Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 5 – The Deciding Match of the Contest

After the Wizardriver gives Haruto an “Error,” Caitsith forces him to un-henshin. But instead of finishing Haruto off, Caitsith decides to run off. Shunpei and Rinko run towards Haruto to help him up.

Takagi appears and mocks Haruto. Rinko and Shunpei take offense, but Haruto points out how Takagi wanted the Phantom to attack so he wouldn’t have to compete tomorrow. He admits it’d be easier for his hands to get chopped off instead of competing and losing.

Takagi takes another verbal jab at Haruto and Koyomi speaks up, saying it was her fault Haruto lost to Caitsith. She tells Haruto to forget about Takagi and she walks away. Haruto goes after her, but collapses.

Across town, Medusa tells Phoenix about meeting “a fascinating woman” on her way to checking on Caitsith who appears and mentions the same strange woman foiling his plan.

At the antique shop, Shunpei and Rinko try to figure out Koyomi. Overhearing their conversation, Wajima explains to them that the present Koyomi is probably what was leftover of the Gate after the Phantom was born. Her life, her memories are all gone, leaving behind just the shell which Haruto is keeping alive only through magic.

Koyomi is sitting by Haruto’s bedside. Haruto wakes up and asks about Takagi. She says Garuda is keeping watch, but that Haruto shouldn’t put so much effort into helping Takagi. He tells her that while he may say he doesn’t care, he really doesn’t want to give in.

Later, Koyomi tells Wajima to take care of Haruto as she steps out. Shunpei and Rinko follow her as they end up at Takagi’s apartment. He is already frustrated when they show up as his doorstep, having just slammed his mirror onto the floor.

Takagi tells them it’d be nice if the Phantom ruins the competition, but Koyomi lays it all out on the table. She says he’s just afraid of not living up to his own expectations and that he isn’t living in the now.

Koyomi says he’s just like she was and she flashes back to the day of the ritual after all the craziness. She is depressed and just wants to give up on life since her body is just a cold shell. But Haruto says no matter what they’ve become, they have to live in the now. He places the Engage ring on her finger and promises to be her “final hope.

Back in the present, Koyomi relays that same message to Takagi and assures him that Haruto will protect him..

On a rooftop somewhere, Medusa and Phoenix give Caitsith one more chance to get the Phantom out of the Gate.

Outside Takagi’s apartment, Koyomi decides to keep watch out and asks Shunpei and Rinko what they’re still doing here. Both Shunpei and Rinko agree to stay with her, but Koyomi snaps back that it’s none of their business.

Rinko takes Koyomi’s hands into hers. Koyomi demands she let go, but Rinko refuses and says that this does have to do with them. They are both alike in that they share having been saved by Haruto giving them hope. Shunpei agrees and places his hands over Rinko and Koyomi’s.

“We might not have special powers, but we can also accept everything.”

Koyomi feels the warmth from their hands.

“Do whatever you want.”

Next morning, Wajima tells Haruto about the three having gone out to watch Takagi. They are at the music hall and watch as Takagi takes the stage. He begins playing his piece while Caitsith appears outside with an army of Ghouls. Haruto, sitting on a nearby bench, puts down his bag of donuts and henshins.

He finishes off the first round of Ghouls and Caitsith calls on more. Haruto uses a Copy Ring and summons 7 more Kamen Rider Wizards to take care of the rest of the Ghouls before setting his sights on Caitsith.

They trade some jabs before Caitsith hops away. Haruto puts on the Hurricane Ring to throw Caitsith around the plaza before using the Hurricane Slash Strike finisher.

After the competition, Koyomi, Rinko, Shunpei and Takagi walk out of the music hall together and see Haruto sitting on the bench. Takagi tells Haruto about making it to the finals. He fell a little short, but he accepts where he’s at now.

Takagi tells Koyomi that she opened his eyes and he leaves them.

Haruto’s craving some donuts. Koyomi offers to treat him to some. Shunpei calls out after them and asks if he and Rinko can come.

“Do what you want,” Koyomi says which basically means “Sure,” and Shunpei and Rinko run after them.

Shunpei trips and Koyomi smiles at him and Rinko. Haruto gives Koyomi a smile before they head off.

Episode Thoughts
There we go. It was a good episode since we finally got an explanation as to why Koyomi is the way she is. She really has seemed aloof and emotionless, or as Rinko put it, “cold.” So this information definitely makes her character a little more interesting. I’m relieved too. If it wasn’t part of the story, then I’d have to believe that the actress, Makoto Okunaka was just horrible and stiff. Thankfully, Koyomi is supposed to be that way. Lol

I’m enjoying the dynamic Shunpei and Rinko bring tagging along with Haruto. Unlike in Fourze, they’re not really “helping” like the KRC did for Gentaro whether it be communication or tossing him switches. For Shunpei and Rinko, it’s like they’re there for moral support as well as legitimately being grateful to Haruto for saving their life. And in Shunpei’s case, wanting to be a wizard too, of course.

Now I want to see a Wajima backstory ep of course. I love it when seemingly innocent, straightforward characters get a little more unexpected depth. But I guess we’re going to head into the meat of the story and the Phantom/Gate of the Week stuff now that our main characters have been properly established.

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