Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.06 – Over My Dead Body

“Whilst he thus gazed before him, he saw a snake creep out of a corner of the vault and approach the dead body.”

Nick comes home to find Juliette has cooked his favorite dish.

“I may never remember who you were, but I’d like to get to know who you are.”

She asks how they met and he recounts how she was a witness to a hit and run. She remembers talking to a good looking policeman.

Meanwhile, a European woman arrives in Portland and calls Renard saying she wants to make it up to him for what happened between them in Vienna. They agree to meet for dinner. They talk about their families. She says she always wonders if she ever had a part in the way his family treats him and asks if he’ll ever return to his “rightful place.” Only on my terms, he says.

Elsewhere, Monroe is preparing his own special dinner with Rosalee. She asks him which clock in his collection is his favorite and he happily introduces her to a family cuckoo clock.

And popping up at a bar, Angelina, the Blutbad. She ends up killing a Wesen she’s horned up, but now the guy’s boss needs someone to do the job the guy was supposed to do. $10,000 upfront, $15,000 when she “delivers.” He hands her a folder of what she has to get and she agrees.

Monroe and Rosalee are bonding over being fans of a famous Zitherist when Angelina bursts through the door. She scoffs at Monroe being romantic with a Fuchsbau. Roselee leaves and Angelina tells him that she’s here to kill him.

She hands him the folder with his picture in it, says it was given to her by a Königschlange and tells him she has no idea why they want him dead. He wants to call Nick for help, but she doesn’t want him to.

At the Burkhardts, Juliette asks Nick about him proposing to her and asks why she said no. Nick answers his phone and heads over.

Monroe starts to explain and as soon as Angelina walks out, he draws his gun. Monroe tries to calm both of them down. Rosalee calls Monroe to check up on him and lets him know she’s heading out of town after her mother called about her aunt having a stroke. She asks Monroe to watch the shop for a couple of days.

Angelina wants to make sure Nick won’t arrest her for murder as soon as he gets the chance. Nick asks Hank to stay with Monroe while he heads out to the bar with Angelina. Hank and Monroe have a drink, or several, and Monroe gives Hank a Wesen lesson.

Nick and Angelina arrive at the bar where police are already investigating the body of the guy from last night. Angelina steps out of Nick’s truck and give the detective and Nick the blow by blow account of what happened last night, pretending to be Nick’s partner of course.

The detective finds the guy’s wallet, which Angelina had tossed aside last night and says he knows of the guy. Definitely not the first time he’s assaulted a woman. Nick and Angelina head back to the truck and she hands him the guy’s cell phone that she picked up, realizing he had gotten a call last night from his boss.

Nick gets the number traced and they find the Königschlange’s right hand at a hardware store. She demands he tell her why they want Monroe dead and the guy says it’s because he’s friends with a Grimm. The people behind this want to send a message to the Grimm and set an example that working with a Grimm is not good.

Nick heads to Hank’s house and smoothes things over with Hank about Angelina. They explain what they’ve learned and Nick thinks the big power behind this is the Royal that’s rumored to be in Portland.

So how are they going to deliver a dead Monroe tonight. Monroe suggests deadfaint.

Monroe calls Rosalee who’s on a bus and asks how to make deadfaint. When he explains what it’s for, she doesn’t want to help them. There are risks involved, including Monroe never waking up from it ever again. Angelina seems to get emotional seeing Rosalee and Monroe’s closeness, even over the phone.

The Königschlange calls the phone he gave Angelina and gives the location where to deliver Monroe’s body.

Across town, Renard gets a call from the European woman who says to come to her room in a few hours. But Renard gets a call informing him the woman’s plane is getting ready to leave.

Monroe drinks the deadfaint and… deadfaints. Rosalee tells Angelina that if he doesn’t wake up in two hours, they’ll have to respirate him. If his face turns white and his hands begin to curl, he’s running out of time.

Angelina heads to the meeting point with Nick and Hank close by. The Königschlange arrives and checks if he’s dead or not. Angelina sees the hands curling and asks where her money is, but the Königschlange says she’ll get the money when the person paying for the hit gets the body.

The Königschlange calls someone and another car arrives. It’s the European woman. She looks over the body and tells her men to pay Angelina. Angelina, however, sees Monroe’s hands curling even more and his face turning whiter and she can’t take it anymore. She starts giving him mouth to mouth.

“The hell is she doing?”
“It’s disgusting.”

Monroe wakes up. Nick and Hank come running, firing at the men. The Königschlange right hand takes his gun out and shoots Angelina. Monroe immediately attacks the guy. The European woman drives away.

Nick fights the Königschlange and asks who hired him, but Hank shoots him.

Monroe holds Angelina in his arms. She tells him to be careful and takes her last breath.

Renard meets the European woman at the airstrip and demands she tell him everything.

Nick calls Rosalee to tell her Monroe is fine. He sits on the couch, his bed for the last couple of weeks and finds a note from Juliette, “Thanks for the new memories.”

Out in the forest, Monroe buries Angelina in their traditional Blutbad way.

Episode Thoughts
An interesting episode. Straightforward, but does well in continuing to set up the Grimm world. We know people are after Nick, but I think this episode was important for the small moments.

First, Juliette opening up to Nick and maybe open to basically starting their relationship over.

Then the fun scene of Hank being half-scared/half-fascinated by Monroe Wolge-ing.

And the affirmation that Monroe and Rosalee are pretty much Grimm‘s OTP. Sure, we have Nick and Juliette, but Monroe and Rosalee are the ones with less drama. The scene of Angelina realizing how much they love each other was great.

The unnamed European woman. Sure, she helped add some background to Renard, but all their scenes together came off flat to me and came across as merely scenes to help establish the danger Nick (and in this episode, Monroe) is in.

But there’s also this interesting deleted scene teased by the Grimm Twitter and Facebook interns.

I haven’t really touched on it the last few eps, but Renard seems to have become a little infatuated with Juliette, maybe as the effects from the potion he drank to save her. Interesting to see how this will develop moving forward.

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