Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 14 (Leg 4, Day 3) – “I’m rich, but I can’t carry it!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 14 (Leg 4, Day 3)

Boom & Cheng licks salesladies’ faces while the three all-girl teams hurry through the Detour.  Sheena & Gee speed ahead at the shoe shop while Boom & Cheng and Dani & Mish catch up to LJ & CJ.  

While Manang Saleslady counts LJ & CJ shoes, Boom & Cheng comment how they still caught up and are now ahead of them even with the Yield.  CJ says it’s karma and explains to them how the Yield works.  Che!

They leave.  Dani expresses her disappointment that the guys left her and Mish at the mines and they argue that it wasn’t allowed to have four people in the car.

Back at the mines, Pamela has trouble finding the right key then has trouble opening the latch even unlocked.  Her troubles continue when she can’t even carry the bullion out of the chest.  So she tips the chest over to have the bullion fall out.  She then struggles to carry it out, but pushed through it, for all of us.

Ed & Angel arrive at the Market and quickly sell their brooms.

At the Grotto, Saida & Jervi start counting at the bottom while Marc & Kat are up above them.  Fasuto & Dayal are the bottom, but they aren’t sure where to start counting.

Marc & Kat arrive at the Mat and tell Sister Bea their answer.  It’s correct, so Derek gives them another P200,000 for winning another leg.

Saida & Jervi get to the top, but their answer is incorrect so they head back down.  Fausto & Dayal get to the top, write 197, but it is incorrect.  Sister Bea sends them back down.  They argue where to start and end counting.

Saida & Jervi  give their second answer, 215, and Sister Bea congratulates them.  Derek checks them in 2nd.

Fausto & Dayal give their second answer and it’s wrong.  Sheena & Gee, LJ & CJ, Boom & Cheng and Dani & Mish arrive.  Sheena & Gee, LJ & CJ and Dani & Mish are incorrect on their first try, but Boom & Cheng get it right and finish 3rd.

LJ & CJ get it on their second try and officially finish 4th.  Back at the Market, Ed & Angel finish the shoe task while Pamela & Vanessa arrive and start selling.  They pretend they are selling the brooms for charity complete with Vanessa crying and grabbing onto people’s arms. 

At the Grotto, Sheena & Gee get their second attempt wrong allowing Dani & Mish to pass them and officially check-in 5th after their third attempt.  Sheena & Gee settle for 6th.

A frustrated Fausto & Dayal end up 7th after their ninth attempt.  Ed & Angel finish 8th.

That leaves Pamela & Vanessa.  They have incorrect answers, but Derek puts them out of their misery,  tells them they don’t have to recount their steps and eliminates them.  They do their cheer one last time.

Episode Thoughts
An okay episode.  Hate the editing at the Mat though.  Seems too sloppy not to have Derek doing the full “SO and SO, you are Team #…. Team #….”

Marc & Kat
Saida & Jervi
 LJ & CJ
Ed & Angel
Pamela & Vanessa

BUY 10
Sheena & Gee
Dani & Mish
Boom & Cheng

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Quotes from Episode 14

Pamela: “You guys!  You lose my key!”

Pamela: “I’m rich, but I can’t carry it!”

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