Check-in Review: Season 10 and It is Still Very Sunny in Philadelphia

I’ve definitely gotten very behind on my favorite American shows lately. I’ve only seen one episode between Supernatural and Grimm this season! A combination of real life and trying to keep up with The Amazing Race Philippines last fall limited my time to just sit down and enjoy my favorite English language programs. And that unfortunately carried over into January and February as the 10th (!) season of It’s Always Sunny on Philadelphia began on FXX.

But thankfully! I’ve finally caught up with the five episodes I’ve missed since the premiere. And what a trip those five episodes have been! In their 10th season and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is still the most hilarious show on all of television.

First of all, it’s an amazingly awesome and shocking feat that the show has survived to see a season 10 (and more guaranteed!). But even more amazing is that the show has not only been consistently funny every single year, they’ve managed to find ways to top themselves year after year. Name any other comedy or series period on television that can say that going into their 10th year? Heck, going into their 5th year even.

All the insane hilarity is still there. The outrageously random dilemmas the Gang gets themselves into. The new lows they’ll reach. The glorious musical interludes. Just excellent.

Let’s go through each of these amazing six episodes so far.

Episode 10.01 – “The Gang Beats Boggs”
The season premiere was a solid episode. Not the most outright hilarious, but one of those fun, random schemes only The Gang would do. Great to see Mantis Toboggan make an appearance. And Jan Brady as “North Dakota trash” was great.

Frank: “I’m going to become the first member of the Air Sex Society.”

Dee: “Heyo! Mama needs another pop, pop poppity pop. Soda pop, soda pop, soda pop, soda pop…”
Charlie: “What are you doing?! Quit dancing around like a jackass.”

Dee: “I feel like I got a rocket up my ass.”

Episode 10.02 – The Gang Group Dates
Episode 2 reminds us of The Gang’s interesting dating habits. Bunchers and Raters and Sparkers eh? It was fun seeing Dee “successful” with men for a little while. Dennis’ game has been off lately too, but it’s definitely been of his own doing. And the “other ones”: The bird lady, the troll man, the dirty one, the gay one. How about “creatine shits.”

Plus, we find out about The D.E.E. System:
D: Do Them
E: Establish Low Rating
E: Encrease Power… or Enfuriate Them… or Empower

This episode was also great in establishing that Dennis and Mac are living with Dee after the Thanksgiving fire. lol

And it was great to see The Waitress for a little bit and reminding us that she definitely wants Dennis.

Frank: “My cock ring is slipping off.”

Frank: “Oh shit, it fell off.”

Dennis: “You’re moving closer to the men who eat trash and bang transsexuals?!”

Frank: “What’s shittin’ it out go to do with anything?”

Frank: “We should avoid talking about muscles and men’s bodies and shits. It sends the wrong message.”

Dennis: “I’M A FIVE STAR MAN!!!”

The Waitress: “I don’t have online though.”

Dennis: “That phone is preposterous!”

The Waitress: “I don’t do, like, the e-mails.”

Dennis: “Go ahead, rate me. Cuz I’ll rate you! Go ahead, rate me, I don’t give a shit! I’ll rate you! Zero, zero zero!! I will rate every single woman in this restaurant!!!”

Dennis: “You get your self-worth when you convince yourself that you’re tough and that you’re straight.”
Mac: “I am tough!”

Episode 10.03 – Psycho Pete Returns
Episode 3 opens with another one of The Gang’s awesome musical interludes performing “Psycho Killer” before we get to meet Psycho Pete, another person whose life The Gang has ruined. (lol)

And of course, speaking of people The Gang has ruined, it’s just insane how much worse off Cricket is every time we see him. And now we find out he’s fine getting raped in the butt for a case of beer and some crack.

But the best parts were definitely psycho Dennis returning and learning more about Frank’s time at the Nitwit School. Sunny has always done so well pulling from past characters and storylines and even random throw away lines that eventually turn into their own things. Several times too.

So it was great to meet Frank’s half-frog “roommate”, but what of the lip-less girl he made out with?

Dennis and Dee’s back and forth about taxes was hilarious also.

Dennis: “You just painted your butt blue and nobody noticed the hole in your pants?”
Dee: “Yeah, it worked, it worked.”

Dee: “Once your brain is a piece of shit, it’s always a piece of shit.”

Dee: “He’s unzipped.”

Dennis: “You are never going to find a goddamn frog person, okay?”

