Recap: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 9.02 – Gun Fever Too: Still Hot

Sunny 902

Sandwich in hand, Frank is on Good Morning Philadelphia being interviewed about getting mugged the other day. He says it’s thanks to his “pieces” and he shows the anchor his two guns. He’s actually going to go out and buy more.

The Gang is watching at Paddy’s and they all say they’re hot about this issue. Unfortunately, they’re on the opposite sides of hot. Dennis and Dee want more gun control and Mac and Charlie want less.

Sunny 902

Charlie and Mac head to the local middle school, dressed very America, hoping to help protect it. They meet with Principal McIntyre (season 6!) and they propose their plans, Charlie wants to protect with a gun, Mac with a sabre.

Sunny 902

There’s a long line at Gunther’s Guns, which Frank had promoted on the news. Dennis and Dee head over and plan to buy an assault rifle to prove to Mac and Charlie how easy it is for anyone to get one. They talk to Gunther and ask if they have something that could kill an elephant and he suggests an AR-15.

Dennis asks if they could slaughter a room full of people with it and Gunther says that’s on them. The siblings try to make their point and decide to buy two.

While Gunther takes their IDs for background checks, they watch Frank back on the news.

Sunny 902

This time, he’s accompanied by Uncle Jack Kelly who Frank says specializes in constitutional law. They talk about their 2nd amendment rights and Frank encourages everyone to go out and buy guns before the laws are changed.

Back at the shop, Gunther tells Dennis and Dee they’ve been denied. Dennis’ record is full of felonious behavior and Dee’s been institutionalized for lighting her college roommate on fire.

“You light one bitch on fire and everybody freaks out!”

Sunny 902 Sunny 902

Mac has his sabre outside the school and has a dummy with a watermelon head to demonstrate how awesome it would work. But Charlie says it’d be too easy to just shoot him.

A teen dressed very nicely (in black) comes walking and they “profile” him and conclude he’s trouble. Charlie confiscates his phone on which the boy was playing a game killing zombies. He says kids that play violent video games are threats to society.

Principal McIntyre tells Charlie and Mac to stay away from the school.

Sunny 902

There’s a gun show in Philly and Dennis and Dee visit. They walk up to a man who says he’ll happily sell them the AR-15 even with sketchy backgrounds. But instead of the $1500 at Gunther’s, it’s $3000 here.

Dennis and Dee think that’s outrageous and the man ups the price to $4000. Dennis picks up the rifle and says maybe he’ll just take it. The entire room pulls out their weapons and aims them at Dennis and Dee.

Sunny 902

Oops. Okay. Maybe not the best place to prove their point.

Sunny 902

Charlie and Mac are holding a seminar at Paddy’s to a room full of middle school kids. After shutting down Carlos, a mouthy kid, they point them to weapons they could find in their own classroom; compasses, pencils and forks… piano wire.

They need to learn how to use these weapons to stay safe.

Sunny 902

Five minutes later, they’ve created a “Hunger Games” type situation with everyone going at each other.

They run outside. Imagine if the kids had guns! Mac tells Charlie he needs to go to the hospital since he kinda nicked himself at the principal’s office earlier when he was trying to unholster his sword. They run to the hospital.

Sunny 902

Dennis and Dee are listening to Frank on the radio. He is calling on everyone to buy a weapon and they’ll march on City Hall today.

Dee is starting to change her tune, but Dennis says they will prove how easy it is to buy a rifle.

Dennis has a sketchy black man who has a rifle. He slips the $1500 through the small crack he’s opened the window and tells the man to pop the rifle in the trunk because he doesn’t want to roll the window down. Instead, the guy just “saunters” away.

Damn it. They can’t get a gun to protect themselves from the bad people with guns.

Sunny 902

The Gang reunites at Paddy’s and now they’ve flip-flopped.

Frank walks in with boxes. They think it’s boxes of guns, but it’s water filters.

The Gang says they should hurry to the rally downtown, but Frank says he is not going to go to a rally with crazy gun-toting people. Too dangerous.

Sunny 902

He explains that he had just bought a stake in Gunther’s Guns and after riling everyone up, made a fortune from people clamoring for guns. This is America, you’re either the duper or the dupee. Everyone does it, liberals, conservatives.

Now he’s off to dupe the city into buying water filters.

The Gang watches him on the news again and agree, Frank’s good. Plus they really need to buy water filters.

Episode Thoughts
That was a fun episode. Some fun cameos from old faces and nice callbacks to going America on everyone’s ass.

But it was definitely interesting hearing about Dee setting her college roommate on fire. Must be a new plot point to explore in the future. (Speaking of, Mac’s not gay anymore?)

This was one of those rare All’s well that ends well episodes where the Gang isn’t screwed at the end. And that’s definitely a welcome episode to have once in a while.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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