Flashback: Power Rangers Ninja Storm Improves As It Nears the End

After some digging, this is one of a couple of reviews I had written years ago. In Red are my 2010 comments and reflections on the show and my own hilarious writing.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Improves As It Nears the End
Originally written: Monday, September 22, 2003

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, the 11th season of the still popular Power Rangers franchise, began in February to a very, very slow start, and plodded along the next 20 episode with no real story.

With the exception of the episodes “All About Beevil” and “The Green Samurai” sage, as well as the introduction of the Thunder Rangers, this year’s incarnation of Power Rangers has been disappointing after being heavily promoted by ABC and coming off a great year in 2002 with Power Rangers Wild Force. I thought Wild Force was a great season =D

But Ninja Storm has picked up its pace and along with its better special effects and actual story, the series is looking to finish its season, which ends in November, strong.

The actors have improved and with less than 10 episodes left, the action has been increased and the story is almost at a climax, showing the series’ huge improvements over the last year.

As it nears its storm filled finale, it is definitely worth catching Power Rangers Ninja Storm with the whole family. Definitely ended stronger than it began. Overall a good season, not a favorite, but better than a lot of others. *cough*SPD*cough*

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