Dennis: “Dee, I swear you’d be of more use to me if I skinned you and turned your skin into a lampshade. Or fashioned you into a piece of high-end luggage. I could even add you to my collection!”
Dee: “Are you saying that you have a collection of skin luggage?”
Dennis: “Of course I’m not Dee, don’t be ridiculous. Think of the smell. You haven’t thought of the smell you bitch! Now you say another word and I swear to God, I will dice you into a million little pieces. And put those pieces in a box. A glass box. That I will display on my mantle.”

Frank: “I’m not a frog! I know I’m not a frog!”

Cricket: “If you have crack, let’s boogie.”
Mac: “No one is going into your asshole.”
Cricket: “Well, I wouldn’t let ’em without the crack.”

Charlie: “Is there anything we can do to have you not talk about, like, sucking penises or getting raped in the butt?”

Dennis: “That’s how you get shit done.”
Dee: “No, that’s how you get diagnosed.”

Episode 10.04 – Charlie Work
Now this might be one of my favorite episodes in a long time. I read a little about it the day after it aired and I was excited to watch it. And it definitely did not disappoint.

From a production standpoint, it really was awesome seeing the clever editing they had to navigate through the entire bar set and their outdoor locations which are elsewhere in LA. Very awesome.

But I also enjoy when we get to see Charlie be more than just the idiot. I loved that episode where Charlie was believed to be a genius and I actually still think he might be. Referring to that shrink episode from season 8 (where we first learn about Frank’s Nitwit School), I think the shrink said Charlie was the most normal of the group. That might definitely be the case. And it was very fun to see Charlie be the leader this episode.

And it was a crazy fun episode. Lots of great detail and intricate writing that really made the episode just flow and be one wild ride like we don’t usually see on Sunny.

I am also looking forward to seeing more about the arbitration process in the future. lol

Dee: “Oh shit! This thing’s tits!”

Charlie: “You move the goddamn dumpster, you bitch!”

Episode 10.05 – The Gang Spies Like U.S.
This was probably my least favorite episode of the six so far. Dee in the fish factory was hilarious. But that Dennis and Mac were looking at porn and needed to get Dee out of the apartment so they could enjoy it was pretty obvious from the beginning. So that took the whole purpose of the rest of the episode away. There was no big shocker at the end or anything like that. Not even The Gang enjoying snapper or that jabroni waiter or Charlie talking about making creampies for kids was as amusing at it all could’ve been.

Just an okay episode, but definitely enjoyed Dee the most.

Dennis: “I do not want to taste your creampie.”
Charlie: “They taste great. I can guarantee it.”

Episode 10.06 – The Gang Misses the Boat
YES!!! Now this episode, I love. We get more confirmation that Mac’s gay. But! We finally got to see the climax of the long-simmering sexual tension between Charlie and Dee. That was both shocking and awesome. If you’ve watched Sunny for a while, you know there’s been something there this whole time. So while it might be absolutely disgusting to some (lol), it’s been a long time coming.

I do wonder if it’s going to be something moving forward or are we just going to pretend it never happened? Should be fun. Maybe it’ll be a Mac is Gay-type of thing that festers under the surface through episodes and episodes. Lol

Zeus, poops and shoes. Who would’ve thought Def Poetry Jam would get Charlie and Dee to finally hook up. lol

Dennis and his Range Rover. They’ve definitely had a lot of adventures in that Range Rover. And Dennis’ big Victorian Era speeches are always awesome.

This was definitely the most direct they’ve dealt with Mac being gay. It’s great that The Gang is just waiting for Mac to come out to them even if they don’t really care. But they definitely have no problem calling him on his sh*t.

Crazy, drunk, frog Frank is always hilarious, but I definitely love seeing “normal” rich Frank going around trying to get into schemes or trying to act cool. So I definitely enjoyed Frank in this episode. Great callback to the underage drinking of season 1 (season 1!!! Pe-Danny DeVito Sunny. Can you believe it?!” That feels so long ago.)

Hello rum ham!

I think this could’ve been an awesome season finale too. Just like last season, it ends with The Gang realizing all they need is each other and to be just as they are.

Charlie: “I appreciate a menu with pictures.”

Dee: “That’s crazy. Black people don’t do stuff that’s not cool.”

Dennis: “I don’t have to explain myself to a worm-sucking idiot.”

Dennis: “Does she have a dick?”

Frank: “I don’t know who the hell you are, cuz we didn’t have a black.”

Frank: “No, you’re too tall. By any chance do you have homosexual tendencies?”

Charlie: “That’s super-Def right there.”
Dee: “That was the Deffest.”

Dennis: “I have contained my rage for as long as possible, but I shall unleash my fury upon you like the crashing of a thousand waves. Be gone vile man! Be gone from me! A starter car? This car is a finisher car. A transporter of gods. The Golden God! I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds.”

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