NBC’s Outsourced Finds Its Rhythm

No spoilers.

While other shows are getting canceled before getting into a groove, NBC’s Outsourced, after six episodes, has found its rhythm.

For those who stuck with the show after the so-so pilot, they’ve been treated to a surprisingly charming and fun comedy.

This week’s episode, “Bolloween,” was probably the best example of how far the series has come in just six weeks. For the first time, the entire cast got a chance to shine.

Their charm (I can’t stop using that word with this show) was all over the episode this week. Even when there aren’t laugh out loud moments, you can’t help but smile the whole way through.

It helps that Outsourced has an incredibly likeable group of characters to. Characters that we are learning more and more about each week. The cast has a great natural chemistry that only adds to their likeability.

In the last few weeks, they’ve managed to touch on the importance of call center jobs in countries like India (which was my hope after the pilot) and had a hilariously fun underdog subplot two weeks ago (another hope of mine).

Outsourced seems to have settled on not needing to drop a joke every five seconds which is definitely something different, but it works very well.

I really don’t know why I find myself using “charm” and “charming” so much with this show, but I do. The series is cute and charming. Despite what some critics and close minded viewers continue to say, Outsourced has little to no cringe worthy moments (the show is still not racist) nor does it have the annoying character that always has to do something stupid to get the laugh and/or eye roll.

The series isn’t cynical or meta or cringe-worthy. It is actually very positive much of the time, which is more than you can say for other shows out there.

It is great to see NBC picked the series up for a full season. Now I hope the numbers can pick up as well because the series has definitely rebounded from what could have been a disastrous pilot. Instead, very much like its Thursday neighbors, it has stepped up and grown creatively week to week. And much faster than its Thursday neighbors too.

Here’s to Outsourced enjoying more success. It is definitely working hard to deserve it.

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  1. Agreed. The show has been getting better and better each week, and each character is very well cast…and that cast is made up of, mostly, actors I was not even familiar with at all…I have been making up for this by scouring Netflix for movies / tv shows that Parvesh Cheena, Rizwan Manji and some of the others have appeared in.

    The film version of OUTSOURCED was very much a “feel good” movie, and I am hoping that this is what the series is steering towards. I think that would be nice.

  2. The show does seem like it is moving towards being a feel good series. That is, as opposed to be being all about outrageousness and over the top-ness or pushing the envelope just for the hell of it.

    I definitely want to check the movie out soon.

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