Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Episode 31 – The Hyper Ressha Terminal

ToQger 31

Ticket announces that the next station is Uragoeshi, but because of a change in plans, they will instead be stopping at Hyper Ressha Terminal. Wagon is intensely surprised. They don’t usually stop there… that is, they can’t stop there.

The ToQgers ask why, but Conductor says they’ll find out once they get there.

ToQger 31

All the Resshas and Support Ressha pull into Hyper Ressha Terminal which Conductor says is the biggest and most important station on the Rainbow Line. That’s why they don’t usually pull in here. Hikari asks if there’s a reason for that, but Conductor and Ticket can’t (or don’t) answer before an announcement is made.

Conductor is being called to the main office.

ToQger 31

Right asks who that was and Conductor says it was the President of the Rainbow Line.

The President comes back on and asks all passengers to take shelter on the platforms while the Ressha are being cleaned. The ToQgers think “taking shelter” is a bit extreme just for a train wash, but Conductor says they are going to scrub off the darkness that has stuck onto the trains from all their encounters with the Shadow. Ticket says the trains will rust if they don’t undergo a deep clean.

ToQger 31

Wagon guides the ToQgers through the HUGE terminal and points them to its restaurants, library, theater and gym. They can also leave the terminal as well.

Hikari asks if there’s another reason why they stopped here, but Wagon thinks it’s really just for a cleaning. The Terminal itself rarely stops. She encourages them to go have a look around.

ToQger 31

She wishes them a good time as they leave to explore. But as she turns to go to the beauty salon for a polish of her own, she does a double take when she thinks she sees the ToQgers as children.

ToQger 31

They are their normal grown up selves when she looks back. She reasons that she’s just worn out.

Meanwhile at the Castle, Marchioness Mork reports that Hyper Ressha Terminal has appeared. Nero wonders why the Rainbow equivalent of the Castle was found so easily, but Mork takes offense, saying she found its location because she’s always on the alert.

ToQger 31

With Hyper Ressha Terminal being the Rainbow Line’s most vital point, they cannot let this opportunity to strike slip by. Mork tells Nero to lure the ToQgers away from the Terminal.

Nero leaves. But Zett is very interested in the possibility of an overabundance of shining sparkles at this Terminal. Mork stops Zett by mounting him and reminds him he needs to stop his obsession with shiny things.

Zett insists, so Mork says they should use his new custom, private train.

As they leave, Madame Noire reaffirms her determination to save her daughter once the Emperor leaves an opening.

As they all leave the Castle, Schwarz, who has been hiding underground, sees this as the best opening for him.

ToQger 31

Back at Hyper Ressha Terminal, Conductor and Ticket meet with the President. “Long time no see,” Conductor says. The President says it will take some time to clean off all the darkness gunk from the Resshas.

ToQger 31

Pan up to reveal the President’s face. Or head. A rabbit head. And it’s crooked, Ticket notes.

The President straightens his head out, “What do you mean?”
Conductor covers Ticket’s mouth and the President says the cleaning is not the only reason he summoned them here.

ToQger 31

There is a major problem with the five ToQgers, he says. They have had too much contact with the darkness and it has had an impact on them. But even without that, the ToQgers are “starting to change on their own.”

ToQger 31

Conductor and Ticket are shocked.

Downtown, a pair of Shadows are flipping tables and chairs, literally, forcing people who were in those chairs to emit darkness.

Conductor and Ticket are at a loss as to how to even respond to the President’s revelation, but an alarm sounds.

A robed Wagon hurries into the restaurant to tell the ToQgers of the next town being taken over by the Shadow Line. With the Resshas still being cleaned, Wagon says they have an alternate mode of transportation.

ToQger 31

The ToQgers hop on a bus driven by Akira.

Baron Nero watches Chair Shadow and Table Shadow now wreaking havoc in a residential neighborhood, flipping tables and chairs (with people in them) up through the roofs.

ToQger 31

Nero wonders why the ToQgers are arriving in a bus.

But the ToQgers disembark and face the two Shadows who introduce themselves as the Dining Set Brothers.

ToQger 31

And to welcome them, Table Shadow shows them his secret technique. But instead of flipping a table, he flips the replacement bus.

They can’t believe he was able to flip it like a chabudai (卓袱台). Kagura has no idea what a chabudai even is!

ToQger 31

The ToQgers get up and fight the Dining Set Brothers. Akira picks up the wheel of the bus and reflects on this being its place to die. Nero attacks him, wanting to personally take care of him.

With Nero successful in drawing the ToQgers away from the Terminal, Mork and Zett set a course for the Terminal. But suddenly, they see Schwarz speed toward them. The trains battle and crash through the roof of a tall office building.

ToQger 31

Schwarz, Zett and Mork disembark. What the hell are you doing now traitor? Mork asks. None of your business, Schwarz replies as he charges toward them.

Mork blocks Schwarz’s attack and decides to deal with Schwarz herself.

Tokacchi sees the smoke in the city from the crashed Kuliners and Right decides to go see what’s going on.

ToQger 31

Madame Noire arrives at the office building and needing Schwarz to stand down and not harm Zett (with Gritta inside) joins Mork in fighting him.

“Can one geriatric really protect the Emperor?”

