The Amazing Race’s Emmy Dominance: Deserved? or Not?

The Amazing Race‘s Emmy Dominance: Deserved? or Not?

The Los Angeles Times has an article about The Amazing Race‘s Emmy dominance.  It basically has some sour graping from the other likely nominees and Bertram van Munster scoffing at calls for the show to withdraw.  Go Bert!

The amazing run of ‘The Amazing Race’

There have been suggestions that it’s hardly an apples-to-apples match-up to have “The Amazing Race” compete with more artistically driven fare like “Idol” and “Dancing,” that perhaps “Race” should be relegated to a newly formed category like, say, “international team competition series.” Others maintain it’s ludicrous and drives down Emmy interest to continually pay homage to the same show rather than spread the wealth.

But to “Amazing Race” executive producer Bertram Van Munster, it’s silly, if not a little insulting, to debate the merits of a program that wins the Emmy each year fair and square.

“I’m always honestly surprised and extremely honored to win every time, but by the same token I feel we earn the accolades with our extraordinary casting and storytelling,” Van Munster says. “Compared with a lot of other reality shows, we’re non-formulaic and truly unpredictable.”

Van Munster cites a “Race” installment last season that found racers enduring a grueling reenactment of a World War I battle in Massiges, France, and the producers uncovering the remains of a fallen 19-year-old French soldier who had apparently been buried alive during fighting nearly 100 years ago.

“It’s all about avoiding being stagnant,” he maintains, “and no one works harder at staying fresh and imaginative than we do on this show.”

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