Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 12 (Leg 2, Day 6) – "Are you happy now?!"

Teams must now drive themselves to Basilica de San Martin de Toursin Taal, Batangas.

Matt & Phoebe leave first and are cautiously excited about winning this Leg. Phoebe tells Matt to remember the speed limit. Jet & Yna are next to leave and drive through a Vigan-looking area of Taal. Vince & Ed are close behind while Roch & Eji assume the figure they’ve dug up is where they need to go.

Matt & Phoebe and Jet & Yna arrive at the marked parking area at the same time and it is now a footrace to the Mat.

Matt & Phoebe head up to the church balcony. Derek lets them catch their breath and asks them about their day. He officially checks them in as Team #1 and says they’ve won P200,000 courtesy of Shell V Power Nitro+.

Jet & Yna step on the Mat. Derek asks how they are before officially checking them in as Team #2. They sit in the pews below and cry as they thank God for already making it this far.

AJ & Jody find the figurine and AJ screams the next location. Jody shushes him not to let the other teams now. Before they leave the resort, AJ changes clothes.

AJ: “I need to change na, you know. Lalamig na ako. Okay, sandali lang.”
Jody: “Kailangan still look nice, hindi…”
AJ: “Para kang nahihiyang kasama mo ako eh.”
Jody: “Eh kung ganyan ka, siyempre talaga.”
AJ: “Talaga? Alright, I’ll remember that.”
Jody: “Pati boxers ko?”

Back at the Mat, Derek says Vince & Ed are lucky they are 3rd. Roch & Eji step on the Mat and officially check-in as Team #4 They are happy to move up and Roch asks Derek for another hug.

AJ tells Jody to slow down, he wants to get home alive. Jody just wants this Leg over with. They arrive at the Mat and Derek tells them they are Team #5.

Kelvin & JP see Tina & Avy and they say they could easily pass them, but they as gentlemen, they let ladies go first. Tina & Avy feel it is an accomplishment to have beaten Kelvin & JP. They finish 6th and 7th respectively. Kelvin & JP feel blessed to have finished 7th even after being U-Turned.

RR & Jeck and Daniel & Charlie leave the resort. The sun sets and Luz & Chen finally find the clue. Luz is still hopeful that they have a chance.

RR & Jeck arrive at the church and climb up the stairs to Derek where they check-in as Team #8. Daniel & Charlie are next to arrive and they run to the Mat to finish 9th.

That leaves Luz & Chen as Team #10, the last team. Luz says she would do this Race over again. Chen says it is different from her profession.

Derek welcomes them. Luz explains it’s all about the water bottle and Derek reminds them he told them at the beginning of the Race to read their clues.

Derek says their Race ends here and tells them to go home.

But suddenly…

Episode Thoughts

WOW. That was shocking. Like seriously. I tweeted that it might have been the most shocking Pit Stop moment ever on The Amazing Race. And I just might stand by that comment.

There have been similar confrontations in the past, but they were between different teams.

First, there was the epic Jen & Kisha vs Margie & Luke confrontation on TAR14.

It was complete with pulling the race card and disability card and another team (Tammy & Victor) awkwardly standing in between them with a nice Chinese couple, who were the greeters for this Pit Stop, enjoying their lunch and the show.

Then there was Brandy confronting Caite at the TAR16 FINISH LINE for U-Turning her and Carol.

Both were hilariously fun. But this confrontation between Luz and Chen really was shocking. I don’t think there’s ever been a(n onscreen) meltdown between team members before that actually resulted in their friendship being broken. We’ve seen couples break up after and because of the Race, but they never had a face-off like this right next to the Mat!

It really came out of nowhere. I mean, sure we’ve seen them arguing these last two weeks. But they appeared to have accepted their fate as they drove to the Pit Stop. They seemed in good spirits after talking with Derek too. Then BOOM!

An explosion of emotions. Inside a church! Next to a huge Jesus statue!

Luz commented on how Chen seemed to pile it on even when she knew Luz was upset. But once Chen said Luz was lazy, it opened the floodgates of emotion from both of them. They must have been keeping it all in this whole time.

It was incredible television, but at the same time so sad. They really were one of my fave teams this season. So to see them be eliminated and then watch their unprecedented explosion and see the epilogue saying they’re still not talking?!

Oh my. Last night’s TAR25 Mat Chat with Nici threatening to walk off and Shelley standing her ground was surprising, but it pales in comparison to what happened here.

It was just unexpected. The “Hindi mo ako alila, hindi mo ako slave” line was in all the pre-show trailers and it was a great one-liner, but putting that fight in context really changed the weight of it. It was just a huge fight. I was expecting Derek to come in and get them to calm down before they actually start getting physical. On a church balcony!

Wow. I definitely hope they work things out and not have to go on Face the People.

So, did anything else happen this episode? lol
Well, there was AJ & Jody arguing about underwear again. And Roch appearing to be keeping a Hug Count. If she continues that then she will be in the great company of Mirna hugging Phil every Leg and Brooke & Claire’s Kiss Count.

Otherwise, it was another slow Pit Stop episode that was saved by Luz & Chen’s meltdown. Pit Stops should not take 20 minutes. =(

But I loved the Pit Stop greeter this Leg, Jesus pa naman:


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