Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 12 (Leg 4, Day 1) – “Very hot na ako eh.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 12 (Leg 4, Day 1)

Marc & Kat open the first clue telling teams to take a bus to Baguio City.  LJ & CJ meet them at the bus terminal and Marc suggests they hide so they other teams won’t see them and take the same bus as them, even though the first bus leaves at 5:40am.

Boom & Cheng, Saida & Jervi and Sheena & Gee join the others upstairs to hide, but the others easily see them.

It’s 5:40 and the teams board the first bus without Pamela & Vanessa.  But suddenly as they climb the mountain, the bus stops and the conductors and driver have to weld something together for it to move again.  The Housewives are just leaving Bontoc, but then make a stop along the way to get more passengers.

The first bus gets going and as soon as they get to Baguio, the teams scramble for taxis to get them to Balatoc Mines.  Dani & Mish arrive first and they open the clue to find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams will descend into the mines where they must find a key in the walls that will open a chest.  They will then carry a large gold bullion out of the mines to receive their next clue.

Dani decides to do the Road Block.  There’s a cart, but no driver so she walks it down the tunnels and gets started trying to find the correct key to open the locks.

The next group of teams arrives as Dani is still trying to unlock her chest.  She manages to get it open, but so does Fausto.  He easily runs out the mine with his gold while Dani struggles carrying it.  Kat opens her chest and being the bodybuilder she catches up to Dani.  Jervi, meanwhile, is close behind and uses his manly side to pass both Kat and Dani.

Fausto & Dayal are now in first when they open their next clue.  Teams must now head to the Baguio Public Market where they will encounter their first Yield.

LJ, Sheena and Angel head down the mines where Boom is still looking for the right key.  LJ finds her key first, but Boom manages to pass her on the way out.

Up top, Dani & Mish are struggling to find a taxi as the one they took here has left them.  Boom & Cheng hop into their taxi and Dani begs to let them ride with them, but they just leave them.  Dani approaches a private car, but Mish reminds her it is against the rules.

Dani grows frustrated again as they have no ride back into the center of town.

Episode Thoughts
That was a great start to the leg.  Fast paced and very exciting.  WOOHOO to equalizers!  Finally great to see teams all Racing together at the same time again.

The Road Block was good.  Specific to the location and physically tough as well.

Please, please let the next two episodes be just as good!  And please someone Yield Marc & Kat! lol


Maligcong Rice Terraces
Bontoc, Mountain Province

Marc & Kat 1:38am
LJ & CJ 2:04am
Boom & Cheng 2:48am
Saida & Jervi 3:06am
Sheena & Gee 3:14am
Dani & Mish 3:28am
Ed & Angel 3:36am
Fausto & Dayal 3:42am
Pamela & Vanessa 6:54am


Who did the Road Block?
Gusto mo bang maging ubod ng yaman? / You want to be filthy rich?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
2 Fausto Dayal 2
2 Marc Kat 2
1 Saida  Jervi 1
1 Dani Mish 3
1 Cheng Boom 3
3 LJ CJ 1
2 Sheena Gee 2
1 Angel Ed 3
Not yet arrived
2 Vanessa Pamela 1

1 Anton Armand 10
0 Mykey Crystel 1

Quotes from Episode 12

Pamela: “Okay lang friend, gusto ko naman ang malamig, kasi very hot na ako eh.”

Marc: “Siyempre, si Jervi, lalake pa rin yun, kahit…”

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