Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 16 – A New Arms! Jinba Lemon is Born!

Gaim 16

Mitch henshins and takes on the flying Kurokages himself. He knocks one of them off and commandeers his flying bike to fight the rest of them off and escape. Meanwhile, Kota and Kaito are taking care of their own Kurokages as they escape through Helheim Forest.

Gaim 16

Sid is still confused as to why they let the guinea pigs escape, but Minato says Professor Ryoma must have a good reason for it.

Gaim 16

Back in the city, Kota and Mitch hurry to the hospital to check on Rat. He says he’s fine and thankfully the doctors found no seeds growing inside him. He can leave as soon as his wounds are healed.

Gaim 16

Kota apologizes saying this wouldn’t have happened if he were more responsible. Rat and Rika say he shouldn’t have done this all on his own then and tell him about Mai trying to rally the other teams to come together, quit the Inves game and clear their names.

Mai and Chucky are walking downtown when they see an Inves has robbed a jewelry store. They follow and the Inves leads them to Team Red Hot who is enjoying their new bling.

Gaim 16 Gaim 16

Red Hot’s leader Sonomura says since the city already thinks they’re controlling the Inves, they might as well do whatever they want with them. He orders their Inves to attack, but another Inves pops up and knocks it into the water.

Red Hot runs away as Kaito and Zack appear. They fill the girls in on what’s happening. The other teams have found a way to jailbreak their Lockseeds so they can summon fully developed Inves anytime they want to do whatever they want. They’ve taken advantage of the rampaging Inves to create their own mischief.

Gaim 16

Team Baron’s done their own Lockseed modifying, but only for self defense. Mai can’t believe what’s happening.

At Yggdrasill, Takatora asks Sid what the hell is going on. Why did he give Mitch a driver? Sid tries to act dumb, but then admits that he thought Takatora would approve. After all, he’s in charge of a project that essential to humanity, yet he can’t even keep tabs on his little brother?

Gaim 16

Ryoma pops up on the screen and says instead of bickering, they should move forward with their plans. Takatora tells Sid to take care of the fugitives and leaves.

Sid turns to Ryoma, you heard the Chief, but what does the Professor want?

Ryoma explains he let them go to find out how just how they could have escaped through their tight security. But even more intriguing, a prototype is missing from his lab. A lab that he thought only he could unlock. Hmm, a traitor in their midst?

Gaim 16

At the Garage, Kota is trying to use the Lockseed Sagara gave him, but it doesn’t work. He can’t figure out how to use the Genesis Driver component with his own Driver either.

Mai and Chucky walk in and Kota sees Mai crying.

Gaim 16

At Kureshima Manor, Mitch walks into his room to find his Niisan watching the file video of Yuya on his computer.

Takatora is impressed that Mitch was able to make off with so much data, but he wants to know just what little bro was planning to do with it all. Mitch says he is going to release it to the public to show just what Yggdrasill is really up to.

It’s not justice you’re looking for, Takatora says, you’re just challenging me to prove you are your own man. I thought I had to protect you, but it seems you’ve chosen to fight back against toady’s cruel world.

Gaim 16

The Kureshima blood indeed runs through Mitch and he is indeed his little brother.

Takatora says it’s time for Mitch to learn the whole truth.

Gaim 16

Across town, Kota confronts Team Red Hot for being assholes. They don’t care. Sonomura asks Kota to join their team so they can defeat Bravo together.

Kota says he watched a man turn into a monster. He doesn’t want to ever see that again. But seeing Red Hot right now, they may be human, but they’re just as bad as monsters.

Sonomura says Sid figured Kota would get in the way. He takes out a Mango Lockseed.

Gaim 16

Sonomura admits if they can get Gaim’s Driver, they can exchange it for more higher level Lockseeds from Sid.

He’s just manipulating you guys, Kota says, but Sonomura unlocks the Mango Lockseed and releases a Class A Inves.

Kota quickly henshins and fights the Inves. But the Lockseed suddenly short circuits and the Inves escapes Sonomura’s control. The jailbreak likely doesn’t work on Class A Lockseeds.

The Inves sprouts wings and starts attacking the Red Hot members. Before it can slice Sonomura in half, Kota saves him and they take the fight outside. The Inves starts hurling people around the plaza before Kota can catch up. As they spar, the Inves knocks a panel off Kota’s Driver.

Gaim 16

Aha! Kota attaches the Genesis Driver component into the now empty space and locks in the Lemon Energy Lockseed. The orange and lemon mix and Kota is now able to use Jinba Lemon Arms.

Gaim 16

Kota easily takes care of the Inves and can’t believe he now has this much power. Sid watches from around the corner.

Gaim 16

Takatora takes Mitch into Helheim Forest and has him look over a cliff.

Gaim 16

Mitch cannot frakking believe what he is looking at right now.

This is what Helheim Forest really is, Takatora says. “Do you still think what I’m doing is wrong?”

No, Mitch says, absolutely shocked.

Gaim 16

Takatora tells him to join Yggdrasill so he can bring Mitch to the real battle. He lets out his hand, which a half-frozen Mitch takes.

Gaim 16

Kota is at Drupers. Bando notices he is feeling down.

Kota poses a philosophical question. Do people always become monsters when they get power?

Bando is amused, but he counters, are all the weak people in the world good? No, Kota says.

Gaim 16

Then not all powerful people are evil. Power itself is not good or evil. Which is why a person must be careful when they do obtain power because depending on how they use it, it can turn them into a hero or a monster.

Kota says Bando is very wise, but he says he’s just been through a lot in life.

Mai-tachi walk into Drupers with a surprise for Kota. Rat is out of the hospital! They decide to celebrate.

Gaim 16

Episode Thoughts
Gaim 16
^So that was probably one of the creepiest, eeriest, scariest scenes I’ve ever seen on a toku. I mean… WHAT THE FRAK DID HE SEE!?!?!?!?!

The utter shock and terror on Mitch’s face was insane. I know I’m two episodes behind, but whatever was over that cliff better be some huge sh-t or I’ll be disappointed. lol

Mitchy is still my favorite character on Gaim. So interesting. You just never know with him. Bad ass, smart and all cute at the same time. He better stop or I’ll be developing a Jared Padalecki-style man-crush on him pretty soon.

It was good to see them continue walk around in their “world.” I mean, like Team Red Hot popping back up. They’ve developed Zawame City into such a full world, especially with such a large regular cast, so it’s great to see them continue to use it.

New toys are always awesome, so yay for Lemon Arms. And definitely looking forward to finding out more about Bando. And the creepy employee.

Another week, I must say again, thank goodness for Gaim. Especially now that Ultra Super Megaforce has started.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 16 – A New Arms! Jinba Lemon is Born!

  1. yeah, whatever micchy saw there nearly broke his mind. ut what was it?!

    one popular guess is that he saw the future Zawame in ruins, that Helheim forest is in fact the world in the future, being overrun by the seeds that the kids brought in. extending that, the mysterious girl is in fact mai from that future trying to prevent her current self from committing the very same mistakes she did. so yggdrasil (or at least takatora) is in fact trying to prevent that future from happening.

    and here i throw in a bit of my own speculation. the ultimate big bad of this series is in fact Kouta himself. he would be overcome with so much despair that he actually embraces becoming the villain for whatever purpose.

    1. Yeah, that’s actually been a popular guess because of that scene in the opening credits where Kota is behind a fence and yelling at a considerably less happy and energetic twin/copy/clone of himself who ignores him. Very interesting.

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