Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (12) 32 – "You wanna get married?"

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (12) 32 – United As One

Megaforce 32

Snot drips out of Prince Vekar’s nose. Levira says he’s caught an Earth germ, but finds that it can be cured by getting human happiness injections. Good news, they’ve got the commander who can absorb human happiness, Desolar.

Megaforce 32

The Rangers come across a wedding, which is the perfect place for Desolar to suck up some happiness. After the happy bride is now unhappy, the Rangers morph and face off against Desolar who appears to be too much for them.

They decide to go SUPERMEGA! But Desolar suddenly decides to embiggen himself on his own. The Rangers summon the Sky Ship and the Q-Rex and then the Legendary Mystic Force Megazord.

But Desolar shrinks and sneaks into the Q-Rex to knock Orion out. He takes over the Megazord and uses it against the others. Once Orion wakes up, Desolar escapes and sneaks into the other Megazord. The Rangers shoot at him and they follow him out of the Megazord before Desolar eventually runs back inside.

Megaforce 32

They are in the Megazord’s boiler room. Desolar slips into Jake’s suit and the others try to get the little bug out. Emma sprays some coolant it into Jake’s suit and Desolar decides to just retreat, but not before he messes the Megazord up and blow a hole through it.

Tensou relays the information the Rangers need to fix the Megazord. Noah and Troy will fix the hydraulics while Jake and Gia fix the hole.

But how about the monster? Emma has an idea:

“You wanna get married?”

Megaforce 32

Desolar finds another wedding to suck happiness from. But it’s Orion and Emma’s wedding. Orion is nervous and asks what he needs to do.

“Just make sure Emma is happy.”
“How do I do that?”
“Just give her a kiss!”

Emma walks down the aisle as Desolar watches. She tells Orion to pick her up and kiss her. Emma puckers up, but Orion has no idea what is happening.

Megaforce 32 Megaforce 32

When Desolar barges in, Emma has Orion spin her around to grab her blaster to shoot at Desolar’s belt. Now he’s stuck this size. Orion and Emma rip their wedding clothes off and try to catch up to Desolar. Emma’s got more ideas.

Megaforce 32

Desolar finds a happy cheerleader… but it’s actually Emma. Orion takes pictures. She asks Desolar to hold her pompoms and she tries to grab his staff. She kicks him and she and Orion pretend to be paramedics.

Megaforce 32

They tell him to lay on the cot and Emma will take his staff. NO! Desolar hops into the ambulance, but he gets pulled over by police. Officers Orion and Emma.

“Man Emma, this plan is pretty elaborate.”

Megaforce 32

Desolar stops and gets out. Emma orders him to drop the staff and put his hands on the vehicle. Okay, Desolar wants no troubl…WAIT, “It’s you again!!!!”

He knocks Orion and Emma down again. But they hear all the happy kids at the park. Uh oh. Not good.

Orion is wowed by a kite, but more importantly, Desolar has begun sucking up all the children’s happiness.

Emma and Orion morph and fight Desolar who absolutely knocks them around. Orion is forced to demorph. Desolar is about to use his staff to finish Emma off, but she pops up and does what she can to ultimately grab it from him.

She smashes it and the happinesseses return to their owners.

The others arrive to report that the Megazord is fixed. Cool, Emma says. She asks them to take care of Desolar because she has something else to take care of herself.

Emma runs off and the others morph directly to SUPERMEGA!!!!

Vekar is “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” But Levira is sure Desolar can finish off the Rangers.

Emma returns to the park and uses a Wind Drive card to help a little boy get his kite to fly.

Megaforce 32

Meanwhile, the others decide to go LEGENDARY DinoThunder mode. Troy feels the Abaranger DInoThunder powers weakening, but they push through until Emma arrives.

Orion goes GOLD MODE and he delivers a Legendary Sixth Ranger mode before the others deliver a Final Strike.

Levira has caught the icky Earth germ, but she can still point her embiggening laser toward Desolar.

Gosei chimes in to tell the Rangers that because they’ve mastered the DinoThunder powers, they have now unlocked the ability for the Q-Rex Megazord to combine with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary Q-Rex Megazord.

Megaforce 32

The Rangers use a SUPERMEGA Drill and Q-Rex Transwarp attack to finish off Desolar for good.

At the park, Orion shows the others the pics he took of Emma.

ZOMG, Emma says. But the others say she should be proud of doing such an amazing job taking the lead today.

Megaforce 32

Emma has the picnic basket, but she also has a kite for Orion since she noticed him being wowed by it earlier. The guys help Orion with it and Gia tells Emma how amazing she is. Emma always knows how to make everyone happy.

Emma again uses her Wind Drive Card to help Orion’s kite fly.

Megaforce 32

Episode Thoughts

Okay. This was a good episode.

I’m serious! While I don’t love it as much as “The Perfect Storm” or “Love is in the Air,” I really enjoyed this one too. It was hilarious. In a good way!

I loved Emma’s nonsensical elaborate plan. Definitely made little practical sense, but at least it was fun to see her and Orion in different get-ups. Emma continually making innuendo to Orion, who obviously still knows very little about Earth, was also weirdly entertaining.

Emma taking the lead in the episode goes with her in the last episode saying if the monster had come after her, he wouldn’t stand a chance. Well, Desolar didn’t stand a chance against Emma’s plans.
One of the funniest scenes though was the bouncy castle deflating and Emma’s horrified “NO!!!!!!!!!!!”

And Vekar had some great lines too.
“You think I want this as a souvenir?!”

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode: Episode 29 – The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination

They did a great job actually working around the Gokaiger footage which featured a completely different story. (Abare Pink!)

Instead of Desolar popping into Gia’s suit, like Luka’s in Gokaiger, they used Jake which allowed them to have that little bit of slapstick. (Which was actually funny.)

Even funnier, I preferred Megaforce‘s treatment of Emma’s elaborate plan than the way Gokaiger did with Ahim’s which was actually pretty sexist. lol Emma’s plan, surprisingly enough, was more realistic and less slapstick. Plus they included Orion in the proceedings. The weird part though is Megaforce keeping in Gai’s taking pictures of Ahim. Just to fill time I guess.

Overall, I enjoyed this Megaforce episode very much. The original NZ footage was great too. Seriously, why couldn’t the previous 28 episodes be like these last three?

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  1. I’m sorry for this but after this episode I’m a Orion and Emma shipper. Woo anyway I love the wedding scene it was so funny oh I’m the same with Vekar I’m stuck with a cold as well.

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