Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 17 – The Peach Rider Marika Descends!

Gaim 17

Takatora tells Mitchi he won’t get any special treatment at Yggdrasill so he must prove himself. First task: Retrieve the Kota’s Sengoku Driver.

Kota is still job hunting and is still unsuccessful, especially with people recognizing him as a Beat Rider. He runs into Mitchi and they head to the Garage together.

Mitchi asks if Kota will continue to be an Armored Rider. Seeing that Yggdrasill is only concerned with researching the Forest and not for the people’s safety, Kota is more determined than ever to find proof and expose them for what they really are.

Gaim 17

Kota asks Mitchi if there’s something he wants to protect, that even if no one knows, something that is so important he would do anything for it.

The fun times I have with you and Mai, he replies. I don’t want those things to ever change, even if I end up changing.

What are you talking about? Kota laughs. Mitchi will never change and they’ll always be friends.

Gaim 17

Mitchi summons Oren, who brings along Jonouchi, to Yggdrasill to offer him a job. Disguising his voice, Mitchi has Minato hand them new Genesis Drivers

Ah! So Yggdrasill made these funny toy belts, which means they know the identity of the dreamy melon rider?! Of course, Mitch says. If Oren does a good job, that will be his reward.

Yes sir!

Gaim 17

Minato joins Mitchi in the other room. Trying to keep his hands clean, eh? Mitchi says Yggdrasill is merely interested in whether or not he can get the job done, including his ability to get people to do what he wants.

Are you my aide or are you keeping an eye on me, Mitchi asks. Minato is very amused. Both, she says. She has to evaluate his skills, per Chief’s orders.

Mitchi says he thought Professor Ryoma was her supervisor. Sure he’s her direct boss, but Takatora is still the Chief.

Gaim 17

“That must put you in a difficult position.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Two suited-men are following Akira and Mitchi gives them the go-ahead to take her.

Gaim 17

Kota is at Drupers enjoying some fruits when he gets a call from an unknown number. It’s voice scrambled-Mitchi. He tells Kota that they have his sister and he must hand over his Sengoku Driver in exchange for her safety.

Kota hurries to the location Mitchi give him. “Please keep a cool head,” Mitchi hopes.

He heads to a rooftop where he can see where Kota and Oren will be meeting.

Gaim 17

Oren beings a tied up Akira and asks for Kota’s Driver. Oren willingly lets Akira go first and she walks over. Kota unties her hands, but suddenly, Akira tries to grab the Driver.

Kota backs off and Akira removes her mask. It’s Minato. She starts knocking Kota around until his phone rings.

It’s Mitchi again. He tells Kota to just hand the Driver over, doesn’t he want his sister to be safe? Minato tosses Kota a pair of binoculars and they point him to Oren’s confectionery. Akira is enjoying some free confections, oblivious to what’s going on.

Jonouchi is serving her some tea and treats, but is ready whenever he gets the signal. Mitchi tells Kota that Yggdrasill’s plans must continue in secret and Kota being in possession of the Driver threatens those plans.

Gaim 17

Kota still doesn’t want to give up the Driver, so Mitchi gives Jonouchi the go-ahead. He attaches his belt and locks on, but instead of a big donguri popping out of the zipper, it’s Oren’s face on the Lock with his happy singing playing through.

Gaim 17

Mitchi and Minato have no idea what’s going on.

A pan knocks Jonouchi out while Akira continues enjoying the treats.

Gaim 17

What do you think you’re doing, Minato asks.
Oren says he will never have customers of his shop be treated rudely. His mission was to retrieve the Driver and that is what he will do, through force.

Oren henshins.

Gaim 17

“You bastard!”

Gaim 17

Kota henshins as well and they battle. Oren says Kota will never defeat him on his own. But Kota attaches the Genesis component and activates Jinba Lemon Arms. They take their fight to the lower levels of the parking garage.

Mitchi is upset, why did Oren have to make things so difficult. Looks like there’s a change of plans, Minato says. Oren will be defeated at this rate since Kota is using a Class S Lockseed. Even Oren’s exemplary skills are no match for the Lockseed’s power. Looks like you’ll have to do it yourself, Minato says.

Gaim 17

“Shut up.”

Kota unleashes an Orange Lemon Energy Squash and sends Oren flying out of the parking structure and onto the street below.

