Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Samurai Christmas Special – Stuck on Christmas

More like Stuck on Samurai. Just when you thought it was over.


The Rangers get stuck in the Megazord after it short circuits their power supply (says Mia). I think the blizzard of Christmas-themed puns was what did it in, to be honest. Jayden tells Kevin to fix it while Mike is anxious to get Christmas going, now now now!!!

Back at the Manse, Mentor/Ji is decorating the Christmas tree when Bulk and Spike arrive at the door. Spike wants to deliver a gift for Mia. But seeing the two are freezing, Mentor/Ji invites them in.

In the darkened cockpit, Mia and Emily excitedly act like girls who only think about shopping and clothes

At Chez Shiba, Bulk and Spike act like they’re dirt poor and ask Mentor/Ji if they could decorate the Christmas tree since they’ve never had one. Sure he says, but they end up causing more trouble instead when they act like idiots as Mentor/Ji makes them some hot chocolate.

The Rangers cheer themselves up by saying it’s “fun fun fun” as long as they’re together.

Back at the estate, Bulk and Spike tell Mentor/Ji that they know the Power Rangers and actually help them sometimes, like assistants or Junior Rangers.

It’s been hours in the cockpit. Mia, Emily and Mike have fallen asleep as Kevin realizes, durr… connect the red and green wires for a “mini-Christmas miracle!” The Megazord is back up and running. Jayden calls Mentor/Ji to tell him they’re on their way home and Mentor asks them for a favor.

Wanting to leave before the drill sergeant chick arrives, Bulk and Spike try to escape without being noticed, but Mentor/Ji tells them he has a surprise for them. In walks the Rangers, still morphed. They thank Bulk and Spike for helping and now they feel validated for being useless for two years.

Merry Christmas!

Episode Thoughts
And it’s finally, truly, really over. Done. Finished. No more new Power Rangers Samurai ever. Forever ever.


What can be said about a clip show? At least this wasn’t as horribly atrocious as this year’s Halloween special.

With a Samurai clip show, it’s almost like a succession of torture with the “best of” the worst of Samurai…which is pretty much everything.

It’s Christmas, why continue being mean to Samurai. But really, every episode of Samurai is like a lump of coal.

I kid, I kid. Maybe.

But the season, seasons, whatever is finally over. And this is the last opportunity to “gift” Samurai and Power Rangers with some deserved ribbing. Until Megaforce at least.

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