It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – INTERVENTION! SALT THE SNAIL!

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Probably the funniest episode so far this season. One of the few episodes ever of Sunny, I think, that really builds up to the funniest part of the episode. Every minute this week just got funnier and funnier, all leading up to one of the most hilarious scenes I’ve ever seen inside Paddy’s Pub.

First off, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has its ups and downs, but mostly, they’re up… way up. And this season (their 5th!!! Boy how time flies!) has started off very nicely.

This week’s episode added to the already long list of Sunny classic lines and catchphrases; “INTERVENTION! INTERVENTION! INTERVENTION!” and “SALT THE SNAIL!” or “There is no joy in salting someone. Everyone loses.”

Mary Lynn Rajskub, what a pleasant surprise when she first pops up on screen, but even better when she as Gail the Snail opens her mouth to speak (or doesn’t open her mouth and plays with her saliva).

The random hilarity is sprinkled throughout: Charlie and Frank play “Nightcrawlers” together, Dennis and Dee not only salted Gail, but threw her in the dryer, Mac has a thing for cougars, and to any sane person (like the trained medical professional) the gang is anything but.

But it was the final scene, the actual interventions that made this episode gold. Gail offering to take them to a rave (with glowsticks!) and Charlie ultimately salting her out of the bar. Just indescribable hilarity.

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