman perpekto ginawa mo.”

RR: “Wala naman laban yung utak namin dyan.”

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