Review: NBC’s Revolution is Solid with an Excellent Pedigree, but Needs a Little More Spark

Minor spoilers about basic premise.

No pun intended with that headline, but NBC’s latest high concept drama Revolution does lack a certain spark that was undeniably present in the network’s past attempts in the genre.

Nonetheless, the series’ pedigree (unlike one of NBC’s other new series, The New Normal) actually helps the series and gives hope that it’ll deliver in future episodes.

Revolution begins as the world goes dark. Everything from gadgets and appliances to cars and planes all just Continue reading

Review: NBC’s Go On Has Potential

Contains mild spoilers

I’m a sucker for comedies that try to tug at your heartstrings. The ones that make you laugh, then, well, sucker punch you right in the emotional gut.

NBC’s Go On appears to be aiming to be that kind of series. Matthew Perry stars as radio sportscaster Ryan King. His boss (John Cho) requires him to join a grief support group after the death of his wife before he can return to work. Continue reading

Review: NBC’s Best Friends Forever – A Surprisingly Charming Little Show

NBC’s new comedy Best Friend Forever is surprisingly cute, funny and even a little charming. Continue reading

Check-in: NBC’s Awake, Episode 2 – The Twist and Why I Hope Laura Innes is Not an Omen

So Episode 2 of NBC’s Awake. It had a solid premiere last week in the ratings, especially for NBC. But whether or not people came back for more this week, we’ll see in a few hours. Continue reading

Review: NBC’s Ambitious 17th Precinct and Why Grimm Got the Call Instead

NBC had two very intriguing series in development at this time last year; two series with interesting new takes on the crime procedural.

But come May, only one was picked up to series. And Ronald D. Moore’s 17th Precinct was not that one.

Though Grimm got the call from NBC, it is interesting to still take a look at 17th Precinct‘s great Continue reading

Review: Good Balance Makes NBC’s Grimm a Satisfying and Enjoyable Ride

The CW’s Supernatural has more often than not mastered the mix of being a serialized drama driven by a running mythology and a crime procedural with the twist on crimes being committed by supernatural creatures.

NBC’s Grimm hopes to be able to do the same thing and judging from the pilot, it seems they are off to a good start.

Grimm focuses on homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (Dave Giuntoli) as he finds out he is one of the last Continue reading

Review: NBC’s Love in the Wild is Simple and Tries To Be Nothing More Than What It Is… And That’s Fine

NBC’s Love in the Wild, in a nutshell, is a mix of The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, Survivor and The Amazing Race with a vague relation to Temptation Island and the various Challenge incarnations on MTV (with less raunch).

In other words, it isn’t groundbreaking television, but it doesn’t need to be. And it is actually better that it doesn’t try to.

ABC may have tried too hard (or maybe not hard enough?) to tap into a successful format with Expedition Impossible, but NBC’s Love in the Wild is nothing more than a more picturesque and slightly more adventurous take on the reality dating show subgenre. Continue reading

Upfronts on Paper: NBC Saves Big Guns for Midseason; Stability in Fall

NBC is probably the most interesting upfront to have looked forward to considering their much-talked about decline these last few years and the hiring of Bob Greenblatt to resurrect the network after the NBCU-Comcast marriage.

But with the Fall schedule released today, it seems like they are going for the unexciting, yet safe line-up while holding their expected heavy hitters for midseason.

Many expected and wanted a completely revamped NBC Primetime which could have been the best way to help boost the network’s fortunes. But instead they play it safe, though there are still a lot of variables that could render everything moot. Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Appreciation: Outsourced and the Hope for More Asian-Led Broadcast Series

Outsourced may not see a 2nd season, but it did produce 22 wonderful episodes in its first, and sadly only, season. Not only did the series successfully entertain and charm those who did watch with its loveable characters and relatable stories, it also opened a door that should’ve been opened a long time.

Before the season began it seemed like it was the trendy thing to do to hate Outsourced and scream “racism” just like it was (and still is) trendy to hate NBC itself.

While it definitely isn’t the only reason for Outsourced‘s cancellation, the fact that it featured a predominantly Asian cast, let alone a predominantly Indian/South Asian cast, is an interesting thing to consider. Continue reading

Why Do Hindsight Reviews? Outsourced is Perfect Example of Why Critics Should Always Take a Second Look

First impressions can be important. Good or bad, it can be hard to change people’s opinions afterwards.

Television critics meanwhile can be hypocritical and have double standards.

Put those two things together and you can get television series that get unfairly brushed aside.

I began doing Hindsight Reviews, particularly for my Continue reading