Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 10 – Tokacchi Dies at Sunset

ToQger 10

Tokacchi is running to the next station alongside the Ressha to build his endurance. He stops to wave at the Ressha when Conductor and Ticket blow the whistle.

He notices a little boy in a baseball uniform sitting nearby and looking at him. He says he’s just waving to his friends on the train. The boy thinks Tokacchi’s a weirdo since he didn’t see any train.

Oh. Tokacchi says bye and continues running. But the little boy overhears two kids nearby talking about the awesome Resshas they just saw.

ToQger 10

Over at the Castle, Baron Nero tells General Schwarz he’ll give him a brand new personal Kuliner to go and welcome the Emperor when he arrives, which is very soon.

Meanwhile, Madame Noa is busy continuing to prepare the wedding. She has to take care of Gritta’s wedding dress herself since someone sucks at gathering darkness. Baron Nero compliments the nice, bright piece of cloth Madame Noa has. But it doesn’t seem like a good fit for the emperor.

Madame Noa turns, not allowing Baron Nero to touch it, so he excuses himself.

“Talk while you can! Hmph.”

General Schwarz excuses himself too and Gritta is now even more anxious that time is running out for her to get with her Schwarz-sama instead of the Emperor.

Madame Noa summons Type Shadow (OK!) to take care of the shadow deficiency.

ToQger 10

Tokacchi’s side starts to hurt, so he takes a seat and rests in front of an old steam engine. The little boy from earlier catches up and asks if he’s okay.

You were telling the truth about the train earlier, right? he asks.
Tokacchi realizes he wasn’t able to see the Resshas and wonders why that is.

The other ToQgers are playing games on the Ressha when the lights flicker. Conductor and Ticket come in to announce the Shadow Line has just arrived at the next station.

ToQger 10

Right calls Tokacchi and now Tokacchi needs to hurry to the next station. The little boy offers his bike. Tokacchi thanks him, tells him his name and asks the boy’s. Hiroki, he says.

Tokacchi tells Hiro-kun to wait right there and he’ll be back with his bike.

Type Shadow and a group of Kuros are below the real train tracks when the Resshas arrive nearby. The ToQgers hop out. Type Shadow tells the Kuros to take care of the ToQgers while he takes care of the trains.

ToQger 10

Type Shadow starts tapping on the typewriter keys on his body and types out the title “Sayonara, ToQ Ressha.” He sends the title toward the Resshas and they start moving on its own. Conductor has lost control of the train and the Resshas speed off into the sky.

ToQger 10

OK! Type Shadow’s titles come true when he types them out. Right thinks that’s pretty cool. But not when Tokacchi arrives and Type Shadow types out his next title.

ToQger 10

“Tokacchi Dies at Sunset”

Hiroki comes running and watches what’s happening.

Type Shadow laughs at Tokacchi’s death sentence. Right shoots at Type Shadow’s paper head and he decides to run off. Hikari says the only way to keep Tokacchi from dying is to defeat the kaijin. They decide to run after him and tell Tokacchi to be careful.

Hiroki approaches Tokacchi to check on him again and they go for a walk. Hiroki asks Tokacchi about the trains and the monsters. Tokacchi says he’s not yet strong enough to fight the monsters, as evidenced by how he screwed up just now. But it’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t lose his Imagination.

ToQger 10

Imagination? Hiroki asks.
Tokacchi explains that like right now, he’s already imagining how he can win this fight and survive. Only people with imagination can see the trains… oops. Sorry.

But it is strange since all kids should have imagination. Hiroki says he recently realized imagination is worthless. He thinks about a recent baseball game where he struck out.

“Even if you believe in yourself, if it’s hopeless, it’s hopeless!”

Tokacchi thinks Hiroki’s failure prevents him from imagining things. He bends down to say something, but decides against it. He wanted to say something cool and inspiring, but he isn’t very good at it.

Instead, Tokacchi says he’ll just focus on taking on the Shadow kaijin. He starts training, shadow boxing as Hiroki watches this strange man.

The other ToQgers are searching the town, but there’s no sign of Type Shadow until they come to an alleyway. The Kuros have used some fresh darkness to heal Type Shadow’s wound.

Not it’s time for a new title, OK! But the ToQgers arrive and henshin.

ToQger 10

What’ll you do if you can’t beat the kaijin, Hiroki asks. Tokacchi insists as long as they find the Shadow creep, he can beat him with this. He demonstrates his moves.

But it’s already 4:30. Tokacchi admits he’s scared, but he can’t focus on that. Instead, he’s focused on winning. Hiroki says some things are just hopeless, like with him in baseball. He believed in himself, but…

Tokacchi says it’s actually kinda different. He thinks their Imagination is different from a belief in yourself.

The others call Tokacchi and give him their location.

