Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (9) 29 – "I'm gonna take a nap."

For some reason, Orion is dancing around the high school in his boxers while popping into a classroom to solve a long math equation.

Meanwhile up in the ship, Vekar introduces Skeltox to everyone. He sucks human energy.

Anyway, it turns out Orion lives at the high school, unbeknownst to anyone, even the other Rangers. Orion decides to cut class and the girls think that is hilarious. Jake is jealous.

Orion heads to Ernie’s to get an early start at work, but ends up leaving before they even open when the girls come to get him.

They bring him to Gosei’s lair where they present him with a belt that Tensou’s been working very hard on and will give Orion access to all the sixth Ranger keys.

Gosei warns the Rangers to “Expect the unexpected” [/JulieChenBB] and gives them a “May the power protect you.”

Jake turns to Orion who is thanking Gosei and turns green with envy (Oho!) when he sees Gia’s ear-to-ear smile while looking at Mr. Silvers.

Downtown, Skeltox is fishing for people’s energy. Once he sucks energy from a human, they get lazy and fall asleep. The alarm sounds at the lair. Troy takes the lead and splits them up into three pairs. Jake is not too happy to be designated Orion’s mentor for the day.

It is Jake and Orion who find Skeltox and the X-Borgs first. Jake morphs into regular Megaforce then goes SUPER MEGA! when Orion can join in.

But Jake is suddenly Mr. Clumsy and falls all over himself so much, he falls right off the side of the building and needs Orion to save him. This only annoys Jake even more.

The others suddenly arrive and they decide to morph into RPM.

Orion wants to join in the fun, but he is bored surprised to find there are two RPM sixth Ranger keys! He takes his time to decide which one to choose. He asks Gosei for help.

But instead he gets sucked into a white room where he sees RPM Series Gold and Series Silver. Gosei says Orion doesn’t have to choose and orders the Gold and Silver Rangers to fuse, resulting in a gold/silver Ranger Key.

Orion uses the new key to become RPM Gold and Silver. The other Rangers, except Jake, are impressed by his new power and great skills. Emma gleefully applauds. Jake is fuming and becomes so distracted, it gives Skeltox an open shot.

He takes it, but Emma sees it before Jake can snap out of it. She jumps in front of him and absorbs Skeltox’s attack.

Skeltox decides to fish Troy, Noah, Emma and Gia’s energy out of them. Jake and Orion take the Rangers back to Gosei’s lair where they put them to bed on cots. Jake beats himself up for having frozen up.

Jake says they got hurt trying to protect him, but Orion says it was only an accident. Jake doesn’t accept that and leaves, but Orion follows.

I know how you feel, Orion says. “If there’s someone who feels guilty for surviving, it’s me. And if there’s such a thing as destiny, then that’s what brought us together. And it made us a team.”

“I am your team. Plus, you’re my mentor, remember?”
“We are a team,” Jakes replies.

Tensou alerts them and Jake and Orion go to face Skeltox. Jake suggests Orion fuse ALL the sixth Ranger keys together.

But Orion doesn’t know how. Back at the lair, Tensou is amazed. Random keys start glowing!

“Something extraordinary is happening!”

Gosei says he knows. “Orion, the time has come to combine all of your keys.”

“Power of Six, ACTIVATE!”

All the sixth Ranger keys pop out of his belt, but he pauses to figure out what to do next.

Jake decides to stall and morphs into Flash Green.

All the Sixth Rangers (hello Robo Knight!) look to the sky and the keys become one. Orion inserts the new key into his morpher and morphs into Super Megaforce Gold.

Orion delivers a Sixth Ranger finisher to take care of Skeltox’s first life. All the sleepy people wake up, including the Rangers.

Levira embiggens Skeltox and the Rangers hop into Super Mega Jet, Super Mega Wheeler, Super Mega Sub and Super Mega Racer to combine with the Sky Ship and form the Legendary Megazord.

Orion summons the Q-Rex and they work together to finish Skeltox off for good.

The Rangers are walking down by the water. Orion has to dash.

Gia thanks Jake for what he did for them today and she takes his arm. The others giggle.

Orion gets to Ernie’s and tells him it’s time to go home.

Episode Thoughts

Damn. How in the world can you go from watching Ressha Sentai ToQger and Kamen Rider Gaim to watching the return of Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce

Wow. What an incredible difference in, well… everything.

But hopefully I can forget about the much superior and more enjoyable shows from across the Pacific and judge Megaforce‘s return after its 6 year hiatus on its own.

Okay, here we go.

OUCH! I definitely did not remember, nor expect just how horrible Saban Brands Power Rangers writing really was. Jason Smith is awesome, so I’ll blame everyone equally in how horrible this episode was. The dialogue was horrendous, most especially during Orion’s scene struggling with RPM Gold and Silver. What in the world was that? You wanna talk “pre-schoolish” Saban Brands? That was one of the most condescending pieces of dialogue yet during this era. Why must they insist on treating their young audience like complete idiots? I don’t understand. Even after three and a half years, I do not understand why.

Anyway, aside from Orion’s creepy opening Risky Business sequence, we got more of Gosei being a jerk and powers coming out of his ass.

The best part of the episode was probably the tribute to Power Rangers Flash. Love that season. Definitely much more than Megaforce.

Just so many holes in the episode and horrible dialogue. But what else is new?

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?
Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 19 – Armor of 15 Warriors

The Gokaiger episode as goofy, but it fit both Gai and Don-san’s established personalities. We got Gai being a Sentai fanboy and Don being clumsy and insecure. And the footage definitely fit that.

Megaforce turned it into a Jake is jealous of Orion story, which was fine enough, but everything else about the translation was absolutely lost.

No explanation of why Robo Knight appears when he’s supposed to be lost.

And seeing all the unusable footage explains why we got so many pointless scenes in the Megaforce episode, but it doesn’t explain why those pointless scenes couldn’t at least have been fun or enjoyable.

But maybe the single thing that easily makes the Gokaiger episode the superior on is this scene:

One of the best morphs evah.

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  1. Wow I haven’t seen this episode yet because I live in Britain but I found Jake being jealous was funny (I’ve only seen clips on youtube).

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