Supernatural 6.06 – The Truth Hurts

Dean calls Bobby to tell him his suspicions about Sam not being Sam. Bobby warns Dean not to do anything before he can research some more.

Meanwhile, Sam has a case for them. A couple of suspicious suicides. They question one of the victims’ sisters who talked to her before she shot herself. Sam knows she’s bluffing and he gets her to admit she had said horrible things to the girl and to “just kill yourself.” But she has no idea what compelled her to say those things.

Dean calls Bobby back, his “skin crawls” just being in the same room with Sam. Bobby suggests, hey, maybe it really is just Sam.

Sam comes back to the motel and has a lead, but Dean tells him to go on his own for now. He reluctantly goes and looks into the latest death, a dentist killing his patient who admitted he had sex with the dentist’s daughter. Sam goes to the morgue and the coroner tells him the bodies had vanished.

Dean finds a connection between the two most recent deaths via horns and tubas. He goes to the horn store and the owner asks about progress into finding his stolen horn, a one in a billion museum piece that was taken the same day the girl died.

Dean heads back to research biblical horns and finds Gabriel’s Horn of Truth which he assumes is one of the missing heavenly nukes. After calling Castiel the past few days to help find out what’s going on with Sam, he only shows up when Dean mentions the possible weapon.

“You dick!”

First off, Castiel tells Dean that Sam is not Lucifer, otherwise the angels would feel it. So he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. Dean though doesn’t know what’s wrong with Castiel either. “I’m at war,” Castiel says.

After popping out to check, he comes back to say they’re not dealing with the Horn of Truth. He tells Dean he wants to help and will ask around then pops off again.

Dean is at a bar, drinking his sorrows away.
“I’d just like the freakin’ truth,” Dean says. And he gets it.

The bartender admits her marriage is a sham and that she’s been snorting oxy all day. The big breasted woman at a table admits she just bought her boobs so people would notice her. Dean likes the breasts,

And he realizes what is going on. He calls Bobby to test his theory and it works. Bobby says he’s watching Tori and Dean. (“Girl’s a real talent!”) And that he gets a pedicure once in a while from this “Vietnamese joint” where he likes how the lady grabs his toes.

That’s more than enough, Dean thinks, but Bobby also mentions how Dean is his favorite, but Sam’s the better hunter lately.

Before going to meet Sam (to see if he’s telling the truth), Dean gets a call from Lisa. She wants to talk about him shoving Ben to the wall last week. She gets honest and tells him how he can’t keep everything buried deep inside him. That he and Sam have the most unhealthy of relationships and how “as long as Sam is in your life, you’re never going to be happy.”

“Me and Ben can’t be in this with you.”

Dean goes to meet Sam who finds a cat’s skull in the first victim’s room. But Dean has more important things to deal with. He asks Sam why he just stood there and let the vampire turn him.

“I didn’t. I froze. I don’t know. Shock? Then it was too late. I feel terrible about it, believe me. Dean, I can’t lie here. Do you really think I would let something like that happen on purpose? You’re my brother, how could you even…”

Dean seems satisfied by his answer. He apologizes for doubting.

“I got your back, I always have.”

They get back to the room and research, finding out that the first girl, wanting to know the truth, had summoned Veritas, the goddess of truth. Now she’s in town and granting everyone who wants it, the truth. That is until you kill yourself and she gets her offering and worshipping of her. She’s a sort of attention whore.

Dean remembers the news anchor on TV from the bar and they discover she may be Veritas. They follow her home from the station the next night and head into her home with dog blood-dipped knives in hand.

There’s cats all over the house (Veritas loves her cats) and they stumble upon the missing bodies, some half-eaten. Vertias appears from around the corner and ties them up.

She tells them how tasty the tongue is because that’s the part where the lies just roll off. And the Winchester bros’ tongues must be scrumptious since they’re the “gold standard” of liars.

She wants to play Truth or Truth and asks Dean first, “What do you really feel about your brother?”

“I wanted to kill him in his sleep yesterday. I thought he was a monster. But now I think he’s just acting like me. It’s the gig. You’re covered in blood until you’re covered in your own blood. Half the time you’re about to die, like right now. I told myself I wanted out. That I wanted a family. But what I’m good at is slicing throats. I ain’t a father, I’m a killer. And there’s no changing that. I know that now.”

Veritas likes his honesty. Now it’s Sam’s turn. “How do you feel about the band getting back together?” she asks.

He pauses.

“Look, what we do is hard, but we watch out for each other. And that’s what’s important. And that’s it. That’s the truth.”

She doesn’t like that, “No, it’s not. How are you doing that! That’s not possible! You’re lying to me!”

“What are you?” she asks. Dean’s eyes grow wide.

“You’re not human!”
“What?!” Dean exclaims.
“You didn’t know that? Now that I believe!”

Sam finally finishes cutting his rope and gets at Vertias after sliding the knife towards Dean. They fight, Dean stabs her with a stake long enough to have Sam stab her with the dog blood knife.

Now that she’s dead, Dean points the knife at Sam.

”Just listen! It’s me! Let me explain.”
“You are not my brother! What are you!?”

God’s honest truth. “She was right. There’s something wrong with me. Really wrong. I’ve known it for a while. I’ve lied to you, yeah, and I let you get turned by that vamp because I knew there was a cure Dean! And we needed an in to that nest. I knew you could handle it.”

“Handle it!? I could’ve died! I could’ve killed Ben.”

“And that should stop me cold. But I just don’t feel it. Ever since I came back, I am a better hunter than I have ever been. Nothing scares me anymore because I can’t feel it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I think I need help.”

Dean puts the knife down, but then punches Sam. He punches until he’s unconscious.

Episode Thoughts
Well that last scene was pretty painful and gruesome to watch. Even more painful and gruesome than heads getting chopped off or blood splattering onto the camera lens.

When Dean first confronts Sam, I kinda smiled and even liked that Sam couldn’t fall under the spell/curse. Even though it was pretty obvious he was going to lie, I thought that was very interesting.

The fact that he’s been pretty much soulless since he’s been back has been obvious. Now the question is, are there pros and cons to being without a soul? And if he is just an empty shell of a man, where in the world is soulSam?

Just like the show has done in five seasons, once again they take a story convention (here, a soulless human) and present it in a completely different way than we’ve seen before. It is definitely going to be interesting to see where this is all headed. Dare I venture a guess that Sam will eventually find his soul? Maybe at season’s end?

Looks like next week will be pretty painful for Sam again. And the Winchester angst makes it full-force return.

Best performances of the season from Jared and Jensen in this episode I think. And next week’s episode looks to be an even more meaty showcase.

I can’t wait!

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