Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (10) 30 – "Alright! Push on, my friends! Whoever you are."

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (10) 30 – The Perfect Storm

Megaforce 30

A huge electrical storm is brewing and it will help power up Vrak’s power crystal which Vekar and Co. can use to power Vrak’s Powermid. Damaras says he’s got Sirjinkor taking care of the preparations.

Megaforce 30

Meanwhile, Tensou says he’s going outside to check on the communication module. Gosei tells him to be careful of the brewing electrical storm as he might attract a lightning strike.

Which he does. After getting hit, Tensou appears to have lost his memory.

Over at the mall, the Rangers are meeting up for some froyo, but Ernie’s finds the machine is broken. Suddenly, Gosei alerts the Rangers to Tensou going missing. They decide to search the city for him as Ernie calls a froyo repairman.

Megaforce 30

Tensou rolls through the city as the lightning storm has disappeared. No one seems to notice him as he tries to ask a fire hydrant, his reflection and a dog for help.

Emma is the first to spot Tensou and calls the others. While she sets her bike off, Tensou spots a suitcase that looks exactly like him, so he approaches it. But when the bus arrives, the suitcase’s owner grabs Tensou instead.

Megaforce 30

Emma calls the others and Jake says he’s nearby, so he wlll try and catch the bus. Jake goes running while Emma grabs the real suitcase and chases after the bus on her bike.

Tensou thinks he’s been captured.

Megaforce 30

Jake has caught up to the bus, but it doesn’t stop. He runs through the plaza to try and cut it off at the next stop and he is able to hop aboard.

He sees Tensou and takes a seat a few rows in front. Subtly dropping his keys, Jake tries to get Tensou’s attention, but Tensou doesn’t know what a Tensou even is.

“Bless you!”

Megaforce 30

A nice lady blesses Jake whom she thinks has just sneezed. She starts talking to him about horrible allergies and how the storm this morning is probably why Jake is sneezing.

The bus comes to a stop and Jake doesn’t realize the man with Tensou has just disembarked. The bus starts going, but Jake asks to stop and he gets off only to have lost the man.

Jake tells the others the man might have gone through Hodges Park and Troy says he’s nearby, so he’ll look. Emma catches up to Jake who tells her about Tensou’s memory loss.

Megaforce 30

They meet up with Troy who hasn’t seen the guy. An impatient Noah calls to ask if they’ve found Tensou yet.

Jake takes the suitcase and tries to see if there’s a tag with the guy’s info or something. Nothing on the outside, but maybe on the inside? Emma says that’s absolutely wrong since it doesn’t even belong to them.

Megaforce 30

Gia calls and says the man and Tensou are at the mall.

Troy, Jake and Emma hurry over to the mall. They’re on the 2nd floor while Gia’s down on the first. She tells them to toss her the suitcase.

Gia catches it and starts to carefully follow the man.

“Go, Gia!!!”
“I am going!”

Megaforce 30

A little boy dives his toy car into the man’s feet and he stops. Gia tries to get at Tensou, but the man doesn’t let go before he starts walking again.

Noah and Orion call to inform them of a monster and a bunch of X Borgs, but Troy asks them to handle it. Noah and Orion morph directly into Super Mega Mode and fight them off.

Megaforce 30

Gia follows the man into an elevator. The Rangers go down one more level to meet them while Gia tries grabbing Tensou as the man is on his phone. The man puts his hand on Tensou again as they arrive at the underground level (since Gia was on the first floor, right?).

But out to meet him is Jake who asks the man for the time. He tells Jake, but also tells him he has a watch on.

Megaforce 30 Megaforce 30

Gia goes for Tensou.

The man leaves and the Rangers reunite with him. Tensou still doesn’t know who they are. They need to keep him undercover, so the Rangers buy a stroller for Tensou to ride in.

Megaforce 30

Tensou is unsure about these strange people, but he’ll go with them for now. Especially after he sees a little boy also in a stroller. Maybe these people aren’t so bad.

“Alright, push on my friends! Whoever you are.”

Megaforce 30

The Rangers are in the parking garage when Noah calls to tell them about the monster, his precious stone and going to Mt. Edinova. Troy decides they will meet them at the mountain.

Sirjinkor finds the Powermid that Vrak never finished. Vekar tells him to insert the power prism now to activate the Powermid.

Megaforce 30

Noah and Orion run into X Borgs and the other Rangers arrive just in time to help.

Megaforce 30

Troy sets Tensou in his backpack down before they morph.

Tensou decides to run away.

“Watch where you’re falling!”

Megaforce 30

Tensou avoids falling X Borgs only to roll right into a tree. He falls on his back and shuts down.

The Rangers have taken care of the X Borgs and demorph. They run over to Tensou who has just rebooted.

Megaforce 30

Tensou is now back to normal! Gosei calls and welcomes Tensou back. But also to tell the Rangers about the monster trying to absorb the power of the electrical storm. Noah zips Tensou up into the backpack and the Rangers run up to the top of the mountain.

The Rangers morph again as they run.

They meet Sirjinkor and Noah sets Tensou down again as they go SUPERMEGA!

Sirjinkor blasts them off their feet, so they decide to go Legendary. The Rangers decide to morph into Power Rangers Squadron, while Orion randomly chooses Mighty Morphin White Ranger Saba.

Megaforce 30

Orion then suggests Zeo to deliver a Dynamite Attack. Sirjinkor appears to explode, but he’s not done yet. He rolls up a ball of energy and sends up into outer space to trigger an asteroid.

Vekar is excited a plan of theirs is actually working. He tosses Damaras and Levira aside and uses Levira’s beam to embiggen Sirjinkor.

