For Your Emmy Consideration – Steve Carell

Steve Carell did the unthinkable. No, it wasn’t his decision to leave The Office. It was back in 2004 when he accepted the role of Michael Scott and in 2005 when he defied the odds, or really the critics and fans of the British original, and began what would become a career performance.

For seven seasons, Steve Carell has made Michael Scott one of television’s all-time iconic characters. Whether it be the cringe-inducing foot-in-mouth moments to the genuine heart on his sleeve moments, Steve Carell forged that connection with viewers and served as the glue that held The Office together.

It is impossible to imagine anyone else in the role, really anyone else who could’ve helped bring The Office to where it is today.

How anyone else could’ve made us laugh, cry and cringe (in a good way) through seven seasons.

Michael and Steve’s farewell this season was pitch perfect. While a contrast to his affinity of making big events out of everything, Michael said goodbye to his employees, rather his family and friends in a subdued, more personal way. His final episode allowed Carell to show just how he’s done it for seven seasons. Laughs, tears, and a few inappropriate zingers thrown in, it was a wonderful goodbye to and from Michael Scott and Steve Carell.

Though he’s been nominated every year since the series premiered, Carell has yet to be honored with an Emmy. As Carell leaves a role that has made him a household name, after seven years of excellent and accomplished work, it seems the perfect time to finally give him that Emmy he has rightly deserved.

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