Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (11) 31 – "Oh, Be Careful My Love!"

Megaforce 31

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (11) 31 – “Love is in the Air”

Jake finds Noah in the computer lab at school and while he waits for him to finish his paper, Jake decides to try and kick his soccer ball out the window and hit the goal post on the field below.

No way, Noah says. Jake tries it and he hits it. As well as Mr. Burley on the head.

Megaforce 31

That gives Noah an idea. They set up a line of trash bins on the field. Jake will try and kick a soccer ball into each of the bins and closing each lid while Noah videotapes him.

Megaforce 31

Meanwhile up in the Armada command ship, Vekar is annoyed the Rangers haven’t been defeated yet. He orders Levira to come up with a foolproof plan. Later, while Levira observes Jake and Noah’s odd, mysterious behavior, Vekar calls his new butler, Invidious, for some tea.

Megaforce 31

Invidious turns to go get the tea, but in walks Levira. He can’t believe it. It is, it is the same Levira he was crushin’ on when they were kids. He is so excited. He missed his chance when they were young. So he decides to come up with a love potion to have her fall in love with the first person she sees… him!

Megaforce 31 Megaforce 31

Invidious gives Levira the cup of tea and she takes a sip while continuing to watch Jake’s strange behavior. So instead of falling in love with the Invidious, Levira falls madly in love with the cute Jake. She orders Invidious to capture that “man” for her.

Jake and Noah clean up the field after they’re done as Invidious arrives with some X Borgs. Invidious orders the X Borgs to capture Jake. Noah hurries over to help, but the X Borgs ignore him and concentrate on grabbing Jake instead.

Megaforce 31

Levira swoons as she watches Jake take on the X Borgs by himself.

Megaforce 31

Noah calls the others and they all morph into regular Mega before going SUPERMEGA.

“This is none of your business!” Invidious yells to the Rangers who decide to go Mighty Morphin to take out the X Borgs.

Megaforce 31

“I’m a lover, not a fighter. But if you push me, I have to fight back for her!”

Troy delivers two painful slashes of his sword and forces Invidious to retreat. But those hits are nothing compared to the pain in seeing Levira dancing around the room, swooning over hunky Jakey.

“She used me! I’m heartbroken! There’s only one thing to do now.”

Megaforce 31

And that one thing is head to Japan and sulk in a pile of trash. A nice Japanese lady asks what in the world Invidious is doing there and he says he was dumped.

“Well, so what? Do something about it!”

Megaforce 31

She hands him her garbage. Invidious hates life.

The Rangers demoprh and they wonder why they only want Jake. Troy thinks maybe they are going to get picked off one by one.

Megaforce 31

Emma says that guy just tries to come for her, he won’t stand a chance. Jake says that guy won’t stand a chance against any of them as long as they stick together. Gia remembers what Invidious said earlier about being a lover and fighting for “her.”

“Why do they want Jake?”
Emma says it’s “because he’s… cute.”

Megaforce 31 Megaforce 31

Invidious suddenly pops in and bursts into flames as he rams through the Rangers and knocks Jake across the plaza. Twice.

Levira can’t believe it. “You fool!”

Megaforce 31

“Now to pay you back!” Invidious says. He hurls another fireball toward Jake, but Levira pops in and blocks it. She tells Invidious to stop it. “You’re both incompetent and idiotic.”

He tells her to get out of the way, but Levira stands firm, protecting her Jakey.

“Why must you be so cruel?! I’ve always had a crush on you. But you just used me to get to him. Now my love has turned to hate. So I’ll turn up the heat on both of you.”

Megaforce 31

Invidious sends more fireballs at them, but Levira has now taken Jake into her arms and she swings him around to avoid the attacks.

Megaforce 31

The Rangers watch, dumbfounded. They figure out the She-Monster loves Jake and the He-Monster loves her.

Megaforce 31

“An alien-human love triangle? Gross!”

Prince Vekar watches the strange happenings on the ground. Levira and Invidious have both gone mad!

“Perhaps it could be… a spell!”

Megaforce 31

Invidious continues attacking as Levira assures her darling Jake that she will protect him. Jake runs away.

But Levira catches up to her Jakey-poo and takes him back into her arms. She calls over to the Rangers, who are still grossed out.

Megaforce 31 Megaforce 31

“RANGERS! My love needs help! Do something!!!”

The others morph into nonSuper Mega, but Invidious easily sends them flying. Jake breaks free of Levira’s lovegrip and morphs as well.

“Oh, be careful, my love!”