Before he leaves, Tokacchi tells Hiroki that Imagination isn’t a like saying a prayer or making a wish.

He hands Hiroki his sweaty towel and runs off.

The other ToQgers finish off a bunch of Kuros and they turn their attention to Type Shadow who is ready to type out some fresh titles. OK!

Tokacchi arrives. “You’re going down!”

The sun is already very low in the sky, but Tokacchi says he can see himself beating Type Shadow. He henshins and asks Right if he could help as he has a plan. They transfer Lines and both take on the kaijin.

Hikari, Kagura and Mio see Hiroki arrive nearby and they go to him.

Right and Tokacchi tag team Type Shadow, but the sun is just about to set. Right asks if Tokacchi’s plan will work. He does not answer. But Hiroki seems to recognize those moves.

ToQger 10

Suddenly, Tokacchi collapses. They all run over to him as the title Type Shadow typed up earlier reappears. It’s sunset! OK!

But just as suddenly, Tokacchi gets up. The title has been revised: Tokacchi Dies at Sunset And Revives!

Tokacchi explains he was pressing the keys on Type Shadow’s body during the fight to add on to the title. His image training from earlier paid off.

ToQger 10

Hiroki thinks about what Tokacchi said earlier. Imagination isn’t a wish or prayer. Back then, he had only hoped for the best. But he had to do his part too, whether it is believing in himself or imagining it will happen.

Tokacchi unleashes a Tokacchi Kick on Type Shadow to push him back and the ToQgers summon Renketsu Bazooka for a Calligraphy Rainbow Rush courtesy of Tokacchi.

ToQger 10

A roll of paper attaches to Type Shadow and written on it is the title “The End of the Shadow Kaijin.” The brush knocks the ink stone up into the air and comes crashing back down onto Type Shadow’s head.

Type Shadow embiggens. OK!

ToQger 10

Right goes to summon the Ressha, but they remember the Resshas are gone.

Conductor, Ticket and Wagon wake up from their stupor and realize they’re in space. Conductor contacts the ToQgers and Ticket says it’ll be difficult to come back right now.

ToQger 10

Tokacchi suggests they summon Diesel-tachi to form Diesel-Oh. This time, Right hops into Tank Ressha with Hikari and Tokacchi mans Diesel Ressha by himself.

ToQger 10

It’s already nighttime and the ToQgers and Type Shadow get to battle. Tokacchi uses his little trick again and types out the title: “They’re Back! ToQ Ressha!”

ToQger 10

The Resshas are back on Earth and Right, Hikari, Mio and Kagura hop in to form ToQ-Oh. Tokacchi stays in Diesel-Oh.

ToQger 10

Type Shadow types out another title: “ToQ-Oh’s Big Explosion!”
But Diesel-Oh protects ToQ-Oh with his “hard body.”

Tokacchi takes Diesel-Oh to knock Type Shadow right toward ToQ-Oh to get him into position for a Fumikiri-ken. With a Diesel-Oh Spin Kick and a Ressha Slash, they finish off Type Shadow for good.

ToQger 10

The ToQgers are back on the Ressha. Tokacchi now works out inside the train. Mio thinks it’s better this way. Right says he’ll join in the work out after he eats.

ToQger 10

Hikari and Kagura, meanwhile, see Hiroki outside at a baseball field waving to them.

ToQger 10

Tokacchi hurries to the window. Hiroki-kun can see the Resshas now! Tokacchi happily waves back.

ToQger 10 ToQger 10

Hiroki’s palms are covered in blisters. When the Resshas pass, he gets back to home plate, picks up his bat and resumes practicing.

Episode Thoughts
Another great episode. I really loved it. A great Tokacchi focus ep. Loved that clever and awesome and cool way Tokacchi came up with to one-up Type Shadow and his title. Dies at sunset and revives. That’s so awesome in every way.

Definitely enjoyed that nighttime mecha battle. That was very badass, seeing ToQ-Oh and Diesel-Oh fighting side-by-side.

Type Shadow was neat, like Right said. Very cool. And I’m glad we’re seeing more of the Castle Crew.

I’ve been loving ToQger so much. And this episode was another example of what they do best. It was fun and cute, but there’s also that sense of sentimental nostalgia. Taking the usual Believe in yourself plot (and one that I think we’ve even seen before on a Sentai, using a baseball kid) and making it fresh by talking about wishing, praying, imagining and believing you can accomplish anything.

Loved all the henshins this episode. I love that white line. And I love when we get to see the henshin sequence play out, with the trains coming right at you, then circling their helmets. Looks so good.

So again, great episode. LOVE this season so far and I’m excited about the next one. Looks like things are going to really get going.

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  1. I loved the music that was playing Tottaki was training also Hikari and Kagura were sitting next to each other it’s a big deal because Hikari always eats by himself near a window

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