Power Rangers Samurai, Episode 6 – There Go The Brides

Mia and Jayden are getting married! Jii and Kevin are getting emotional. Emily thinks Mia looks so beautiful. Mike wants to be sick.

But it turns out they’re just setting up a trap for the Moogers. They instead go to another church and take a another bride.

Five brides have been kidnapped so far and the Rangers are trying to find a way to get to the same church the Moogers will hit.

Dayu has a lot of plans for the kidnapped brides. Sure, their tears can fill the Sanzu, but their tears also help create the thread for her own wedding dress.

As Xandred lounges around, Octoroo updates him on Dayu’s moves and says Dayu is still holding on to the past. He also reports that he has seen Decker on the other side.

The Rangers narrow down the weddings to one (after everyone else canceled) and Mia happily volunteers to be bride bait again.

The Rangers tell the real bride and groom to hide and the Moogers indeed arrive and Mia gets taken away, just as they planned.

But what doesn’t go to plan, Dayu knows exactly who Mia is. And they are able to get the real bride too. She forces Mia to lead the Rangers into a trap at the docks where they end up locked in a warehouse filled with dynamite.

Just as Dayu orders the Moogers to get rid of Mia, Jayden, Mike and Kevin arrive and the Rangers reveal their own plan.

It was Emily that was captured, not the real bride. And the Rangers had created doubles of themselves to head to the warehouse.

They’ve outsmarted Dayu, but the fight isn’t over yet. They go head to head with her.
Just as they try to finish her off, Decker arrives to block their blast. Decker tells Jayden that they will duel soon.

He takes Dayu and they run, but not before bringing in upsized Moogers for the obligatory zord battle of the episode.

Mike complements Emily on looking good in a wedding dress, the guys walk ahead and Emily notices Mia in deep thought. Mia can’t help but think Dayu’s anger was all because of some great past sadness. But Emily cheers her up and says she helped a lot of brides today and that one day, she’ll get to be a bride for real.

Mia walks ahead as Jayden’s mind is on who the hell that guy was that came to save Dayu. Emily cheerily comes up to Jayden and says they should have some celebratory cupcakes. They finally encounter Bulk & Spike.

Episode Thoughts
This was the strongest episode so far. It suffered the least from the translation. They cut down on the puns, Bulk & Spike weren’t just shoehorned in, and the acting was more than passable for a change. (A good change.)

Sentai or Power Rangers?: Tie, leaning towards Sentai
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 8 – The Brides Are Spirited Away

It’s close. I guess we should get used to PRS being a scene-for-scene translation from Shinkenger. What I wish is that PRS infuses more of itself into the writing. No doubt the Sentai writers do a good job, but PRS needs to be more than just an English-dubbed version with new visuals.

Anyway, this episode probably made it across the Pacific the best so far. But interesting things to point out.

The Shinkenger episode had Ryunnosuke as the bride not Kotoha. It probably made more sense in Shinkenger than it would have in PRS had Kevin been the bride instead of Emily since Ryunnosuke was a kabuki actor so he’s used to dressing up fancily and wearing makeup.

And a nitpick, in the scene where the dummyRangers head to the warehouse, they actually spoke as opposed to Shinkenger where the copies didn’t… since they’re just dummies and not actual people. Again, just a nitpick, but you’re already doing a scene-for-scene almost line-by-line translation, why add something that ends up being an inconsistency.

Still, good episode and strongest so far for PRS. Let’s hope they keep this up.

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