Megaforce 30

The Rangers hop onto the Sky Ship to form Legendary Megazord. They GOLEGENDARY and form the Legendary Samurai Megazord. Orion hops into the Q-Rex. The Rangers use the Fire Smasher to finish off Sirjinkor for good. But the asteroid has entered Earth’s atmosphere.

Gosei says the asteroid will hit Japan the Earth in 57 seconds. “You must stop it!”

Megaforce 30

The Rangers try to shoot at with the Super Mega Cannon, but it doesn’t work. Orion’s got an idea though, but he needs a boost from the Rangers.

Noah leads the Megazord to grab the Q-Rex and hurl it and Orion toward the asteroid. At the right time, Orion initiates the Triple Drill Attack to smash the asteroid to smithereens.

“That’s a MEGA win!”

Megaforce 30

Gosei thanks the Rangers for another job well done and for returning Tensou safe and sound. They also get him a mirror for a new toy.

Megaforce 30

The Rangers head to Ernie’s just as the froyo machine has been fixed. He gives them some treats to celebrate.

But the Rangers are shocked when the suited man with the suitcase turns out to be the froyo repair man.

“By the way, I’d keep an eye on those kids, if I were you. They seem kind of… suspicious.”

Megaforce 30

Episode Thoughts

OMG. That was an amazing episode! Best Megaforce episode evah.

Seriously! Most of this episodes was actually very enjoyable and fun. It was absolutely pointless with relation to the big picture of the season, but it really was a nice, fun little episode.

It is definitely not often (or ever) you can say that about a Saban Brands Era episode, yeah?

I absolutely loved the scenes of the Rangers and Tensou wandering around the city. It was likely the most effort the show has put into writing an episode all season, but it was actually great fun. And the scenes of the city, even inside the mall, were awesome. We really haven’t seen much of the city in Megaforce, so it was great for them to show it off here. And it made the episode just look fresh and new.

That’s in addition to the storm scenes at the start of the episode and all the very good Tensou CGI.

I suppose they blew half the season’s budget on this episode, honestly. 2/3 of the episode was original NZ footage (it was Disney Era-level of original footage), plus they had to insert CGI Tensou rolling around the city? That’s was amazing. And it definitely added a lot to the episode.

But of course, why keep a good thing going, right? This is still Megaforce and still a Saban Brands season. Things definitely started going downhill as soon as they morphed into Power Rangers Squadron. Forget the fact that the White MMPR Ranger looks exactly like the Squadron Rangers. But that last fight on ground, the zord battle and the asteroid were just not exciting.

The Rangers running around the city was more exciting, honestly.
It even made me think that Megaforce would’ve at least been more interesting if it was about a bunch of high school super sleuths who go around town solving petty crimes that end up being committed by monsters. Really! Them slinking around, tailing the froyo guy was the best we’ve seen the Rangers all season.

And maybe a nitpicky thing, but at the end when the Rangers see the suited man was the froyo repair guy, Orion and Noah definitely should not have had a reaction since they didn’t even see the guy, nor know what the others had gone through to get Tensou back. Only the four should’ve been surprised by the guy, but Orion seemed more shocked than Troy even. That scene would’ve worked otherwise, but instead just capped off the horrible Megaforce-y last third of the episode.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 22 – A Promise on a Shooting Star

It was VERY different. The episodes had completely different plots. (Yay!)

The Gokaiger episode was all about Gai making a Sentai encyclopedia for the others to get them acclimated with the different teams and about Gai trying to get Joe to like Earth more.

The episode also teased the special relationship Marvelous and Joe had. (No, not like that.)

There wasn’t a lot of useable footage, so Megaforce was definitely forced to film brand new NZ scenes. Which is interesting, because this was a filler episode that they could’ve absolutely avoided if they wanted to. But they didnt and it looks like they didn’t spare any expense. Which is both good and bad. Good because it actually produced a pretty good episode. Bad because the resources they used on this filler episode could’ve been used elsewhere.

But whatever. I’m gonna take what I can get and this episode was the first Megaforce episode I actually, truly and fully enjoyed.

Tensou Episode Quotes

“What’s a tensou?”

“Looks like we’re in the same boat.”

“Be careful! I’ve got fragile parts!”

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2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (10) 30 – "Alright! Push on, my friends! Whoever you are."

  1. This Episode was a little difficult for me to rate, mainly because as u said it was an enjoyable episode for the most part, (save for the prezyu suits) probably one of Megaforce’s best efforts.

    however I couldn’t shake the feeling that the time and resources that went into this episode (and all the pointless goseiger footage) could have fixed half the problems of this season (it really just highlighted how mismatched Saban Brand’s priorities are)

    – The time would have been better spent giving a proper introduction to the Gokaiger suits, and having the rangers go on a quest for them (instead of Gosei just puling them out of nowhere)

    – The money spent on the CGI Tensou, and all the pointless Goseiger suits, could be been better used simply reshooting scenes with Gokaigreen (to reflect Jake being an athlete as they finally remembered in this ep), and editing out the sentai exclusive suits (especially when Dairanger has appeared more often than most PR suits).

    – and while I did like the scenes with the Froyo repair guy and the Old Lady (and the actors did a decent job), they probably could have brought back another Tribute with that money.

    I’d probably give it a 3/5 as a result.

    but seriously this is where Saban Brands brings their best effort? I honestly don’t understand their priorities.

    well at least the episode was enjoyable, instead of them wasting their resources and still screwing up the ep like they usually do.

    1. I know. It’s definitely conflicting. They really put in time, effort, money and resources to produce this episode. And it showed. But the big question is why they didn’t do it for other, important episodes? It is very strange, isn’t it? lol I just don’t know with Saban Brands. After 3 and a half years, I’ve just come to laugh at it and all of it off =/ lol

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