Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 53 – The Neverending Story

Wizard 53

Gaim introduces himself to Haruto and Kosuke before suddenly getting sucked back to Earth. The young boy tells Koyomi they should follow, but Amadam pops up and the portal closes.

Amadam has the kaijin capture the kids and tells them that if they leave this world, they will become enemies with the Kamen Riders.

Wizard 53

Kosuke slips Haruto his Ring. Haruto binds the kaijin and copies himself before using it to escape with both kids.

Amadam realizes Haruto has taken the Fourze Ring with him and summons Decade to retrieve.

Haruto takes the kids to the harbor. Koyomi is feeling a little worse than the boy and Haruto tries to help, but the boy tells him not to touch her.

Wizard 53

Shunpei and Rinko arrive and the boy tells them they wanted to leave this world before finding out whether transforming would be good or bad. And now they’ve found out that they’d likely be killed by Kamen Riders if they do leave.

Koyomi weakly tells Haruto he should do it before they transform then. Haruto takes a walk and thinks about how to save this world’s Koyomi like he promised himself.

Wizard 53 Wizard 53

Decade pops up and de-henshins after Haruto asks if he’s here under Amadam’s control.

They talk. Tsukasa asks Haruto what he is doing in this world and Haruto tells him about hearing children’s voices calling for help. “If Kamen Riders fight for justice, then this place must be sealed.”

“Justice, eh?”

Wizard 53

Meanwhile, Kosuke has infiltrated Amadam’s lair where Amadam is in the middle of some mystical spell. The Riders pop out of the Rings again and Amadam tells Kosuke that this is birthplace of all Kamen Riders.

Wizard 53

I thought this was kaijin hell, Kosuke replies. But Amadam says Kamen Riders are merely people who’ve failed to become kaijin. Riders are the same as the evil they fight.

Kamen Riders draw their power from the Cross of Fire which symbolizes their sin of being born form evil.

Wizard 53

Kosuke henshins, but the kaijin quickly kill him. … Wait, what?

I’ll leave it to you Haruto, he says before disappearing with Griffon.

Back by the harbor, the kaijin barge in and attack, grabbing both kids.

Wizard 53

Haruto gets up to stop the kaijin, but Tsukasa points his Ride Booker at him. Traitor! He asks for the Fourze Ring.

At the caves, Amadam waits as Tsukasa arrives with the Ring. He places it back in the chest with the others and turns to the boy to force him to pray again to leave this world.

Amadam responds to Tsukasa’s questions saying he will have his revenge on the outside world for having sealed him here.

Aha! Haruto walks in and says Amadam is a wizard who sinned and was trapped in a magic stone. His true identity.

He summons the Riders again and tells them to attack. But the Riders stand behind Tsukasa and Haruto.

Wizard 53

“Someone once said, We don’t fight for justice. We fight for human freedom.”

Tsukasa and Haruto henshin and the 14 Riders battle with the army of kaijin.

Wizard 53

After the Riders group up to defeat the kaijin, Amadam grabs the boy and calls on more kaijin, the big ones this time.

The Riders all use their respective tricks to finish this round of kaijin off.

Amadam forces the boy to pray once more and the Riders turn their attention back to them.

Wizard 53

But Amadam henshins into his true form and proceeds to absorb each Kamen Rider’s respective power back into the Cross of Fire that is within! him. Haruto is the last one standing and Amadam pushes back against each of Wizard’s modes.

Wizard 53

Haruto grabs onto Amadam and says “Even if our power is the same as evil, I will change despair into hope! That’s how I became…”

The boy finishes his sentence… “That’s how you became a Kamen Rider?”

“Even if were born from the same source of evil, there are those who become Kamen Riders.”

Wizard 53 Wizard 53 Wizard 53

The boy opens the chest and says he wonders if he can become one too. Amadam tells him to pray for the portal to open so they can escape.

But the boy prays for something else. He thought he could only become a kaijin when he transforms, but maybe he can become a Kamen Rider.

I’m not going to destroy this world, he says. Instead, he prayed for Gaim to return to help.

Amadam calls Gaim a Kamen Rider and Haruto explains what that means. Kamen Rider Gaim.

Wizard 53

Gaim takes on Amadam and manages to release the powers of the 14 other Riders. They all henshin into their ultimate forms and take turns, in groups, delivering their final strike at Amadam.

Haruto and Gaim deliver the final blows that destroy Amadam once and for all.

Wizard 53

The 12 other Kamen Riders return to the rings , which then disappear, while Gaim teleports back to Earth (probably), leaving Haruto and Tsukasa.

They de-henshin.

Are you going to continue on your journey? Haruto asks. We’re all always on a journey, Tsukasa says. He hopes they can fight together again if they ever meet in the future. He then also takes his leave.

Wizard 53

Haruto apologizes to the boy about him not being able to escape. But he says it’s okay because Haruto showed him that he doesn’t have to transform into a kaijin. It just sucks that all the Kamen Rider Rings disappeared.

Haruto puts a ring on his finger and tells the boy that he can call anytime and he’ll come.

“I am the final hope.”

Wizard 53

Haruto grabs his bike and drives off and back to Earth.

Rinko, Shunpei and Wajima come walking up the hill with Koyomi. She and the boy run to each other.

Wizard 53

So he left, Shunpei says. Rinko adds that they didn’t even ask his name. But Wajima says he feels like he’s known him from long ago.

Wizard 53

The boy calls after Koyomi as Haruto drives out of the magic stone and back on Earth.

Wizard 53

The boy and Koyomi hold hands and Koyomi smiles. “Haruto,” she smiles.
And on the boy’s hand… the Infinity Ring.

Wizard 53

Episode Thoughts
And there it is, the final final episode of Kamen Rider Wizard.

This whole 2-episode special really felt more like a movie or V-cinema. It was certainly a very movie/V-cinema-type storyline with some movie/V-cinema-level battle and fight scenes too.

None of it really made sense (Kosuke pseudo-died?), but it was still pretty much a fanboy’s dream. Those battles especially were total fanwanks, which probably meant a lot more to fans who, unlike myself, have watched more than three seasons of Kamen Rider.

And speaking of, having already watched Tsukasa Kadoya and Kamen Rider Decade on the ShinkengerDecade crossover, Super Hero Taisen and now these Wizard episodes, I am eager to watch Kamen Rider Decade now. And it should be easy to watch too since it’s only 31 episodes.

But back to Wizard. This episode had more excitement and action while the first episode was more fun and tongue in cheek. Hell, they even got pretty religious in this episode with the original sin and cut from the same cloth talk. But those battles were pretty insane. Very slick and well done with some great cinematography. The CGI wasn’t all that, but they had some pretty nice shots otherwise. Loved those group poses after each kill in the first fight (hehe).

I must be a big softie because even though we knew that little boy was Haruto this whole time, that final scene; credits rolling, Haruto riding his bike, Shunpei, Rinko and Wajima looking off into the distance and little Koyomi calling the boy “Haruto” – it got me. I was tearing up. Probably because I know this really was the final final episode and the last we’ll see of these characters. (Until the movies of course.)

Overall, these episodes weren’t really necessary from a story perspective. And actually, I wouldn’t have minded two extra episodes in-story instead. But they were still fun to watch.

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  1. Aw damn old Haruto and little Haruto. Also it’s revealed that Nitou-kun is working with Rinko because in the movie with Gaim on the wizard’s side of the story it’s shown that he’s working with her. Also when he wanted to Henshin she actually cared about him. Awwww. Anyway how come Haruto didn’t ask what a yummy is? He never seen them before! The yummies were kamen rider ooo’s problem

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