Review: Fox’s Lone Star – An Original Drama, Worthy of Giving it a Chance

No spoilers.

Fox’s Lone Star has been called the best new drama this season by many critics and after its premiere, it can certainly back that title up.

What is sad and unfortunate, however, is that America doesn’t seem to agree and/or is not interested in a drama about a double-life-leading con-man in Texas. (The series was declared dead on arrival after the disastrous ratings came out Tuesday morning.)

Maybe the majority of America could care less about series set in Texas? (*cough*Friday Night Lights*cough*) Or maybe the premise is a hard sell? (*cough*Kings*cough*).

It can’t be that the show isn’t any good because Lone Star is actually an interesting and down to earth (!) drama with a great charming lead in James Wolk who plays con-man Robert/Bob Allen. He splits his time between a wife (Adrianne Palicki) in Houston, the daughter of an oil tycoon (Jon Voight) and a girlfriend (Eloise Mumford) in Midland, both women unsuspecting of his double life.

Growing up with an equally cunning father, Bob convinces people to invest in pipe dreams and runs off with their money… until he actually gets a chance to actually make something of himself and realizes maybe this is the time for him to settle down with a steady job… and two families.

Lone Star is soapy and the Texas oil running through the series does evoke some Dallas comparisons, but it also has a down to earth, down home sort of feel to it that almost makes you want to actually root for this guy that’s emptying the pockets of unsuspecting victims.

The series could probably use a little more of Texas scenery, as well as more of Jon Voight’s presence and Adrianne Palicki’s awesomeness [/gush], but the soapy intrigue coupled with some corporate drama, family relations, romance, and good ‘ol Texas, southern/Midwest charm easily sets it apart from other series on the air right now.

An original, different idea on television today, especially broadcast… which could be one of the reasons it just didn’t attract viewers to even want to check it out.

While its days may already be numbered after one episode, it would be a shame for a well-written, wonderfully casted show with some great potential and originality to get the axe before even making it to October.

Lone Star deserves a shot and as of this posting, it is not too late to give it one.

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