Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 8 (Leg 2, Day 2) – "Ide-demanda ka nila. They will sue you!"

Teams must now hop into a brand new Kia Sportage and drive themselves to Urban Peak Rock Climbing Gym at Lotus Mall in Imus, Cavite for the next task, a Road Block.

For this Road Block, teams must climb the wall and retrieve a bottle of Summit Water at the top before returning to the ground. Under the bottle cap is a number which they must keep until further notice.

Jet & Yna stop at Mall of Asia to buy a map, but they instead ask a shopper if they could use Waze or Google Maps on her phone. Sure, she says and they are able to get complete directions.

Vince & Ed are happy to leave Manila before rush hour, but Matt & Phoebe aren’t as lucky when they run into traffic in Carmona.

Jet & Yna arrive first at the gym followed by Vince & Ed. Jet and Vince make sure to choose the walls that look easiest to climb. Matt & Phoebe arrive and Matt is determined to hurry and at least pass Vince & Ed.

Jet reaches the top and grabs the bottle before heading back down. Matt manages to pass Vince.

The next group arrives at the rock climb. Eji starts climbing first, but both Jody and Kelvin manage to pass him. Roch continues to encourage Eji who is frustrated he can’t do this faster.

Back at the go-karts, RR & Jeck are relieved their brand new Kia Sportage is an automatic and they are able to drive off. But Luz & Chen are having a lot of trouble. After needing help finding how to open the trunk, they have no idea how to move the gear shift.

Neither of them have a car, so they are not used to working one. They soon figure out to release the emergency break and they are finally on the road.

Daniel & Charlie arrive at the gym and Charlie has no problem wall climbing. Tina & Avy are right behind them, with Avy choosing to do the Road Block and able to push through it.

RR & Jeck arrive at the gym next and Jeck gets started as Luz & Chen arrive.

Chen has no problems getting up to the top and she and Luz leave.

Jeck, on the other hand, is struggling bad. Her arms and legs are weak. She says she wants to give up and go home. RR reminds her that they will be getting a penalty if she doesn’t finish this.

RR tells Jeck to rest, but Jeck is in pain. She can’t move anymore and starts to cry. RR asks if Jeck really wants to give up. “Ayoko na…” RR tells Jeck to get back down then.

Jeck is upset for disappointing her partner.

“Anong na-expect mo sa Amazing Race, mag-mamakeup lang tayo? Magpapaganda? Papa-pansin sa TV? Hindi ganun ‘to!”

They take the 4 hour penalty and RR fans Jeck as she rests.

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty good episode. The go-kart racing makes more sense after seeing that there were only three stations at the wall climbing?

Still, it was nice to see some competition there, even if in separate groups.

I’m a little afraid Luz & Chen are starting to fall apart. There was a lot of frustration after the go-kart racing, but I hope they’ll be able to bounce back.

It’s unfortunate Jeck had to quit the Road Block. Couldn’t she have taken a rest for 1 or 2 hours even and then tried again instead of taking the four hour penalty?

But then it doesn’t matter if there’s an HOURS OF OPERATION anyway in Bauan. RR wasn’t wrong in what she was telling Jeck about putting on makeup and being on TV. But let’s remember they were the ones who promoted the answer sharing at the ice bar and were the ones who asked Matt & Phoebe for the PSE puzzle solution instead of just asking for a hint on how to solve it.

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