Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 28 (Leg 5, Day 4) – "Is this dangerous? Am I gonna die here?"

Teams must now drive back down to the Paoay Sand Dunes where they must ride ATVs across the 88 hectare dunes to find their next clue. There are baskets at 20 Rexona checkpoints. Three of them contain clues. Others contain either nothing, an hourglass they must turn over and wait to run out before continuing on or Rexona passes that guarantee the next three checkpoints do not have clues.

AJ & Jody maintain their lead. Jody says he feels you need a looong rest to run this Leg, which is why he thinks they’re doing so well now.

AJ & Jody drive onto the marked path first and the first basket they look under is empty. They move on to their second basket which contains a Rexona pass telling them to move 3 stations forward.

At the next station, AJ cheers when he finds… another Rexona pass.

Jet & Yna arrive and they start the course. They did not expect these big ATVs. And when they get to a hill, they find they must maneuver their ATVs at the perfect speed to avoid getting bogged down.

On the way to Paoay, Matt and Phoebe are still having a tense discussion. Matt talks about Phoebe slapping him and losing respect. Phoebe says fine, if Matt doesn’t want to anymore, they should just break up after this.

Vince & Ed are surprised to find two other teams have arrived before them at the sand dunes. Eji is unsure about the ATVs, but he sets off as Roch takes the lead.

Ed has to frequently wait for Vince who thinks it’s his ATV’s fault for sucking.

AJ & Jody get to their next checkpoint and find another empty basket. Moving on, Jody jumps up and down when they finally find a basket full of clues.

They open it up to reveal the Detour. They hurry back to the starting point and drive to Laoag.

As Kelvin & JP and RR & Jeck leave Kapurpurawan Rock, Matt & Phoebe arrive at the ATVs. Matt says he’ll just follow Phoebe.

Jet & Yna stop at their first checkpoint and they find an hourglass. But Jet is happy because they’ve stopped in front of Chrysalis, an installation part of the Himala festival celebrating music and art. The Paoay Sand Dunes are where the famous and international award winning Nora Aunor film Himala was filmed.

But their hourglass is quick, so Jet can’t make his way up to the installation.

Roch & Eji and Vince & Ed check their first baskets and they also get an hourglass.

Matt & Phoebe pass Roch & Eji who are waiting. They get to a basket and it is empty. Phoebe thinks someone’s taken it already.

Jet & Yna get to the next checkpoint and under the basket is a Rexona pass. They move three checkpoints, but their next basket is empty. On the next one, they finally find the clues.

Roch & Eji finally move on their next basket, but it also contains an hourglass. Now they know what it feels like to be Yielded.

Matt & Phoebe find another hourglass and must wait as well.

Vince & Ed are counting and listing down the baskets to try and figure out a pattern. They argue over which number basket this one is. But that doesn’t matter when the Rexona pass under it goes flying. Vince chases after it.

After finishing out their hourglass, Roch & Eji move on to their next basket and they get the clue. Eji happily shrieks as they choose which Detour to do.

Vince & Ed and Matt & Phoebe find the clues next.

Kelvin & JP finally arrive just as Matt & Phoebe leave the Sand Dunes. They are excited for another adventure. And at sunset too.

It is now dark when Kelvin & JP finally find the clues. They enjoy their drive back.

RR & Jeck arrive at the Sand Dunes, but it’s too dark and dangerous for them to go out. So they must take a 2-hour penalty instead.

Episode Thoughts

Teams say “Ugh, another luck challenge?!”
I say, “YES! ATVs and SAND DUNES!”

This is the kind of exciting, adrenaline stuff you want to see on The Amazing Race. Sand dunes and ATVs are definitely a TAR staple and this task specfically was done on TARPH: DryedMangoez Edition TAR Australia 1. And it was definitely awesome there too.

And at another amazing location. (Go Ilocos!) Any visit to Ilocos should always include the Paoay Sand Dunes.

The sense of time though was a little problem again. Kelvin & JP and RR & Jeck were at the sand dunes after dark while the leading teams are arriving at the Detour location in late afternoon. =( Plus, it always sucks when a task cannot be completed and it’s not the teams’ fault. (Thought maybe if RR & Jeck hustled a little more lol)

I was hoping though for more craziness. Like in TARAu1, Anastasia’s ATV flipping over on top of her. Or teams get stuck and then revving up only to get themselves covered in sand. Plus, where was this scene of Vince & Ed struggling with ATVs from the trailer?

Oh well. This is was still a great episode and a great task at a great location. 4-for-4 so far this week! Ilocos is delivering! Last season’s Ilocos Leg was amazing too. (Longanisa, burnay intersection, Vigan, pupok palayok, Anton & Armand’s epic dumb blunder, Pamela & Vanessa’s “Is that true?!?!”)

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