Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 7 (Leg 2, Day 1) – "Kuya, hindi ito kabayo ah!"

Teams set off from Resorts World for the 2nd Leg of the Race and head to their first Route Marker, City Kart Racing Circuit in Makati.

Here, teams will race in groups of five. The teams with the top 3 times in each heat will get the next clue while the bottom 2 will have to wait for the next 3 teams to be able to Race again. The last 2 teams left will have to do 2 extra laps around the track before being able to move on.

The first teams to race are Jet & Yna, Vince & Ed, Luz & Chen, Phoebe & Matt and AJ & Jody. AJ is a former Racer while Matt has experience and Phoebe, Luz and Chen all drive.

It’s starts raining. Jet & Yna crash into each other. Matt & Phoebe move out in front. AJ’s kart breaks down.

The first three teams to move on are Vince & Ed (3rd), Jet & Yna (2nd) and Matt & Phoebe (1st).

Jet talks to the other finishers and proposes they wait for each other to finish changing out of their racing clothes before leaving for the next Route Marker.

AJ is upset with himself for losing.

The next heat now features AJ & Jody, Luz & Chen, Kelvin & JP, Roch & Eji and Tina & Avy.

The winners of the 2nd heat are Kelvin & JP (3rd), Roch & Eji (2nd) and AJ & Jody (1st).

Chen is frustrated with herself for having crashed during the last heat and she takes her frustration out on Luz. They argue, Chen says she wants to quit.

The last group features Tina & Avy, Chen & Luz, RR & Jeck and Daniel & Charlie. The top 2 will move on with the bottom 2 needing to take six extra laps around the track.

With the heat underway, Luz suddenly stops and calls for help when she bumps into the barrier.

Tina & Avy and Daniel & Charlie move on. Luz & Chen and RR & Jeck head out for their penalty laps. Even with only two teams on the course, they crash into each other. RR stops and Chen crashes right into her.

The last two teams finally get their clues and they are off to the Road Block.

Episode Thoughts

Much better “duel duel” [/Derek] and placement of it than the first Leg.

It was a solid start to the Leg and it’s interesting to see that teams will be Racing into the night. After the Road Block at the rock climbing, I’m curious as to where they would go next in the early morning hours.

Also, can we officially call these Double Battles the “Duel Duel” now that Derek’s called them that. It sounds funny.

For the teams this Leg.
As much as I want to take Jet and shake him and say Nooooo! You don’t need to be doing all this strategy stuff, I think the other teams Vince & Ed and Matt & Phoebe deserve the knock on the head a little more for actually agreeing to wait for each other. Where is your sense of urgency?!

You’re in the lead, you’ve got a chance to get ahead, why slow yourself down and risk an advantage and more importantly, a shot at the Pit Stop prize by waiting on other teams. Come on now!

This is a Race!

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