Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 13 – Dream Snatcher – "This is no bueno!"

Megaforce 13

The Rangers are on a hill where they plan to watch the meteor shower tonight. Emma says she’ll bring her list of wishes to make to tonight. Jake thinks that’s a great idea. Noah teases him and Jake proposes a bet, whoever gets to Ernie’s last, pays.

The boys run off ahead of the girls. They think they’ve won and Jake is excited about having the girls pay. But Troy says they’re gentlemen, so they won’t let that happen.

Megaforce 13

And besides, the girls are already at the counter and have ordered their drinks.

Megaforce 13

Meanwhile, Vrak is with Bigs and Bluefur. He shows them the Aurora Box, one of the most prized possessions of his royal family. It should have enough power to destroy the Rangers once and for all.

The Aurora Box can magnify a monster’s power 100x. Bigs says they should use the Aurora Box on him and Bluefur, but maybe they should test it out first.

Bigs and Bluefur meet Dream Snatcher who eats human’s dreams. They point the Aurora Box at him and he gets powered up, allowing him to eat dreams of people who are awake.

Megaforce 13

Dream Snatcher goes around town eating people’s dreams, causing them to grow roots of despair that will cause the Earth to rot. The Rangers attack and Robo Knight joins in the fight.

Megaforce 13

But Robo Knight doesn’t know what dreams are. Emma explains and says no dream is too big or too small. Dream Snatcher sucks her dream out of her and she collapses.

Emma finds herself in Dream Snatcher’s dreamworld with the others people who are also dreamless and hopeless.

Megaforce 13

Above ground, Emma’s grown roots and Robo Knight wants to try and cut them from the people, but Noah stops him. Too dangerous.

Emma decides she has to make the people believe in their dreams again. She goes around the room telling everyone about all her other dreams, like going to the beach, having her pictures in nature magazines and saving the rain forests.

Her roots disappear and the Rangers remember she’s got a whole list of dreams that even Dream Snatcher can’t gobble all up. And “knowing” Emmy, they say, she’ll encourage everyone else down there too.

Megaforce 13

Troy tells Robo Knight to stay with Emma while they go fight Dream Snatcher.

The Rangers trick Dream Snatcher into a trap. They go Ultra and try to fight him off.

Megaforce 13

Emma’s incessant dreams are starting to encourage the others and that causes Dream Snatcher to vomit up all the dreams and send them back to their owners.

Emma wakes up and tells Robo Knight that dreams are what makes people human! They fly over to help their comrades and together defeat Dream Snatcher’s first life.

Megaforce 13

Admiral Malkor is upset and Vark quickly sends his Zombats to embiggen Dream Snatcher.

“Hola Rangers! I am BIG and you are snack size like tapas!”

Megaforce 13

The Rangers and Robo Knight zord up and combine into the Gosei Great Grand Megazord to really finish off Dream Snatcher.

Megaforce 13

Bluefur and Bigs decide the Aurora Box can only be used on themselves to ensure the power is used wisely.

Megaforce 13

Across town, the formerly dreamless guitarist is singing a dream song. Jake invites Robo Knight to come watch the meteor shower with them, but he says no, his mission comes first.

Megaforce 13

The Rangers head back up to the hill.
Troy is worried about the Aurora Box, but the meteors start flying across the sky and Emma tells them to make their wishes.

Megaforce 13

Emma wants to make a wish on Robo Knight’s behalf. They hold hands.

“We wish that our world will live in peace and harmony and that our planet wil one day be free of harm and pollution.”

Jake is excited to be holding Gia’s hand as Robo Knight stands nearby also watching the meteors.

Megaforce 13

Episode Thoughts
Well that was definitely not as awesome an episode as last week’s riotous happenings. But it was also not as bad as other episodes we’ve had this season.

It was certainly syrupy sweet all over. I don’t know if I can remember a Power Rangers episode so dripping with sugar as much as this one.

Not too offensive, but it wasn’t all that exciting either.

Now to the nitpicking… it’s funny how the Aurora Box supposedly has nothing to do with Bluefur and Bigs, yet they (and Dream Snatcher) have the exact same labyrinth/Masterchef/Padmavyuha (yeah I Googled that) symbol on their bodies.

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episode: Epic 30 – Romantic Eri

This episode was a direct translation of the Goseiger episode save for swapping in wishes and meteor showers for prayers and the Gosei Festival. Also swapping in cats and a trip to Paris instead of rice pudding and being obsessed about getting married within the year.

And since it was a direct translation, we got Eri’s bubbly and uber-positive personality injected into Emma. Now Emma isn’t a Gia, that’s for sure. But the other Rangers saying they were sure Emma would rally the dreamless and give them hope with her positivity was definitely an Eri-quality and not something we’ve seen from Emma this season.

Overall, it was an okay translation of an okay Goseiger episode.

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