ToQger 31

“How can you protect the Emperor after what he’s done to Gritta?!” Schwarz asks.
“What I do is none of your business!” Noire answers.

But Mork does not want nor need Noire’s help. Noire shoots at both Mork and Schwarz, but Mork dodges out of the way and sends Schwarz flying to the lower floor of the office garden.

The three of them are now fighting each other. Zett is annoyed. He sends a brainwave of darkness down to them, but there’s a cowering little girl too.

ToQger 31

Right quickly covers her and absorbs the darkness wave which causes him to dehenshin.

Zett comments on Right sparkling again today as the same glittery silver balloons from the day they first met go flying up to the ceiling.

Right says because of Zett’s interest in shining shimmering things, he’s been hesitating to really defeat him. But not anymore. Not when Zett wants to take it from people by hurting them without remorse.

Zett jumps down and Right henshins as he charges toward the Emperor. Zett too morphs and they battle.

Mork wants Zett to stop with these silly games with the shining. Schwarz will not let Right take his prey. Noire can’t let Schwarz defeat Zett.

ToQger 31

It is now an absolute battle royale.

Meanwhile, the other ToQgers are forced to take seats by Chair Shadow, setting up his bro Table Shadow’s secret technique. He flips the chabudai and the four TOQgers go flying up in the air before getting slammed down on the ground.

Hikari has a plan. They run off and the Dining Set Bros follow.

Akira and Nero are still fighting while Right-tachi have taken their battle royal outside.

ToQger 31

Zett again sends darkness brain waves toward Mork, Noire and Schwarz. He is about to send one to Right, but Right goes Hyper and blocks it.

They both punch and send the other flying. Schwarz sees this as his opening and charges toward Zett, but suddenly Gritta appears. Schwarz freezes.

ToQger 31

Gritta stops Schwarz and both he and Zett go flying away from each other. Zett does not know what just happened. Mork comes running over and summons the Kuliner to whisk them away.

Noire approaches Schwarz. Now you know why you shouldn’t lay a finger on him, she says.

Noire and Schwarz leave.

Back with the Dining Set Bros, they’ve lost the ToQgers. But Table Shadow sees a very nice kotatsu which he really wants to flip.

Despite Chair Shadow warning there’s something fishy about it, Table Shadow flips the kotatsu anyway. And under it are the ToQgers who shoot.

But Table Shadow grabs Chair Shadow to use as a shield. Chair Shadow embiggens after losing his first life.

Conductor calls the ToQgers to say the Resshas are ready, so they hop into ToQ-Oh.

But Chair Shadow has a secret technique of his own. He becomes a chair and compels the ToQ-Oh to sit on him. Right can’t help it and as soon as ToQ-Oh sits on Chair Shadow, he zaps its butt and sends ToQ-Oh flying.

Chair Shadow uses his secret technique one more time, but this time Right decides they should go Cho ToQ-Oh and put all their weight onto Chair Shadow. Cho ToQ-Oh is definitely too heavy and they flatten Chair Shadow like a pancake before delivering a Full Blash Finish.

Seeing Chair Shadow has been defeated, Nero retreats and leaves Akira for now.

ToQger 31

Still in the cockpit, Right tells the others they should keep doing their best to defeat the Shadow Line. Well that goes without saying, the others agree.

But back on the Resshas, Conductor and Ticket have some huge news for them. From this moment forward, the ToQgers are… disbanded.

ToQger 31

Episode Thoughts

OMG! Damn! That was an amazing episode. Probably my favorite ToQger episode yet.

It had everything! It was insane!

There were so many hilarious little bits throughout the episode; Right confusing “President” with “side dishes,” Kagura being perplexed by a “chabudai,” Akira being sad about Bus’s place to die, Noire’s quips to Mork, Cho ToQ-Oh sitting on Chair Shadow.

Then there were the ZOMG moments; Wagon (maybe) seeing the ToQgers as kids, the mystery of Hyper Terminal, Schwarz realizing Gritta is still alive, President Rabbit finally appearing and what is wrong with the ToQgers that President must disband them?!

And finally, there were the AMAZING moments; that battle royale between Right, Zett, Noire, Mork and Schwarz was incredible. The choreography was absolutely on point. It was exciting and utter chaos, in a good way. So much going on, but every single thing that was going on, you wanted to watch and were totally interested in.

Add to that the awesome scenes of Hyper Terminal itself. I mean, these are model trains on a small little set. Yet those scenes of the trains pulling into and out of Hyper Terminal were just awesome. Dare I say, stunning?! The location they used for the battle royale, that office building garden/plaza thing, was also a great location. And they used the entire area excellently for that battle.

Amazing designs for both the Dining Set Bros, as usual.

The President appears to have disbanded the ToQgers, all because they are changing on their own? Could it be related to the overall feel exemplified by Right, the most immature of the group, actually taking a huge step toward maturity in this episode? Hmm…

But that scene of Wagon thinking she sees the kid ToQgers was so eerie.

So many things happened this episode, for our pure enjoyment as well as to move the story along. And judging from the preview, we’ve got some big things coming up. I can’t wait!

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  1. I have so many questions but some of them contain spoilers so I’m not gonna ask. Anywho This Was A Major Episode. I don’t even know what they’re gonna do next but I hope Gritta returns I want her to tell Shawtz how she feels about him Zed you jerk.

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