Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 27 (Leg 5, Day 3) – "I would love to see you drop that on my hips."

Teams must drive to Kapurpurawan Rock formation in Burgos and ride a horse to the next challenge area. There, teams must use rocks from a pile to build a 1.5 meter-high pagoda. The clue giver will use his magical cane to measure it and grant them one wish before handing them the next clue.

AJ & Jody are now in first place with former leaders Matt & Phoebe now playing catch-up.

AJ & Jody put on helmets and pick their horses. Jody regularly rides horses in Subic so he tries giving AJ some tips to get started. Half-British Matt & Phoebe say they can relate to the horses who they think are half-donkey.

AJ & Jody arrive at the sacred area and feel they’ve got an advantage because they are able to choose to the best and flattest rocks to build their pagoda. Phoebe measures the height they need is just under her bust area.

Vince & Ed arrive before Jet & Yna can even make their horses go. Vince says horseback riding used to be his hobby. He tells Ed to slap his horse hard. When that doesn’t work, since he’s really good in getting horses to stop and start, he’ll ride up in front of Ed’s horse so it can follow.

But Vince’s horse decides to speed off. Vince says the horse didn’t care about him on his back, that’s why he fell off and hard. Vince says it’s a good thing he had a helmet on and fell in the water otherwise he’d be dead.

Roch & Eji leave the windmills next. And Kelvin & JP make a point to ask anyone they may pass on the road to make sure they’re heading in the right direction.

AJ & Jody think they’re done with their pagoda, but they don’t realize the man has a magical cane. They add a couple more rocks and the man approves of it. He tells them to make a wish.

AJ & Jody wish to win The Amazing Race Philippines.

They receive the next clue directing them to the Paoay Sand Dunes.

Matt & Phoebe start getting testy with each other as Jet & Yna and Vince & Ed arrive.

Yna does not understand why Jet is having so much fun collecting rocks while she builds the pagoda on her own. Vince & Ed theorize how to build their pyramid-like tower.

At the starting point, Roch is scared. She’s shaking as soon as she hops on the horse. She starts crying.

Back at the sacred location, Matt and Phoebe’s testy exchanges have turned into an argument. Matt wants Phoebe to do some work. Phoebe asks if he wants her to carry a load of rocks over to prove something.

The frustration gets to Matt & Phoebe who admit they really want to throw rocks at each other.

As Roch & Eji finally arrive at the sacred location, Vince & Ed happily cheer when their pagoda is approved. They wish only to make the Top 3 since they think they can’t win anyway.

Matt & Phoebe’s frustrations only continue to grow as their pagoda repeatedly falls over. Matt suggests they just quit since they already have P600,000.

Phoebe says it’s embarrassing that they crumbled at such an easy challenge.

Yna calls Jet over when they’ve got their pagoda approved. They wish to make Top 3, or even just Top 5.

Roch & Eji think they’ve got their pagoda high enough, but it collapses before the “rock master” can come. They are happy to hear Matt & Phoebe arguing so they can get ahead.

Kelvin & JP arrive just as Roch & Eji are making their wish to be “Top 1” and win The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2.

Matt & Phoebe hurry it up because they don’t want the “skater boys” to beat them. RR & Jeck arrive and are surprised to see “Moses” with his stick. They get started with their pagoda.

Matt & Phoebe finally get their pagoda approved. Matt wishes for a Fast Forward while Phoebe wants to win “Philippines Season 2.” Phoebe tells Matt that he’s been rude to her. They decide to talk about everything later.

Kelvin & JP finish their pagoda. Kelvin wishes his family good health and that he and JP finish the Race. JP wishes he can give everything his mother needs.

RR & Jeck scream when “Moses” approves them. They wish they win The Amazing Race… even if it’s impossible.

Episode Thoughts

A very simple and familiar TAR task, yet still a great episode.

Again, the location definitely added a lot to the experience. But where was the drone!?! There totally should’ve been an amazing shot flying around the actual rock formation and then over the teams collecting rocks. That would’ve been awesome. Do they only have one drone? =(

Anyway, it’s very interesting to see how good and interesting this simple task was than half the tasks of the first four Legs. Riding the horse also presented a nice little unexpected challenge for some teams. But sometimes it’s always the simpler tasks that bring the most exciting drama.

I noticed though how late in the afternoon it seems RR & Jeck arrive at Kapurpurawan Rock compared to AJ & Jody and the other leading teams. It was already pretty late it seems when they left Bangui. Hmm…

It’s a good thing Vince was unharmed so we can laugh at him falling off the horse right after he tells Ed to slap his horse hard, “POOM!” And also after talking about being an expert horse rider. lol at Jet’s “Sanay mangabayo ah! Yabang-yabang eh!”

Yay at Matt & Phoebe’s British-accented-fighting finally returning! Boo to Matt even suggesting they quit since they’ve already won money. That’s a no-no.

As for the wishes, Vince & Ed and Jet & Yna only wishing to make Top 3 or Top 5!?!?!

I get not wanting to maybe be too greedy and wish to win the whole thing. Which is why Kelvin & JP’s wishes were very nice. And they felt very sincere.

But it’s sad to hear a team not actually in it to go all the way. You can be on the Race mainly for the awesome experience and the trip around the world (or the Philippines), but why not add to the fun by working to win? It was surprising and a little disappointing since you want to watch teams driven and motivated. =(

Episode Thoughts

Jet: “Sanay mangabayo ah! Yabang-yabang eh!”

Roch: “Amoy kabayo na eh.”

Phoebe: “Shut your lips and do this!”

Phoebe: “I would love to see you drop that on my hips.”

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