Review: What Fox’s Glee Needs to Avoid the Sophomore Slump

No spoilers.

The hype is back for more singing and dancing.

Fox’s Glee returned this week after its boatload of Emmy nominations and the guest star rumor frenzy of the Summer. It had a breakout first season and has now set off on the always critical 2nd season.

The sophomore slump for television series is very real. And for a show like Glee which isn’t all that perfect to begin with (there are plenty better and more consistently funny shows out there), this 2nd season is important in keeping the show’s huge momentum that has been built up. (The series was already renewed for a season 3.)

While I know this won’t be the case for the rest of the season, the season premiere highlighted what makes Glee so good when everything clicks. The series is at its best when it remembers it has a terrific ensemble cast. The show doesn’t need to revolve around Rachel or Will Schuster. It doesn’t have to be carried by Jane Lynch and Sue all the time.

The show runs on all cylinders when it gives ample time to the ensemble. The season premiere gave each of their supporting characters their time to shine and it all added up to one enjoyable hour. Whether it be finally giving the once-glorified extras their long-due own lines to the introduction of new characters, Glee was fired up.

Just like The Office needing to utilize its ensemble more, Glee must do the same. As seen this week, the results are very positive.

I know we won’t be getting such ensemble work every episode, but as long as they don’t forget they have a bunch of talent waiting to be utilized, the show should get through it’s sophomore year just fine.

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