Power Rangers RPM – 31 and 32: Danger and Destiny – Finale

The Rangers get out of their cars after the magnetic wave has shut off all power inside Corinth. Hybrids are walking towards them and they get ready to fight, but Summer reminds them they’re still people and they can’t hurt them.

The Rangers try to go another way instead as Venjix begins broadcasting across the city. Corinth is now under his control, anyone who resists will be killed and no one can save them; not the guards, and soon not the Rangers. Hicks and Vasquez are standing on either side of Venjix as Grinders hold Col. Truman.

Ziggy is worried about Dr. K and runs back to the base. The Rangers follow but are met by an attack bot. They morph, except for Dillon, who is feeling the effects of the activation. He leaves.

Auxiliary power is up and Dr. K gets to helping the Rangers while ensuring the doors to her lab are secure. There is banging at the door as Dr. K continues working on an antidote for Dillon. She gets the antidote to 80% as Tenaya blasts through the door with Grinders. Tenaya orders the Grinders to hold Dr. K as Venjix walks in to thank his creator, the one responsible for his “being.”

Dr. K responds “You’re not a being! You’re a stream of electrons moving at lightspeed through a labyrinth of copper, silicon, and titanium. Complete with devastating flaws.”

“If I have flaws, it is because of your programming,” Venjix fires back.
“I’ve made errors,” Dr. K says, “but I’ve also learned that even the most flawed human is better than the most perfect machine.”

Ziggy comes running in to Dr. K and Venjix flings him toward a table. Dr. K runs to his side and Venjix orders the Grinders and Tenaya to take them to the tower.

Venjix downloads everything from Dr. K’s computers and then proceeds to destroy the lab as Dillon arrives and struggles out of his car. “Subject D-44, good to have you back!” Venjix greets him. Dillon collapses and Venjix laughs as he steps over him and leaves.

Dillon gets up and fights his way to the table to get the antidote which he shoots into his hand. It works. “You’re a genius Doc,” he says and takes one vile as he leaves. He spots a Grinder and follows it.

The Rangers call on the Paleomax, Mach, and High Octane Megazords to fight off the embiggened attack bot. The city looks like it is in ruins as they finish it off.

Venjix mocks them and Scott jumps down to fight him head on himself. He doesn’t have an easy time. Venjix says he has access to the biofield and initiates deletion of the Paleomax. The three zords disappear. Scott gets heated and goes at Venjix again, but gets thrown around before demorphing.

Gem and Gemma have a plan as Venjix initiates the deletion of the High Octane zords. They push Flynn and Summer’s Megazord out of the way and receive the deletion blast. The twins get thrown to the ground as the zords disappear. They begin to feel weak and Venjix initiates deletion of them. They demorph and begin to disappear as Scott, Summer, and Flynn watch in horror as their comrades fall.

“We would’ve kept fighting,” Gem says.
“Never give up,” Gemma adds.
And they’re gone. Summer cries on Flynn’s shoulder.

At the control tower, Kilobyte logs into the computers to initiate Tenaya’s deletion. “The tide is turning and only the strongest shall survive,” he says.

Dillon finds Tenaya and the Grinders taking Dr. K and Ziggy inside a warehouse. He calls the other Rangers and they tell him about Gem and Gemma. “I’m sorry. But we don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves,” Dillon says. This angers Flynn, “Have you got no heart man? Gem and Gemma are gone!”

Dillon tells them Dr. K and Ziggy could be next and he tells them where they are. Dr. K and Ziggy are handcuffed and put inside a truck. Tenaya stands guard. Ziggy manages to unlock their cuffs. They share a moment when he holds her hand and they try to figure out a plan.

Outside the truck, Kilobyte arrives and tells Tenaya goodbye as she’s the one leaving. Tenaya orders the Grinders, but Kilobyte takes care of them easily and moves on to Tenaya. They battle, Tenaya weaponless.

Dr. K and Ziggy cut open a hole in the tarp of the truck and get out as they watch the battle. Kilobyte gets ready to shoot Tenaya and says “A hybrid can never destroy me. You overestimate yourself.”

Just then, Dillon comes flying in and takes on Kilobyte. Dillon drops the antidote gun. Ziggy has a plan.

Tenaya uses Dillon as a shield and she and Kilobyte have a standoff. Dr. K comes in to distract them as Ziggy knocks down Kilobyte and throws Dillon the antidote gun. He shoots Tenaya as Kilobyte gets up and shoots at Dillon who uses his invincibility shield.

