Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 14 – "You guys stink!"

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 14 – “Gosei Ultimate”

Megaforce 14

Gosei is pestering Tensou about finishing the new Megazord power the Rangers will need.

Bluefur and Bigs are infusing the Aurora Box with toxic slime with the hopes of polluting the city and take over the world. They head to the city center where Bigs hops onto the Box and spins to spread the toxic slime.

Megaforce 14

Robo Knight sees the slime, shoots at it, but it spreads even more. .

The Rangers hurry to meet Bigs and Bluefur and morph into Sentai footage.

Megaforce 14

Nothing the Rangers are doing can even leave a scratch and Bigs and Bluefur force them to demorph. Bigs points to the Tokyo Tower getting covered in slime and says it’ll soon spread toxic fumes.

“You guys stink!”

Robo Knight arrives and says the Rangers and him are a team. He uses a Freeze Card to freeze the slime, but Bigs uses the Aurora power to attack the Rangers which Robo Knight absorbs.

Bigs and Bluefur retreat, but Robo Knight needs to go and restore his system.

Megaforce 14

Celebrating their first success, Bigs and Bluefur send a toxic rain that continues to spread fumes across the city and thaw the slime on Tokyo Tower.

Noah suggests they combine their cards to mimic the freeze effect of Robo Knight’s Freeze card. But Bigs and Bluefur pop up again forcing the Rangers to go Ultra.

“Isn’t it fitting that you are getting bashed by the very mutants that human toxins created!”

Bigs sends more Aurora Blasts their way, but the Rangers find an opening that allows them to destroy Bigs’ staff. They pull out their Miracle Gosei Dynamic Cards to send an Ultra Strike towards the toxic mutants.

But Bigs is merely stuck in the Aurora Box, which Bluefur takes with him as he retreats.

That night, Bluefur laughs that the Rangers have no idea what’s coming to them with Bigs’ new form. He hurls the Aurora Box to the top of a building where it attaches.

Megaforce 14

The Rangers meet Bluefur again the next morning. Robo Knight pops up too as Bigs engulfs the building and slime continues spreading. He tells the Rangers that he will soon engulf the whole world to become one big Bigs of a wasteland.

Megaforce 14

Bluefur knocks the Rangers around until Robo Knight takes over and tells them to go take care of Bigs.

The Rangers head into the building where they are met with Loogies. A regular sized Bigs messes with them and lures them into the Aurora Box. They go Ultra as Bigs ties them up and hangs them.

Megaforce 14

Bigs tries to drain them of energy, but the Rangers use their Ultra power to break free. They send another Ultra Strike towards Bigs and it seems he’s finally destroyed. But the Rangers are still trapped inside.

Outside, Vrak sends his Zombats to embiggen Bluefur and Robo Knight morphs into Megazord form.

Megaforce 14

Meanwhile, the Rangers can’t contact Gosei. But Tensou has finished his work and Gosei tells him to hit it. The command center suddenly launches from its coastal perch.

Over in the Box, Troy is telling the others what an honor it’s been to have fought by their side. But suddenly, Gosei pops in and the Rangers know Gosei’s lair has become a spaceship. They just know it.

Gosei tells them to use their Ultra Zords which embiggen then attach to the ship.

“I present the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.”

Megaforce 14

The Rangers hop in and they launch themselves out of the Aurora Box.

“This ship is such an upgrade in power and style. I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be.”

Megaforce 14

The ships morphs into the new Gosei Ultimate Megazord and they use it to finish off Bluefur.

The command center sits itself back on the coast and the Rangers thank Gosei for their new power. Gosei says they’ve proven themselves.

Megaforce 14

Episode Thoughts
What in the world was that. This was a mess of an episode. It was an unexciting toy commercial for the new Gosei Ultimate Megazord and it wasn’t any fun at all.

The premature celebrations at the end of episodes are starting to get tiring too. They’ve done nothing to warrant the right (despite what Gosei says) to do anything.

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episodes: Epic 31 – Never Give Up, Goseigers! and Epic 32 – Perform the Ultimate Miracle!

I was already pretty meh on the episode, but after seeing the two Goseiger episodes the footage was cut up from, I’m even more annoyed.

The Goseiger episodes reminded me of how Saban is attempting to fit 50 episodes worth of content into 20. So far, they’ve been more miss than hit. But the fact that these episodes were supposed to be the climax of the Yuumajuu arc of Goseiger made me realize that an attempt at condensing 50 to 20 is futile. Especially when those 50 episodes had three (or four) distinct arcs.

The Goseiger episodes were exciting with a few emotional touches thrown in (Nozumu’s birthday and thinking Master Head, and the path back to Heaven, was dead). On Megaforce, Bigs and Bluefur were an afterthought (of course) and the Gosei Ultimate “spaceship” just something Tensou threw together in the backroom.

Admiral Malkor… you are almost as irrelevant as Gosei and Tensou.

This is about to evolve into a longer discussion about how bad the idea of squeezing an entire Sentai season into 20 episodes is, but that’s an idea best discussed after all 20 episodes have aired.

Until then, the most interesting thing to look out for on Megaforce may be how hilariously bad the chop-chop job of Goseiger can really become.

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