For Your Emmy Consideration: Jane Lynch

There is no doubting the impact Glee has had on pop culture in the last year.

I enjoyed the pilot this time last year, but hoped for a lot more. Sadly while it has been fun, Glee hasn’t been completely fulfilling for me.

And though Glee has ridden on buzz and musical hype more than stellar performances and engaging story, Jane Lynch has undeniably been a standout, delivering week after week.

Sue Sylvester may not be a character we haven’t seen before, but Jane Lynch injects just the right amount of mean and heart to separate Sue from the cardboard cutouts of the rest of the characters.

In a series like Glee that plays on high school stereotypes and over the top performances, it helps to have someone like Jane Lynch who brings it down to earth, and even for a little bit gives the series the right amount of relatability and real human emotion. Her performance becomes more engaging when surrounded by clichés and reimagined pop songs.

Lynch is by no means perfect, but her presence helps the show tremendously and that is a feat done by few actors. That alone is enough for recognition, but Jane Lynch genuinely gives a great, engaging and fun performance every episode.

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