Gaim 17

Minato says Mitchi was naive to think he couldn’t get his hands dirty in the grown up world. “Let’s go.”

Gaim 17

Minato walks out to face Kota. She henshins using a Peach Lockseed to become Armored Rider Marika. They take their fight through the garage.

Fight, Minato tells Mitchi. Betraying Kota will prove himself to Yggdrasill.

Kota and Minato barge through to the basement of the building. Mitchi follows as Kota and Minato exchange energy arrows.

Gaim 17

Both Kota and Minato marvel at each other’s power. Minato keeps turning towards Mitchi, waiting for his next move. Who’s side are you on? she asks.

Minato knocks Kota towards his feet. Kota is glad he’s here. Mitchi hesitates. Minato gives a little nod and Mitchi quickly henshins.

Gaim 17

With Kota’s back to him, Mitchi aims. He thinks about their happy times together then aims at Minato and fires. What!? Minato can’t believe it. Kota uses the opening to fire as well.

Mitchi says to tell Professor Ryoma that he will be protecting Kota-san. Ah, I see, Minato says as she runs off.

Gaim 17

Kota thanks Mitchi for saving him.
That was a close one.

Gaim 17

Kota hurries over to Oren’s to meet Akira who is just leaving. She’s fine and has bought some cake for dessert tonight.

Gaim 17

At Yggdrasill, Ryoma admits he was the one that gave Mitchi the orders to spare Kota. He wants him “swimming free” a little longer after seeing the power of the Genesis component. He wants to use that data to help with their mass produced belts.

Gaim 17

Ryoma says he wants Mitchi to continue being a Beat Rider and work undercover as their inside man. They still need the Beat Riders to keep the public eye off the company. And Mitchi is still trusted by his friends.

Fine, Takatora says.

Gaim 17

Ryoma disconnects and Mitchi walks into the lab. Thanks for helping me, he says. Sure, Ryoma replies, but how did Mitchi know he was interested in Kota?

Mitchi realized that if they had really wanted the Driver, Minato would’ve helped Oren when he was losing against Kota.

You just might be smarter than your brother, Ryoma compliments.
Depending on how you use me, I can be your trump card, Mitchi says.

Gaim 17

Back at the Manor, Mitchi sits in his room watching video of Team Gaim’s Christmas performance. This is good, he says to himself. He can still be with them, Mai and Kota. As long as he can continue to see their smiles, he will do anything.

Episode Thoughts
Well thank goodness. Mitchi has gone completely to the dark side. He’s just in his own dark, gray world. Which is awesome. There were lots of legitimate surprises in this episode. But all fitting perfectly with Mitchi’s character.

Minato is all kinds of kick-ass. Awesome having a female Rider and I hope she won’t get offed in a couple of episodes. You know they would.

But Kota and Minato’s fight in the basement was amazing. Loved that.

I also really enjoyed Oren’s going rogue this episode. All the previous times he’s gone his own fabulous way, I thought they were nice and alright and funny. But this episode, you really get a sense of his military background and good soldier instincts. It’s all business with him when in previous episodes, he came off more like some mere shiny pink thorn in their side.

The dynamic between Takatora and Ryoma is interesting to watch. I like Ryoma’s smirking and scheming while Takatora is all serious and to the point.

Another good episode. Can’t go wrong with an episode of Gaim these days, I think.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 17 – The Peach Rider Marika Descends!

  1. while i definitely love oren’s reappearance in the last few episodes, with him bringing in that lighthearted tone (amusing, since he was first thought of as the truly dangerous psycho rider), it also scares me. it’s as if this is just the happy part before the show finally jumps down to the utter despair and madness that is common in urobuchi’s works.

    1. Ooo, I don’t know anything about Urobuchi. I love Gaim so maybe I should check out his other works.

      But yeah, I mean, just looking at what they’ve built up so far. Kota killing Yuya, Mitch having his scary on/off switch, the increasingly lawless Zawame city and there’s still secrets left to be told. Like what has Bando (Mr. Drupers) gone through in the past? What horror did Mitch see in the forest. There’s definitely plenty of SEEDS! (Ha!) that have been planted for any number of dark material going forward.

      1. i suggest you start with his most popular, puella magi madoka magica. gaim actually takes several cues from that series. he is also coming out with a new anime later this year, titled Aldnoah Zero.

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