Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 50 – What’s Important

Wizard 50

Fueki laughs as Haruto says he is the final hope. Fueki says he is the only one that can save Koyomi and says he will just have to stage another Sabbath.

Fueki sends an explosion toward Haruto, but he quickly henshins to Fire Dragon and they battle.

Haruto uses Drago Time to try and save Koyomi, but Fueki also has a duplicate Ring and manages to fight off all four Wizards. It was him that gave Haruto all his spells, after all.

“Yes. Thunder. Understand?”

Wizard 50

Fueki says Haruto cannot save Koyomi and he takes her and teleports away.

Wizard 50

Rinko, Shunpei, Mayu, Yuzuru and Yamamoto come running toward Kosuke. Kosuke and Yuzuru share a happy reunion and they all thank Kosuke to stopping the Sabbath. Except Yamamoto.

Does Koyomi even need saving, he asks. She’s dead anyway. It’s all because of her that he was forced to become a mage and all of Tokyo was in danger. That’s true, Rinko says, especially since Koyomi would never be happy knowing she lived at the cost of so many lives.

Wizard 50

But at the same time, Koyomi means a lot to them. Whatever, Yamamoto says, he doesn’t want anything to do with it and tells Mayu that they were being used merely as a means to an end.

Wizard 50 Wizard 50

At the manse, Koyomi asks Fueki how long he will keep this up. Fueki remembers Koyomi telling him not to do anything reckless for her. But he says he also made a promise that he would save her. He won’t give up.

Wizard 50

Kosuke tells Yuzuru he’s now a normal human. So Yuzuru says since he’s a mage anyway, he’ll do his best to fill in for Kosuke to protect everyone. But Kosuke says he should think about what’s important to him.

Wizard 50

Meanwhile, Mayu tells Rinko she will no longer use magic. She was only used just like Medusa. But Rinko says while that Ring was created with false hope, it also has saved many people.

Wizard 50

Back at Omokagedo, they fill Wajima in on what’s happened. They still haven’t heard from Haruto, nor Koyomi.

Fueki tells Koyomi he must stop her body from breaking down. But Koyomi says she’s fine this way. She doesn’t want to live off the sacrifices of others.

Wizard 50

But Fueki says that’s her. Koyomi’s lost soul surely wishes to return to her body.

No, Koyomi says. The soul that was once in that body would have never been happy with this plan either. “So please stop. Koyomi is dead.”

Wizard 50

Suddenly, Sora pops in and attacks. He wants to take Koyomi with him, for the Philosopher’s Stone. Fueki says he will not, but Sora says since the body is falling apart anyway, he could just wait.

Fueki henshins and they fight. Koyomi collapses, growing weaker once again. On the floor, she sees Haruto’s Infinity Ring and takes it.

Wizard 50

Fueki and Sora take their fight into the forest. Fueki grabs Sora.

“A mere Phantom has no chance of defeating me.”
“But you’re the one who gave birth to that Phantom! Daddy!”

Fueki spears Sora with his flute cane sword right into a tree. He sees Koyomi run past and tries to grab his sword, but Sora holds on to it.

Fueki leaves it stuck in Sora and runs after Koyomi.

Wizard 50

Koyomi reaches the lake where Haruto comes running. They run toward each other, but Koyomi collapses. Haruto apologizes and says he will save her. He takes her hand and puts it to his crotch driver, but she wants no more.

She says she is scared of dying, but if she does, no one else would have to. This is the only way to end everything.

No, Haruto says, there are other ways and they’ll find them. Koyomi takes his hands and gives him the Infinity Ring. It’s his, created from his own personal magic.

Wizard 50 Wizard 50

“If I disappear and the Philosopher’s Stone remains, make sure no one else takes it! As long as this stone exists, bad things will happen. So please! Just let me rest in peace like this. That is my hope.”

I will not allow it, Fueki says as he comes walking toward them. He wants to take her home, but Haruto will not allow that either.

Haruto henshins into Infinity and the battle begins.

Wizard 50

Koyomi watches as they fight each other to the bitter end, both throwing everything they have.

“It was a mistake for me to entrust Koyomi to you!”

Wizard 50

Both Fueki and Haruto unleash their Kick Strikes causing a huge explosion.

Both dehenshin and are collapsed on the ground. Haruto manages to get up and walks toward Koyomi. But Fueki stops him and knees him in the stomach.

Wizard 50

Fueki turns to Koyomi and says he is the only one that can save her.

Wizard 50

Suddenly, Sora arrives and slices Fueki with his flute sword. This was Sora’s plan, as long as he has that sword, he can take the Philosopher’s Stone.

Wizard 50

He slashes Fueki across the chest one more time and laughs as he collapses next to his daughter.

Wizard 50 Wizard 50

Fueki remembers his daughter and tries to touch her head one last time before dissolving into purple ash.

Wizard 50

Sora walks over to Koyomi and slashes her right in the chest. Her chest opens up and Sora pulls the Philospher’s Stone from her person.

Sora laughs, he finally has it. He can now become human. He walks away, laughing.

Haruto runs over to Koyomi. She weakly tells him “This is for the best.”

Wizard 50

“Haruto, you already know, I’m actually dead. You can’t retrieve a life once lost. No… that life mustn’t be retrieved.”

“I was happy that Haruto, old man Wajima, Rinko, Shunpei, Nito, you all accepted me.”
“We still will in the future. You’re still going to be with us.”
“Thank you… Haruto.”

Wizard 50

“Take care of the Philosopher’s Stone. Haruto… you are the final… hope.”

And with that Koyomi is gone.

Wizard 50

Episode Thoughts
Well shiiiiii…

That got me. When Sora first slices Fueki… that was definitely an Oh Shit moment. But then when he does the same to Koyomi!? I did not see that one coming. The tears started rolling down my face. MaGMCM indeed. Frack. That was tough to watch.

And all for a soulless puppet eh? Insanity. That’s some good stuff right there.

I definitely hope we see some reaction from Wajima-tachi to open the next episode. Koyomi looking back at how they all accepted her for who and what she was and all the good times they’ve had really hit the right spot. It would be a shame if we didn’t get some good grieving scenes from them before the likely Haruto-Sora battle.

Considering Mayu, Yuzuru and Yamamoto’s stories too though, it doesn’t feel like next week is the final episode. I wonder if they’ll still factor into the finale in a big way.

What I have appreciated the most though about the whole Mayu story is that we get to see more of Erina Nakayama who is awesome. She really made Medusa and now Mayu great characters.

I do wish we got to see more of Takahisa Maeyama out of the Phantom suit though. I think he’d own scenes of him in human form. I hope we get a non-henshined confrontation between him and Haruto next week.

Anyway, this was an amazing episode and definitely hit all its balls out of the park. Here’s to the final episode topping it in epic fashion.

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  1. Poor Koyomi i think it was better when she had no clue about her past bacause she was with Haruto the one guy that was hinted that she had a crush on. Sorry about shipping its a major problem I have. But still if she didn’t find out her father she would still be alive. RIP Koyomi

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