Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (18) 38 – "I got ya covered bro."

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (18) 38 – Emperor Mavro

Megaforce 38

Damaras and Levira are on the ship, wondering what their next orders are now that Vekar is dead. Suddenly, they appear to get attacked. But actually, it is Emperor Mavro himself. He is here to punish Damaras for his failure and incompetence. But also to get revenge on the Rangers who murdered his children.

Downtown, the Rangers are fighting off X-Borgs. And they easily finish them off, but the others notice Jake is clowning around. They demorph and he explains that he’s just making things interesting and fun. This is the end! There’s no more monsters.

Noah agrees. They must only have soldiers left. This is the beginning of the end. Troy isn’t sure about that. But Jake says they are winning very easily, it’s good news.

But Troy is still not sure. Emma wants a piggyback race. She jumps on Noah and Gia jumps on Jake and they run to Ernie’s. Orion offers Troy a piggyback ride, but Troy has a better idea.

Meanwhile, Levira convinces Emperor Mavro to allow Damaras to take care of the Rangers.

Orion accompanies Troy to buy tickets to a rock concert tonight.

Megaforce 38

The others are laughing it up as Jake and Noah collapse from exhaustion. But things get considerably less funny when hundreds of Armada ships begin attacking the city. And in front of them appears Damaras.

They charge at him with their blasters only to get knocked over and thrown around as Damaras sends blasts toward the city. Damaras laughs at how pathetic the Rangers appear to be.

Megaforce 38

Troy and Orion hurry in and they immediately go to check if Noah and Jake are alright.

Orion recognizes Damaras, “the most powerful warrior in the universe.”

Damaras is excited to get his revenge, but the Rangers defiantly say that will never happen. They morph directly into SUPERMEGA!

They attack, but Damaras easily takes care of them. Troy says they must retreat, but he has to help Jake up first. Damaras takes this opening to continue attacking them.

Jake helps Troy, but they both get slammed against the warehouse and are forced to demorph. Jake tries punching Damaras in the face, but he just gets swatted away.

Damaras takes Troy by the collar. Troy tries to morph, but Damaras knocks his morpher and key away before tossing Troy aside. He becomes unconscious and Damaras throws him over his shoulder and disappears.

Jake goes to the others who are all out of it.

Damaras dumps Troy in front of Emperor Mavro. Troy is still defiant. Emperor Mavro knows the Red Ranger is a hero on Earth. He wonders if the people will give up their planet to save him.

Megaforce 38

Emperor Mavro orders Damaras to put the famous Red Ranger on display so the Earth can see.

Jake is nursing the Rangers at Gosei’s lair when Damaras begins broadcasting to the world. He’s got Troy, in nonSUPERMEGA mode and helmetless tied up. Damaras tells the world that he’s got their “most revered fighter” and they must surrender within the hour or he will die.

Megaforce 38

The other Rangers want to go save Troy, but Jake says he’ll go alone. Gosei says Tensou will help.

Troy tells Damaras that the fight against them will continue with or without him. Damaras tells the two Royal Guards to finish Troy off for good.

But Jake arrives. “I got ya covered bro.”

Jake takes on the X Borgs and Royal Guards. He goes regular Mega first then SUPERMEGA! Troy tells Jake not to give up. Jake morphs into Green Mystic Ranger and calls Damaras a chicken.

Damaras jumps down and forces Jake to demorph.

Megaforce 38

Meanwhile, Tensou has just broken Troy free of the chains. Troy jumps down and helps Jake who hands him his Legendary Morpher.

The other Rangers join them and they all go SUPERMEGA together. They take care of the X Borgs, but Damaras can still handle them.

That is until Jake and Troy tag team and send a simple shot towards Damaras which pushes him back.

They summon the SUPERMEGA Cannon and defeat Damaras’ first life. Levira embiggens Damaras for “one last chance.”

The Rangers hop into their megazords and they fight Damaras. They decide to use the Ultimate Legendary Megazord and they finish him off.

Megaforce 38

The Rangers bring Tensou back to Gosei’s lair. Troy thanks everyone for saving him. Especially Jake who put on “an impressive show bro.”

Troy wants to treat them to a rock concert.

“YOU bought tickets to a rock concert? Get outta here.”

The others are surprised, but they’ll take ’em. The Rebel Rockers!!! They love those guys. Orion has no idea what a ROCK concert is.

Megaforce 38

The Rangers head to the club where Antonio and Mia and brother Terry are performing their #1 hit “Everyday Fun.”

“This is the BEST rock group I’ve ever seen!” Orion proclaims.

Megaforce 38

Episode Thoughts

It was an alright episode, but definitely lots of hilarious moments.

Emperor Mavro forgetting Vekar, the Rangers naively thinking they’ve won… again, Damaras suddenly being the greatest warrior evah, Jake suddenly borrowing Don-san’s story, Gosei not having anything to say, Orion loving the only non-stone rock group he’s ever seen, the Rangers not knowing who Mia and Antonio are, the idea that anyone would trade Earth for Troy… it was all hilarious stuff.

But the most hilarious, or maybe sad, moment from the episode was the end when the Rangers went back in time to make a cameo on “He Ain’t Heavy Metal, He’s My Brother.” Now THAT’S funny.

Funny because it reminded me of how much better Samurai actually is than Megaforce. I never thought that was possible, but seeing Mia being a rock star reminds me how Samurai actually had character development. Or at least more than Megaforce at least. Oh well.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episodes: Episode 41 – Something I Don’t Want to Lose, Episode 42 – The Strongest Man in the Universe and Episode 43 – To the Legendary Hero

So they basically just translated Don-san’s big two-parter which is not surprising, but still hilariously odd.

I find it amusing how Megaforce was able to stitch together three Gokaiger episodes and still found time to insert old Samurai footage. lol

But watching the corresponding Gokaiger episodes again also reminded me of the awesome sonuvabitch Basco. So much awesomeness from him that is sorely absent on Megaforce. *sigh*

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