Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (16) 36 – "I thought the Power Rangers would actually have some power!"

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (16) 36 – Vrak is Back

Vrak is back. And he feels no remorse over the loss of his little brother who conveniently provided a distraction to the Rangers while he prepared the drills he would use to tear Earth apart.

But first, he captures Orion to drain him of his alien life force to help disable the Rangers’ Legendary Powers and then turn one of their own against them.

The Rangers are on their way to school when suddenly, all morning traffic comes to a halt as the townspeople stop and stare at the huge drill.

At Gosei’s lair, the Ranger Keys are turning to stone and Gosei says he’s never sensed evil like this in a long time. He tells Tensou to summon the Rangers to the quarry and there they meet Vrak for the first time.

Vrak says he is here to claim his birthright, especially with his brother gone. The Rangers are disgusted Vrak has no emotion for the brother they had just killed themselves.

The Rangers morph into just Megaforce and unleash their different attacks only to get them mirrored by Vrak. They decide to go SUPERMEGA! But nothing happens.

Vrak just laughs and explains his entire plan. He tells them he’s turned the keys to stone. Two more drills are about to drop. And he’s got Orion who he will drain his life force of until he’s just an empty meatsuit.

The Rangers summon their Megaforce Blaster, but Vrak just swats it and every other attack of theirs away.

“You Rangers are a nuisance! Like bugs buzzing around my ears. You know what happens to little bugs?”

Vrak just pokes them and they go flying. The Rangers are no match for Vrak’s power. But Vrak won’t kill them just yet. He wants them to suffer. But there’s also someone else who should have the honor of killing them.

Vrak leaves and returns to his underwater headquarters where he’s got Robo Knight all chained up. Robo Knight refuses to do Vrak’s bidding, but Vrak says it’s no use.

Vrak summons Tresnag and Drill Horn and introduces them to Dark Robo Knight.

The Rangers return to Gosei’s lair. They can’t believe Vrak has been one step ahead of them this entire time. Tensou tracks Vrak to the pier and the Rangers hurry over.

Vrak introduces them to his “right and left hand monsters.” Literally. Tresnag and Drill Horn become Vrak’s hands and he uses them to block the Rangers’ attacks.

Dark Robo Knight comes flying in and the Rangers are shocked. Vrak explains he has been reprogrammed. Dark Robo Knight says his mission is to destroy this planet and its protectors. Vrak showed him the light.

Troy tells Dark Robo Knight to look inside himself. Noah wants to disable him.

Dark Robo Knight knocks them around and is about to finish them off, but Vrak says to wait. He wants them to suffer more by watching the drills rip their planet apart.

“What are we going to do?”
“We go ULTRA!”

Back underwater, Vrak explains they need the Rangers’ power to help place the next drill.

“Vrak! You’re not getting away this time.”
“Why would I run away?”

The Rangers find Vrak by the ocean. Dark Robo Knight arrives and fires his Vulcan Cannon at them. Noah charges at Robo Knight.

The others run to help and Vrak summons Tresnag. They attack. But what they don’t know is Tresnag is absorbing the power of every attack to use for the drill.

Noah breaks free of Robo Knight and charges toward Vrak, but Vrak again just swats him away. Vrak pulls out two energy orbs he created from Orion’s power. He wants to make one of Noah’s too.

Tresnag absolutely wrecks the other Rangers while Noah faces off against Vrak.

The others seem to have cut Tresnag down to size, but Vrak has had enough of this so he calls Robo Knight for them to leave after using some zombats to embiggen Tresnag.

The Rangers hop into their Mechamegazordzords and form the Gosei Great Megazord for the first time this season.

Tresnag has his mission on his mind and tells the Rangers to bring it on.

The Rangers go Seaick Gosei Great. They use a Victory Charge card, which Tresnag happily absorbs. “My mission is finally complete master!”

With all the power that he has absorbed, Tresnag has now become a drill and places himself in the ocean.

Vrak laughs that the very power used to protect Earth will now be what destroys it.

“The Silver Ranger, Robo Knight and you have all made my plan a reality!”


Episode Thoughts

This episode is exactly like Megaforce’s final episodes. This one suffered the same problem: Great, but hollow action.

No build-up, no story. Just lots of pretty explosions and fights. At the very least, Vrak is an excellent villain. But to have to face off against such bland “heroes?”

Vrak was always one step ahead of them? Well, duh. Maybe if the Rangers weren’t having dance parties after every MEGAWIN then they might have been able to anticipate or even prepare for such an attack. Just last week, they were already celebrating the end as if Vekar was the only member of the Armada.

Anyway, I did really like the scene of the townspeople looking at the huge drill. That’s the kind of shocking impending doom that needs build-up.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Tensou Sentai Goseiger Episodes: Epic 45 – The Messiah is Born, Epic 46 – Gosei Knight is Targeted and Epic 47 – The Trap of the Earth Salvation Plan

So trying to condense Goseiger‘s 4 distinct arcs into 20 episodes was a futile endeavor. But it just feels wrong when Megaforce brushes off Brajira’s elaborate and awesome plan and ultimate identity into Vrak having “other modes.”

Vrak is still awesome, but it just highlights how different (and better) Goseiger is. Or really, with Goseiger, we see how good story and character development can result in a truly thrilling and meaningful climax.

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