Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 19 (Leg 4, Day 1) – "Hangga't may pag-asa, may bagyo."

Matt & Phoebe are the first to depart at 5:07am from Lingayan Capitol Center and must now drive to Pugo Adventure Park in La Union. Teams have P1,750 for this Leg.

Roch & Eji and Jet & Yna depart at 5:34am. AJ & Jody leave at 5:40am, Vince & Ed at 5:4something am, RR & Jeck at 5:58am, Kelvin & JP at 5:59am, and Tina & Avy at 6am.

Jet knows where it is as they regularly pass it to visit family in Baguio. Vince is also familiar because of “normal life job.” Roch & Eji get pointed in every direction until they run into Vince & Ed who they decide to follow.

Matt & Phoebe arrive at the Adventure Park and open the next clue. Teams must ride the Superman zipline and drop one ball into an inflatable target or two balls in the swimming pool. Each team has five attempts.

Both Matt and Phoebe fail on their first try.

AJ & Jody arrive before Jet & Yna and they get in line before Matt & Phoebe’s 2nd attempts.

Matt gets one ball into the target and he and Phoebe get the next clue revealing the Detour.

Jody gets a ball into the pool, but AJ does not. Jet & Yna, Vince & Ed and Roch & Eji are able to complete the task. AJ goes for his 2nd attempt, but he fails again.

RR & Jeck and Tina & Avy arrive next. RR gets a ball into the pool, but Jeck does not. Tina gets a ball into the target, so Avy does not even have to attempt. They leave in 5th.

AJ finally gets it on his 3rd attempt and he and Jody leave.

Kelvin & JP finally arrive at the Adventure Park as Jeck goes on her 2nd attempt. But Jeck fails.

JP goes first and gets one ball into the pool, but Kelvin follows up with no balls. JP says he and Kelvin want to go by #MiracleBoys now.

Jeck goes on her 3rd attempt and finally shoots.

Kelvin goes for his 2nd attempt and finally gets one into the pool.

Episode Thoughts

It was a solid episode and good task, but I must be slow because it took me a while to get the objective of it. Two balls, one ball, three balls each? What was going on there? I’ll blame it on some odd editing. =D But still, a solid task.

I am definitely loving all the driving they’re doing though. Self-drives always present more opportunities for drama. (No need for Double Battles and U-Turn voting. =] )

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