Review: NBC’s Persons Unknown a Perfect Summer Escape

No spoilers.

I had wondered why NBC chose not to air this international co-production back when they need to fill the slots vacated by Jay Leno. The trailer looked interesting enough and as an international co-prod, they saved money producing it, so why not?

Instead, NBC pushed the show to Summer and it may have actually turned out to be a good move.

Persons Unknown is a perfect series for the Summer, providing an escapist thriller in the same vein as the big Hollywood blockbusters. Thirteen hours done and in the can with NBC committed to airing all episodes. As the promos have said, by the end of Summer, we’ll have answers.

So really for viewers looking for something to get into on TV during the Summer months, Persons Unknown may just be the thing.

The series opens as a mystery when a group of people wake up to find themselves in a deserted town. Sounds very Prisoner-ish but with a possibly more violent and high tech twist.

Cameras are all over the town, watching their every move and their discovery towards the end of the premiere makes them realize this may not be just a simple kidnapping.

The premiere was the usual set-up, scratching the surface of who these people are we are supposed to care about the next thirteen weeks (a couple, very shallow to start off), as well as begin setting up their surroundings. What is this place and why are they there?

While it is not a fresh premise, it has the potential for a fresh attack on it and the series itself is different from the other offerings this Summer like the various reality shows, USA’s breezy crime dramas, HBO’s not-so-guilty pleasure True Blood, and AMC’s acclaimed Mad Men.

With its solid opening, Persons Unknown asks nothing more than to come along for the ride, follow the twists and hold on tight. For a limited/miniseries, that’s good enough for me.

2 thoughts on “Review: NBC’s Persons Unknown a Perfect Summer Escape

  1. So disappointed. No answers to any questions after having watched ALL SUMMER! What a rip off – won’t watch again and feeling so let down. No answers after bring promised “The answers to all your questions”. You just used your audience – shame on YOU!

    1. I think I might have to take back everything I said about the show at the beginning of the Summer. What a let down, but I wasn’t expecting much more than a simple ride. And what a ride they led the viewers on. A ride to nowhere. Wow.

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