Kilobyte thinks he’s won, but Scott, Summer, and Flynn arrive and take him out. Dillon demorphs, his energy low. Tenaya’s virus seems to have left her body though as Grinder patrol chases them out of the warehouse. They all go back to the lab, Tenaya too. She holds Dillon’s stopwatch, playing the music and remembering everything. Dr. K says the blast from Kilobyte froze up Dillon’s Venjix implants.

Tenaya tells Dr. K she’s forgotten how it felt to be human, but every time she looks at him, she remembers.

The Rangers are frantic, they want to do something, but don’t know what. Dr. K tells them they can’t morph because Venjix has downloaded the biofield matrix. When they morph, the molecular structure is aligned with the field. That’s when Venjix can delete them.

Dr. K comes up with creating a virus to combat the virus that is Venjix. They need Tenaya to walk into the control tower to upload the virus into the computers. Venjix still thinks Tenaya is loyal to them. She gets emo, she doesn’t who she is, and she doesn’t want to leave her brother. Summer wants to give up on Tenaya, but Flynn gets blunt with her. “Look, if you want to save Dillon, we’ve got to destroy Venjix. If you want to help him, you’ve got to help us!”

Tenaya agrees and Dr. K downloads the virus into her memory drive. She’ll then go to the control tower to upload the virus into the Venjix server.

Scott’s morpher begins lighting up, his father is sending him a message using military/morse code. 12-5 Sorenson… Sector 12, Quadrant 5 – the old Sorenson Factory.

Tenaya is done downloading. They all head out and Scott lets Ziggy stay behind to protect Dr. K.

Tenaya gets to the control tower and is met by General Crunch. She bitches at him (“Ooo! Touchy! Touchy!”) and walks in.

The Rangers arrive at the factory. Grinders are pushing and wheeling in human prisoners. The Rangers manage to sneak in with the prisoners and get at the Grinders while releasing the prisoners. Scott breaks his father’s cuffs and they guide the prisoners out.

Tenaya arrives at the control tower and orders everyone out so she can upload the virus.

Col. Truman leads the prisoners out as the Rangers hold off the Grinders. They suddenly back off only to provide a dramatic entrance for Venjix. Scott asks Dr. K if they can morph, she tells them not yet.

“Join me in a world of machines. You’ll suffer no disease, no hunger, no fear. Or be crushed and destroyed!” Venjix tells them.
Summer answers, “That doesn’t sound like living at all to me. They stand their grounds.

Tenaya is done uploading the virus. Dr. K uses the connection to find out what else Venjix has on there. She finds the biofield. In the Garage, Ziggy is surprised by some Grinders. He takes control of the situation as Dr. K works frantically.

“Say goodbye to humanity,” Venjix says as he aims and fires at the Rangers just as Dr. K clears them to morph.

The Rangers are morphed to Venjix’s surprise and Venix orders the Grinders on them. Ziggy morphs at the Garage as well and takes on the Grinders.

Summer and Flynn take on the Grinders while Scott goes after Venjix again. He gets thrown around some, but won’t give up.

Venjix pulls back and initiates the deletion of Scott, Summer, and Flynn. “Here comes his first mistake,” Dr. K says. Instead of the Rangers, the Grinders disappear. Venjix fires at the control tower in anger, yanking Tenaya away from the connection to the computers. Crunch forces his way in and tells Tenaya to stop.

Dillon wakes up and sees Tenaya in trouble on Dr. K’s screen. Dillon wants to go to her, but Dr. K calls out “No!” “Sorry Doc,” he says and leaves in his car. Dr. K tells Ziggy to help her.

Now all three Rangers take on Venjix.
Crunch blasts through the door. “You traitor! You’re not Tenaya anymore!”
“I never was,” she answers and they fight, destroying the room in the process.

The Rangers are struggling against Venjix as Ziggy watches Dr. K recover the deleted Gem and Gemma.
The Rangers go back at it with Venjix, using their wheels but get pushed back and then fired upon causing them to de-helmet.

They get up.
“My creator,” Venjix calls out, “I know you can hear me. You have lost. It is machines that shall rule the world!”

Dr. K grins, “And that was his last mistake,” as Ziggy sees Gem and Gemma materialize. “Unbelievable” he says.

Suddenly, the Rangers hear the sound of helicopters in the distance. It is Gem and Gemma in their zords. They fire at the two pillars holding the control tower from the top of the dome. Tenaya and Crunch get thrown about inside as Dillon comes in to save her.

The control tower is holding on by strips of steel until it gives way. The tower begins a descent to the ground. Dillon finds emergency parachutes and puts one on, telling Tenaya to grab a hold.

