Power Rangers Samurai, Episode 20 (or 2 or 0.2) – Origins, Part 2

OO-AH-OO! Octoroo discovers how to use the human world to raise the Sanzu River. (Ah ha moment #1!)

Meanwhile Mike has trouble focusing on practicing Japanese kanji and on training. But that has to wait as Mia tells him and Kevin that Emily’s gone so they go into the city to look for her.

In the city, a strange, lanky guy gets off a bus with a lot of luggage and here to pick him up… Farkas Bulkmeier… better known as Bulk. He welcomes Spike and asks about his dad, Skull (Ah ha moment #2!)

Mike, Kevin and Mia meet up again and still can’t find Emily. Mike just wants to eat, but Mia is worried about country girl Emily in the big city.

They then get into a discussion about the Samurai lifestyle. Kevin is completely committed and he doesn’t miss his dreams of swimming in the Olympics. Mia just wants a normal life and is a little scared she won’t find her prince charming someday..

They finally find Emily training in the middle of the park and tells them about having to take over being the Yellow Ranger after her older sister got sick. She may not be a “superstar” in school, but she can play the hell out of a flute and can definitely handle a sword. So this is a fresh start for her.

More Bulk and Spike nonsense.

The alarms sound at the Samurai mansion and Ji explains the gap sensors that signal when a Nighlok has crossed over (Ah ha moment #3!).

The Rangers go off to fight the Nighlok. But they get beat and the non-Red Rangers demorph from the impact. Jayden tries to rally them, but Emily is badly injured. Jayden tells Mia to stay with Emily as he goes to save a little girl. The other four Rangers are in awe of Jayden’s resilience and they muster up the strength to morph again and help.

They finish off the first life, but here comes the Mega Monster. They zord up.
Jayden says they have to combine. Kevin initiates the combination. But the four non-Reds just stack their origami selves on top on one another.

The Nighlok says they look like a Daruma Otoshi totem pole.

Emily: “If Ranger totem poles crush Nighloks, then you got it!.”

Mike takes offense to being on the bottom of the totem pole and starts wobbling causing them all to fall over. Jayden decides to initiate the combination this time and they correctly form the Samurai Megazord.

Now they can finally defeat the Nighlok. Back home, they celebrate. Emily apologizes for holding them back earlier, but the others encourage her.
Mike tells the others he’s learned a new symbol… fun. Out pops gold confetti and he starts dancing.


Episode Thoughts
Like last week, this was a perfect episode had it aired when it was supposed to. We got to learn about the Rangers, we learned about Bulk and Spike, no matter how useless and unfunny they have/will be since this episode, and we learned about the technical stuff about The Sanzu and the gap sensors.

So really, there is no good reason why these “Origins” episodes shouldn’t have aired as the true 1st and 2nd episodes.

The acting was a little worse in this episode though, a sign of their first weeks in the roles.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 2 – The Stylish Combination

There were some reasonable differences between the eps.

In the opening scene where they were training, Shinkenger had Chiaki being a brat and taking a shot at Takeru. Samurai ended the opening scene with Mike making a bad joke.

After battling the Gedoshu, when Kotoha takes the biggest hit, Takeru was much more of a cold, hard-ass. He even said to leave Kotoha there on the ground. If she’s that weak and beaten so easily, she’d only be a hindrance. The other Shinkengers come to Kotoha’s defense as Takeru runs off to fight. “Let’s just fight ourselves,” they say, they don’t need a jerk for a leader.

But Kotoha stands up and says he’s right though. “It’s meaningless unless we protect everyone,” she says as they watch Takeru save a little girl (in a much cooler way than Jayden, mind you) and hold off the Gedoshu.

That entire scene was much better (naturally), maybe a little more overdramatic, but much more convincing than the Samurai scene.

Also, for the episode’s final scene, Samurai had Mike being random. Shinkenger had Ryunosuke going crazy with guilt for doubting their tono, taking his clothes off and jumping into a fountain. I’ll take Ryunosuke’s over the top-ness over strange scenes of gold confetti.

And I like Samurai easily translating Kotoha’s “oden” comment in Shinkenger regarding the funny Origami stack to it being a totem pole and blocks. It was amusing.

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