Power Rangers Samurai, Episode 24? – Christmas Together, Friends Forever

So it’s the Christmas version of the monsters Halloween episode with the Rangers instead reminiscing about their last year together.

Emily writes her sister an e-mail (serena@powerrangermail.net… Really?) wherein she fawns over how amazing Mike is. She then casually mentions how Mia is her best friend.

Mia then is ecstatic that Jayden has opened up and begun to have more fun. And also how Kevin wants to be just like Jayden and is also very skilled. Kevin and Mike remember how bad of a cook Mia is.

Back to Emily who forces us to relive those bad Kiwi versions of Jayden and Antonio and Antonio’s “bonita” quips. Emily finishes her letter in bed, reminds us how this was supposed to be her sister’s journey, that she misses her and her family, but she’s happy to spend Christmas with her extended family at the… SHIBA House. (lol)

Christmas morning and they are opening presents. Looks like Kevin gave Mia a cookbook and backhandedly tells her she sucks at cooking. Jayden gets balls, Emily gets a scarf. Mike is sad that Santa apparently forgot about him as everyone finishes opening their presents. But they hand him an envelope with a note telling him to look outside. They’ve gotten him a green motorcycle. But after he takes it out for a spin, he gives it to Bulk and Spike.


Episode Thoughts
Well, what do you really expect from a clip show? The fresh scenes were okay, if not right in line with all the other cringe-worthy scenes from Samurai.

First off, the Mike highlight reel at the beginning of the episode was strange. Mostly because looking back at the “premiere” episode we got and then this long highlight reel of Mike’s best hits (relatively speaking), it almost makes it seem like Samurai is all about Mike.

I dunno about Mike giving his bike to Bulk and Spike. I mean, geez, it’s a freaking motorcycle your friends gave you for Christmas dude. I think the gesture was even more *smack to the head* worthy since it was Bulk and Spike. Who flew it in the air. Great.

And Kevin’s mean-spirited gift to Mia. Way to instill those good values.

But a big LOL, still, to see “Shiba” being mentioned on Samurai, especially as Jayden’s family name.

So, it was a clip show. What more is there to say?
Merry Christmas maybe?

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