“Oh no! We’re doomed!” Crunch says. “Speak for yourself,” Dillon fires back and they jump as they fall right beside the huge tower. He pulls the chute as the Rangers and Venjix look up to see the pointed tower hurtling towards them.

Scott, Summer, and Flynn run for cover, but all Venjix can do is look up at his demise. The tower grinds away at the ground, causing massive explosions and Venjix’s body is destroyed.

The Rangers go through the debris, not sure what just happened as Gem and Gemma come running towards them. They all hug, happy to see each other.

“That’s the bio field for ya!” “Can create it!” “Can’t destroy it!”

The Rangers hear Dr. K call for Dillon and Tenaya, but they’re fine, gliding towards the Earth.

At the lab, Ziggy comes up behind Dr. K.
“You show me that thing you did with Gem and Gemma,” he says, “and we’re going to be rich!”
Dr. K rolls her eyes, but smiles.

Later, Hicks leads guards outside the dome. They find oxygen levels are normal and it is all clear. Col. Truman and Scott follow them out. Col. Truman tells his son that once the Power Rangers don’t need him anymore, maybe he’ll consider working for him, as commander of Eagle Squadron.

“There’s no better man for the job,” Col. Truman says and shakes his son’s hand before they hug.

Back at the Garage, Summer is packing Dillon’s trunk. Dr. K is scanning Tenaya’s Venjix eyes implants and says they are holding so far but is not sure how long they’ll last. Tenaya says she’ll be fine either way.

Flynn asks if they’re ready to go. Dillon holds Summer’s hand and she says they’re ready as they’ll ever be. Flynn says he and his father are going to open a shop as they’ll be building the new computer networks for the city.

Scott comes in with Gem and Gemma and happily announces the three of them are Eagle Squad’s newest recruits.

Gemma: “We get to blow things up…”
Gem: “…and get paid for it!”

Dr. K rolls out a large case. She tells them she’ll need their morphers back. Ziggy is the first one to place his in the case (“Get in gear” he whispers), followed by Flynn, Scott, Gem (who gives Dr. K a high give), Gemma, Summer, and finally Dillon.

“No more Series Operators,” Summer says, “What’s next?”
Dr. K: “Ziggy and I are starting a school for kids!”
Summer: “Ziggy!?”
Dr. K: “Well, he’s not a Series Operator anymore, so I have to call him something. I suppose Ziggy will suffice.”
The other Rangers smile. Ziggy says Dr. K will teach the kids the biofield physics (the fun stuff) and Dr. K says Ziggy will teach them shadow puppets and cooking (the tough stuff).

Dillon says they have to get going. Scott is surprised. Where are the going? Tenaya says they have no idea. Summer adds, there’s a whole world waiting to be rebuilt.

“All right, well, just don’t make me have to come out there and save you,” Scott jokes to Dillon. Dr. K hugs Tenaya. Ziggy and Dillon hug as do Scott and Summer.

Dr. K hands Dillon and Tenaya the stopwatch, but they tell her to keep it. Dillon thanks Dr. K and the three leave with the Rangers waving. Ziggy puts his arm around Dr. K, but she doesn’t refuse and instead smiles.

Dillon’s theme plays as they drive through the waste… or what is now a desert. Dillon and Summer smile at each other.

They get out and Dillon goes to water the yellow wildflower he watered on his road to Corinth. But they hear something, a bird, and they go see what it is and find a whole lot of flowers… but not only that, flowers, grass, trees… vegetation returning and growing again in what was once a wasteland.

“It’s a whole new world,” Summer says as they look out into the valley.

Back at the Garage, a red light… a familiar red light flashes from Scott’s morpher. Dr. K slams the case shut, locks it and walks into her lab.

Episode and Final RPM Thoughts
Well, RPM is over. And maybe, the Power Rangers as a whole.

First of all, I wasn’t expecting anything with regards to a “series” finale or anything that would mention or call back to the past 17 seasons. I wasn’t expecting anything in terms of a PR series finale. RPM has greatly been its own entity, which is fine. We can’t do anything if Disney doesn’t care. All I was expecting was the end of RPM. And that is what we got.

Or was it?

The two part finale was amazing. Could it have been better? Absolutely. I think they definitely could’ve upped the “Oh sh-t!” moments, showed just how dire the situation was instead of that attack bot sequence which might have gone on too long, and expanded on the hybrids which didn’t really have much of an impact whatsoever.

Still, while the finale was great and had some epic moments, as a whole it could’ve been grander, not as a PR series finale, but as an RPM finale. There’s only so much they could do I guess.

It wasn’t the typical Power Rangers finale, but RPM isn’t your typical Power Rangers series.