Megaforce 31

Damaras says the Prince is disgusted and they should put a stop to this. But Invidious seems to be close to defeating the Rangers, Argus says. Maybe they should let this play out, especially since they can’t act without authorization by the Prince. Damaras tells Argus to go get him.

Megaforce 31

Jake tells Levira that he likes someone else.

“We all know who that is.”

Levira vows to never let anyone come between her and her love.

“We will!” Gia says as they all decide to go SUPERMEGA!

Megaforce 31

Invidious is still too fast for them, so they decide to morph into Turbo. Levira is happy her Jakey-wakey is safe.

Argus returns with Prince Vekar who has to watch this unbelievable display on the ground all over again. He decides to take care of this himself, so he takes Levira’s laser and embiggens Invidious.

Megaforce 31 Megaforce 31

Jake has an idea. He approaches Levira and calls up to Invidious to tell him to stop all this jealousy act and just ask her out on a date. Invidious is not sure, but Jake says it’s easy.

“Well, do you want to impress her or not?”
“I know I’m getting impressed.”

Megaforce 31

Invidious gets on his knees and finally asks Levira to go out with him. She seems impressed herself and thinks Why not? A love connection is made, even though everyone, from the Rangers up to Vekar are all grossed out.

Invidious asks Levira what he can do to make her happy. To destroy the Rangers of course!

Megaforce 31

Invidious starts stomping and the Rangers hop into the Sky Ship.

The Rangers shoot at Invidious who is determined to impress Levira. But the Rangers deliver a Super Mega Sledge and knock him down. They finish with a Samurai Fire Smasher Final Strike.

But Invidious still stands and the Rangers decide to send him back up into space, straight up to the ship.

Megaforce 31

“Levira, I’m ready for our date!”
“Ugh, I have no time for losers. Go away.”

Invidious cries.

“And there’s no way I’d ever fall for a Power Rangers. DISGUSTING!”

Vekar’s head is spinning.

Megaforce 31

Back down on Earth, the Rangers head to Ernie’s.

“You know Jake,” Emma says, “you made it look so easy to ask someone you like out on a date. Maybe you should follow your own advice.”

Megaforce 31 Megaforce 31

Emma nods and Troy gives him the beady eyes. Jake turns to Gia.

Megaforce 31 Megaforce 31

“Would you maybe want to…”

And in storms the Boom Twins Noah who interrupts with news that a video he posted of Jake doing a crazy soccer stunt has gone viral with 6 million hits.

Megaforce 31

Episode Thoughts

OMG! This was an amazing episode. Seriously. It was fun, enjoyable, hilarious.

Like, what is going on? When two filler episodes are better and maybe the best episodes of all of Megaforce so far. What does that mean?!

Last week’s episode and now this week’s episode… wow. They do nothing for the plot, but they were just so good. I genuinely and sincerely loved these two episodes.

Even despite leaving in the Gokaiger footage and the obvious padding with the roll calls and individual turning of keys and all the various morphs, it was still amazing fun.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 14 – Now More Road Safety and Episode 24 – Foolish Earthlings

What is even more amazing is that Megaforce actually filmed A LOT of new, original footage. The morphs into the Goseiger suits and all the Jake/Levira/Invidious scenes were fresh of course, but they also filmed brand new scenes up in the Armada ship. That first scene of Vekar summoning Invidious, then Levira entering and taking a seat and all the tea/love potion scenes.

That is hilariously amazing! They’ve filmed more original footage in these two filler episodes than maybe all the other episodes this year! Wow.

That they left in the scene of Jealoushitto in the trash with the Japanese lady is awesomely funny. Even more when it was the only scene they took from Episode 24 of Gokaiger to replace all the road safety and Carranger goofiness from Episode 24.

Jealoushitto is really one of the best things about Gokaiger. He was awesome and it was always great to see him pop up after his first episode. It was definitely nice to see Megaforce keep the fact that he survived the zord battle.

Seeing the original episode again, it’s actually very creative to have had this filler episode still connect with the season-long Jake-stalking-Gia storyline. It fit very well, even though again, it really was a filler episode.

But at least it was fun and enjoyable and hilarious. I would love to see the remaining episodes be just as hilariously fun. (Though I wouldn’t hold my breath.)

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  1. Now I’m confused I know Jake has a crush on Gia but Emma calling him “cute” so does that mean that Emma kinda likes Jake but not like a crush. because there hints of her and troy. But other then that hilarious I love this episode but I’m not IN love with it.

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