Recap: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Mission 37 – The Black and White Brides

Go-Busters 37

Yoko walks in just as Ryuji, Kuroki and Usada are having coffee talking about how she probably hasn’t experienced having a first love yet. Yes I have, she says, mentioning how the guy was much older than her.

Ryuji assumes she’s talking about when they were kids and she said she’d be his bride.

Nope, no him, she replies. But she does say that there’ll be a wedding. The command center is in shock, but actually she’s just gotten an invitation to the wedding of her elementary school homeroom teacher whom she had a crush on.

Go-Busters 37

He was very kind to her and funny. Usada is upset he never heard anything about this. Kuroki is worried Yoko might have gotten special treatment after he told the school about her situation. Ryuji thinks getting invited to the wedding is very suspicious. They vow to get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile across town, Escape is upset about Enter’s methods and thinks at this rate, all the cards will be lost, and therefore Papa would be lost forever. She also thinks Enter’s different now. She vows to make Papa stronger herself, make suer Papa is pretty good. She finds another card infecting a wedding tiara.

Go-Busters 37

The Tiararoid changes the bride’s mind and she runs off during the wedding.

“Do be do be do be do wah!”

The Go-Busters arrive and Tiararoid says she is gathering data on Lo-ve.

Go-Busters 37

Jin and J arrive and they all henshin. Tiararoid slaps them around a little until Escape arrives to usher Tiararoid to other weddings. The Go-Busters try to catch up, but Escape and Tiararoid are pretty fast jumping from location to location.

Kuroki has suggested all weddings be suspended for now and Yoko is sad her teacher’s wedding tomorrow will be suspended as well. Nakamura says the Megazord will arrive a noon tomorrow.

Go-Busters 37

Escape looks to be downloading something into herself when Tiaraoird comes running saying she has a visitor. It’s Enter. He says he warned her to be obedient. He wants her to return the Metaroid to him, but finders keepers she says.

Suddenly, Escape shows something and Enter understands.

“If you’re ready to go that far, then I’ll give you one chance. Good luck mademoiselle.”

Go-Busters 37

Next day, Yoko meets her teacher who’s all dressed up. They hug and Ryuji comes to pull her away. He gives him a very firm handshake and Hiromu pulls Ryuji off him. The teacher says he’ll be the decoy groom and asks Yoko to join him in marriage.

Ryuji goes crazy, though makes the perfectly reasonable point that a teacher and a student is forbidden. “Completely not allowed!”

Hiromu tells Ryuji to calm down and drags him away.

Go-Busters 37

The fake wedding ceremony begins. Hiromu, Jin, Ryuji and Nakamura are the guests, Morishita is the priest, and Kuroki walks Yoko down the aisle.

Go-Busters 37

Jin says maybe Yoko will really fall in the love with the teacher now. Ryuji objects but is then speechless when he sees Yoko in her wedding gown.

Go-Busters 37

Kuroki and Yoko arrive at the altar and Kuroki gives the teacher a look, a scoff and a little shove as he takes his seat.

Go-Busters 37

They finish the ceremony, but no Tiararoid. They decide to do it again and again until suddenly, black rose petals come flying in and a bride in a black gown appears.

Go-Busters 37

A Black Bride! Actually, it’s Escape. She throws her bouquet in the air and everyone takes cover as she pulls Gog and Magog out to light the place up with bullets. She spins away (literally!) as the Go-Busters follow.

They meet Escape, who takes her gown off, with Tiararoid and they henshin. Kuroki tells Hiromu to take 01 and face the just arrived Megazord. Hiromu teams up with Lioh.
Go-Busters 37

Meanwhile, Messiah starts talking through Tiararoid. When Ryuji turns to shoot at Tiararoid, Escape covers her Papa from the blasts. ‘I’ll make sure you turn out good,” she tells her Papa.

Suddenly, she transforms into a new form. Enter is impressed that she’s installed new data into herself even though she risks making her essence unstable.

Go-Busters 37

Yoko uses Powered Custom to take on Escape herself. Why would you go so far, Yoko asks. Escape says as much as she likes to fight good opponents, she also cares about Papa just as much and would do anything for him.

The guys meanwhile get rid of Tiararoid with Ryuji using Gorillarge Punch.

Go-Busters 37

When Escape hears her Papa has been destroyed again, she is distracted giving Yoko the chance to get a shot at her before she retreats when her new form disappears.

Hiromu meanwhile shoots flying Megazords out of the sky to shut down that tiara-wearing mecha,

Yoko tells the others she’s caught the bouquet. Ryuji tells her about the tradition about whoever catches the bouquet getting married next, but Jin and Hiromu tell him to shut up and push him aside.

Go-Busters 37

Yoko says maybe the teacher is not her first love. He’s nice and all, but she doesn’t really feel it yet. What she feels about her teacher is different now.

Jin says someday Yoko will find a true love and tells Ryuji that she has already grown up.

Go-Busters 37

Episode Thoughts
I definitely like Go-Busters focus episodes. They usually go a lot deeper into each character, even the Buddyroids.

Here, we look at how Yoko is slowly growing up. The others are always treating her like a little kid, but this episode showed she’s taking those baby steps.

One interesting thing though. Maybe it’s the shipper in me and watching all those Korean dramas, but at first it seemed as though Ryuji might have feelings for Yoko even though they’ve maintained that big brother/little sister dynamic. But the way Ryuji acted the whole episode wasn’t just about being protective of his little sister. At least, it didn’t come across that way.

Still, it was a surprisingly fun episode that I did not expect. Kuroki’s scowl at the teacher was hilarious. All the Escape stuff was awesome. And who doesn’t love a good ol’ wedding shootout (not in real life, of course).

Plus, again with the cutesy voiced Metaroid. She even went “Do Be Do Be Do Wah!” How can a Metaroid be too cute? lol

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  1. Ryuji is doing what big brothers always do he doesn’t wan Yoko to get married to someone who he thinks isnt mister right. But isn’t that problem meant for her dad because only yoko’s mum went into he cybo space

    1. They never really mentioned her dad. They even kinda teased that Jin was her father because he apparently had feelings for Yoko’s mother, but it never happened. hehe

        1. I’m just glad you know about the Jin being Yoko’s dad thing. I thought that you didn’t know.

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