I just can’t get over how amazing the falling Control Tower was. It reminded me of the breathtaking moment of the Battlestar Galactica freefalling into the atmosphere on Battlestar Galactica which warranted Emmy nominations. I got the same feeling watching the scene on RPM.

Surprisingly excellent effects, but aside from that, it was the biggest Oh Shit moment because I had no idea what the hell Gem and Gemma shot at the Control Tower for at first. And Venjix’s physical demise that way was definitely better than summoning the spirts of the Magi Mother and the Wild Zords for a rainbow wave which we know happens in PR finales.

I also really liked the final 2 scenes in their contrast.
So here we are, a perfect new world. But wait! Venjix lives?!
It avoids the Happily Ever After cliche, but not the It’s Not Over Yet one which is actually more realistic. It also feeds my delusion Disney or someone else can “reimagine” Power Rangers BSG-style and easily jump off from RPM for a reboot.

They provided closure, but definitely lots of room to think. Venjix still exists? If so, does Dr. K know? Are Dillon and Summer going to repopulate the world? Are Dr. K and Ziggy?

The fight scenes were excellent, the music exceptional. The full circle moments with Dillon and the flower was just an amazing touch you don’t usually see on Power Rangers.

I also enjoyed the Rangers de-helmeting instead of de-morphing that one time. Always great to see the actual Rangers in their suits.

Plus some wonderful acting from the cast, one of if not the best Power Rangers cast assembled so far.

I will look back at Power Rangers RPM as probably my all-time favorite now, surpassing my previous #1 DinoThunder.

If Power Rangers were to continue beyond 2011, I’m sure RPM would be the turning point. RPM took the Power Rangers franchise to a whole other level and it would be impossible to go back to the way it used to be. RPM changed the way Power Rangers did business and it was incredible.

It certainly showed just how much potential the Power Rangers franchise can have if treated well and with effort. Also, the potential for Power Rangers to grow beyond ABC Kids.

I might not be excited about Mighty Morphin, nostalgia doesn’t seem to have affected me this time (when it usually does), but I do sincerely hope this is not the end of the Power Rangers.

If it is, it went out with its best season yet. But I am hoping Power Rangers will live on and continue fighting. No, not time travel to Rita Repulsa, but see a new generation of Rangers, and maybe, just maybe, a new era for Power Rangers as a whole.

Miss the episode, want to watch it again, or did your local ABC affiliate not even give you the opportunity to watch? Click here to download the episode!

Episode Caps

Almost 500 episode caps from both episodes here: Power Rangers RPM – 31 and 32: Danger and Destiny – Finale Episode Caps

7 thoughts on “Power Rangers RPM – 31 and 32: Danger and Destiny – Finale

  1. That was an “HISTORIC” episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Myself & the rest of the PR fans want to thank the “entire” cast & crew (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers), Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, S.P.D., Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury & RPM) throughout the entire 17 seasons & 700 episodes in the last 16 years, thank Disney (yes! Disney), Toei (for the Super Sentai footage) & Bandai. But most of all, A “special thanks” to Haim Saban, Shuki Levy, Jack Olesker & the men & women of BVS Entertainment.

    Thank you, ALL!!! & in the words of Zordon from “The Power Transfer” episode, “The power will always be with you & will protect you.”

    Go, Go Power Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. J Smith, it’s definitely been an incredible season and an incredible 17 years.

    Let’s keep up the faith that Power Rangers will return soon, bigger and better than ever 😀

  3. dryedmangoez, they will return. The series is now ended, but it will defintitely (and hopefully) the beginning of a new franchise or a reboot.

  4. I hated it.

    First, Tenaya’s meltdown. No. Just no. Girl kicks butt, plain and simple. Second, we don’t know Dillon’s last name, first name, Tenaya’s name, whether Summer and Dillon are technically together, why Ziggy and K are so OOC, what happens to Venjix (well…okay, I can pass on that, it was a cool end) and whether other humans survived. That’s not counting the other planets of PR continuity that are ignored.

    Sorry, but as an author and PR fan…it sucked.

    1. To each their own I guess. Perfect, not by any means. For me, it was satisfying.
      Tenaya as a Venjix attack bot, yes kicked butt. But who was “Tenaya” the sister, the blind girl? Especially after realizing what has happened to you, you’d have a break down too. (I would.)
      Their names? It would’ve been nice to know, but Power Rangers hasn’t been one to be complete, which is unfortunate.
      Ziggy is just a lame comedian, Dr. K’s been held hostage and brainwashed since she was a little girl.
      Of course other humans survived.
      And RPM hasn’t been one to be part of the Power Rangers universe as much as other seasons, save for Jungle Karma Pizza.

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