Review: NBC’s Intriguing Event and Simple, but Solid Chase

No spoilers.

The new television season is in full swing and for NBC it is an important season of rebuilding. It started Monday night with the premieres of their first two new dramas, The Event and Chase.

Let’s start with the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Chase that airs at 10pm. The self-described high-adrenaline crime procedural follows U.S. Marshal Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish) and her team in their pursuit of wanted fugitives in Texas.

While Jerry Bruckheimer certainly knows thrills, he can be hit or miss with his television procedurals. Chase though fits somewhere in between, leaning more towards the hit column. While it isn’t groundbreaking television, it is a simple, but solid series.
The hour flies by quickly with the literal chases helping to drive the fast-paced storytelling.

Kelli Giddish is a winning presence who deserves a great role and Chase is certainly a step in the right direction after a great run on All My Children and being the only good thing about Fox’s short lived Past Life.

You can definitely do a lot worse with an hour of television, but Chase is a fine entertaining hour that only needs you to sit back and enjoy.

An hour earlier on NBC though is a show that’ll require a little bit of thinking, which is just as good a quality.

The Event is the series NBC is putting all its promo efforts into this season and for good reason it seems.

The intriguing series is a conspiracy thriller and a mystery with possibly a touch of supernatural and/or paranormal and/or science-fiction, though we won’t know for sure, at least not until the next episode.

The pilot is very intriguing and definitely leaves you wanting more, at least enough to bring you in for episode 2. While the non-linear, flashback-ridden premiere may seem like a turn off for some, it seemed to work very well in the pilot, all piecing together puzzle pieces that resulted in everything coming together for the final moments.

The series boasts a very solid and appealing cast led by Jason Ritter, Laura Innes and Blair Underwood. Its production is polished, adding to the show’s appeal.

While it is being widely being compared to Lost and/or 24, I can say The Event so far manages to take the most compelling pieces of both series and others to create its own thrilling ride. It definitely has the potential to be the next big thing and the producers have promised frequent answers, with important clues in every episode.

Viewers may be wary of taking on another high concept series, but so far, The Event manages to deliver an exciting hour of television that leaves you wanting more (in a good way, of course).

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0 thoughts on “Review: NBC’s Intriguing Event and Simple, but Solid Chase

  1. Yeah careful, the last thing people compared to Lost was FlashForward, look at how that turned out! Lol.

    Concerning Chase I dunno I haven’t seen it but I’ve recntly learnt that Jennifer Morrison had been casted for it I might watch it, just to see her play another role than the sweet but sooo annoying Cameron in House. We’ll see.

  2. Yeah, I usually hate shows getting compared to previous one as “the next so-and-so.” But I do think The Event managed to start out setting its own way. Hope they can keep that up.

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